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One Health is a blog that provides tips and guides to health topics. Aside from this, we also include advice on lifestyle choices such as travel information and business marketing strategies for individuals looking into these aspects of their lives more deeply via the internet’s most popular resource: Google search! Our content is updated daily so you can stay up-to-date with all current trends remotely without ever leaving home or office – literally right at your fingertips

OneHealth is a community for medical professionals, patients, and their loved ones. We provide information on healthcare trends as well as reviews from people who have experienced some of these treatments firsthand to help you make more informed decisions when it comes time for your treatment plan or just general consultation about what’s going around!

OneHealth Singapore is not associated with the Ministry of Health Singapore and we are an independent portal providing information, tips, and reviews based on our own opinions or content provided by a Medical Practioner.


One Health is Singapore’s online community for Chronic Health, Men, Health, Women Health, Lifestyle, News and Entertainment portal. All content is written by individuals who are not in the medical industry and are not medical practitioners but they are all medically accurate. All content is with references to medical findings and research made available on the internet but a closer approach. One Health is not associated or linked to any health organization in Singapore and disclaimer we do not represent any medical practice in Singapore. We are an independent digital marketing company with an interest in online community sharing