About Us

Who is One Health?

One Health is a social network for people who are interested in chronic health, men’s wellness, and lifestyle topics.
OneHealth connects you with others like your self-whether it is via news stories or personal accounts of experience living healthier lives! You can also find helpful tips on nutrition advice as well as entertainment that will make life more enjoyable while being a positive inspiration during difficult times

What are the services of One Health Singapore?

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We don’t just let our writers share their thoughts on our site, we also offer space to talented bloggers around the world who are looking to build their follower following outside of regional bounds. Unlike any other guest post website out there, One Health provides readers with a diverse writing experience that they can enjoy all under one roof. Whether you’re into food or fashion, beauty or lifestyle–we’ve got something for everyone!

Are the contents in One Health Accurate?

OneHealth.SG is a content platform that provides accurate information about health to the public, free from biases from medical practitioners and other large industries that influence a person’s opinion towards their healthcare. From research findings to clinical knowledge, there are always people who provide accurate and up-to-date details on OneHealth.SG makes it easy for our users to make informed decisions out of all available options when going through a health-related issue or decision-making process in mind. Be confident when you read us because this site will not disappoint with relevant information delivered to you straight without having someone else filter your reading!

Are the contents in One Health Written by Medical Practitioners in Singapore?

All content is written by individuals who are not in the medical industry and as such, any medical advice with regard to medications or procedures should not be followed.

One Health exists as a platform for those interested in health topics to engage in discussions on medical news with those from various fields, including Chronic Health, Men, Health, Women Health, Lifestyle, and News and Entertainment. We value education and professional discourse that is driven by a spirit of curiosity rather than a profit motive. One Health is not associated or linked to any health organization in Singapore and disclaimer we do not represent the healthcare system of Singapore.

How can I contribute to One Health as a Guest Posting?

We deliver original content on a variety of interesting topics in the healthcare industry, including science, medicine, innovation, and more. We’re always looking for contributors to add to our diverse team! Guest posts typically run between 700-1500 words and can be based around anything from a personal experience with a medical condition to insights about the future of the health care industry.

If you’re interested in pitching an idea for a blog post or sponsoring a guest post from your company, please contact us here on Facebook.

Is Posting on One Health Singapore Free?

One Health Singapore has made the decision to offer guest posting for free. We know how hard it is to get started, and that making money online often brings up mixed feelings–especially for people who are new. We want you to be successful, which is why we’re not charging anything right now. Plus, One Health Singapore wants to help you get where you want to go!


One Health is Singapore’s online community for Chronic Health, Men, Health, Women Health, Lifestyle, News and Entertainment portal. All content is written by individuals who are not in the medical industry and are not medical practitioners but they are all medically accurate. All content is with references to medical findings and research made available on the internet but a closer approach. Guest posting is available for free at One Health Singapore. We deliver our content regularly. One Health is not associated or linked to any health organization in Singapore and disclaimer we do not represent any medical practice in Singapore. We are an independent digital marketing company with an interest in online community sharing.