Amazon to shut down Prime Now

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Prime Now, a two-hour delivery Amazon store, has closed after seven years of business. This shopping web service was one of the most significant incentives for Amazon Prime, the company’s subscription. Still, subscribers can buy ultra-fast delivery items on his Amazon main website.

Amazon can also deliver some items within his hour with Prime Now.

To make this experience even more seamless for our customers, we’re migrating the incident from another Prime Now app to Amazon apps and websites so that our customers can buy everything Amazon offers in one place. In a statement, the company emphasizes that subscribers will continue to benefit from the service.
In fact, with its highly competitive prices and its desire to penetrate the market with all possible strategies, inevitably, the moves of the enormous online e-commerce titan are studied by everyone. Only by understanding how Amazon moves can many people understand where the market is going and how to work best. In this sense, the latest move announced by E-commerce is making a lot of noise: to close Amazon Prime Now.

Amazon has announced that it will end the Prime Now standalone shipping app, making the main app and website available for shipping options within two hours. According to the company, India, Japan and Singapore have already migrated the Prime Now experience to Amazon and pulled his Prime Now website and app. The company says feedback from customers who purchased 2-hour delivery on Amazon is overwhelmingly positive, which is a natural next step in simplifying the global ultra-fast delivery experience.

The service in question is reserved for customers subscribed to the service who receive enormous benefits through an annual fee. In particular, the speedy deliveries, which bring significant benefits to everyone and an infinite business cycle for the company. In this sense, the announced closure of Amazon Prime Now. It is just a total reorganization of the web structure and merging the Prime Now app with the standard one.

Prime members can find what they need in addition to the millions of products available on Amazon. The Prime Now website and apps will be deprecated worldwide later this year due to the new Prime Now experience on Amazon. Prime Now apps and websites will gradually disappear in different regions, but there will be no traces this year.

Amazon announced in May 2021 that it will shut down its standalone Prime Now platform, instructing users who want to deliver groceries and other merchandise quickly to order from Amazon’s app or website. According to Amazon, Prime Now apps and websites will be deprecated worldwide later this year. In addition, all local retailers or stores offered in the Prime Now app will move to Amazon.

Amazon launched Prime Now in 2014, with members of the Prime subscription service delivering books, toys, household essentials, and other items to the front door in one or two hours at a low price.