Review on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

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The world of folding smartphones is rapidly evolving, but it seems that only one company is 100% believing in this project: Samsung. After a quickly revised and corrected Galaxy Fold and an interesting Z Flip (also available in a 5G variant), many are seen as the possible confirmation product arrives on the market. One thing is sure: the competition is doing very little to keep up with Samsung.

The packaging of Z Fold 2 has a particular “butterfly” opening system that makes the contents reveal more spectacularly. Inside, a card welcomes us (and another lets us know that it is entitled to Samsung Care + for a year). Last year, accessories were a source of pride for Samsung. This year is pretty standard, at least among the top of the Samsung range: AKG headphones with USB-C cable, a USB-C / USB-C cable, and a power supply from 25W. No wireless headphones or a case.
Galaxy Z Fold 2 hasn’t changed in concept, but a lot has changed in implementation. It is always a narrow and thick smartphone in daily use when closed, and at the same time also wide and thin in its most “comfortable” mode. What you immediately notice is that the hinge is now much more robust and more rigid.
This also means locking it in intermediate positions and enabling creative uses, but first of all, it means ensuring greater robustness over time. Once the Z Fold 2when opens, you immediately perceive greater rigidity than the predecessor: like having a real tablet in a single piece. Inside the hinge, we have a system of micro-brushes that push out any dirt that may have infiltrated at each opening. The cons? Two hands are needed to open and close the tablet since more force is necessarily required.
The closed smartphone is then slightly wider and, above all, heavier, now reaching 282 grams. In prolonged use with one hand, whether fast or open, the weight begins to be felt after some time.

The external screen covers the entire front surface of the device. The scenic effect is undoubtedly guaranteed. We are talking about a 6.23-inch screen with Super AMOLED technology and an aspect ratio of 25: 9. The resolution is 816 x 2260 pixels. The visible content is superior to the past, and this is good, but the screen is still difficult to use for typing, given the keyboard too narrow.
Samsung has updated its Galaxy Z Fold 2 with Android to version 10 and one UI 2.5 customization. The system is broadly similar to what we have seen on the Galaxy Fold and the company’s other top-of-the-range smartphones. It is a complete software with many different features, from the possibility of splitting the apps to running a desktop “style” session with DeX even without cable on compatible TVs and monitors.
It is a great product, but destined for a market of a lucky few, given the extremely high price. It’s not perfect, but Samsung has worked hard on build quality to prove to everyone, in a market that can’t keep up with folding, that last year’s alleged problems are a distant memory. With Galaxy Z Fold 2, you buy the future, bringing with it excellent performance, two fantastic displays, and top-of-the-range cameras.

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