Lock down!

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In this current situation where the COVID-19 pandemic is still ravaging the world’s economy and global health. Most people will be devastated if their government announces the state of emergency and force their city or state to enter the “Total Lockdown” status.

It also applies to us as Singaporeans since we are well-known travelers and adventure seekers in our way. Although most of us understand the situation on why our government needs to deploy this policy of “Circuit Breaker One and Two” in Singapore that begins on 7th April 2020. We have felt its ripple effect not just in our business sector but also in our lifestyle which many of us need to adapt and all the possible scenarios during this period.

By now, we shall have a good picture of how the “total lockdown” status in other countries has disrupted the livelihood of their citizens. Most will agree that there are not enough tangible results to prove that using the “Total Lockdown” strategy is effective enough to eliminate the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the community. But it is also a fact that “Total Lockdown” does help the government and its people by controlling the situation and reduce the risk of getting infected from the deadly virus.

However, there is a small price to pay in this “Lockdown” policy which most people are willing to accept temporarily. From simple matters such as not traveling for essential, leisure, or work reasons, able to socialize with your friends or relatives in a different environment, escape the confining space in your home or room and get some fresh air outside.

I can give so many examples, but I believe that it is more than sufficient to prove my point. It may be fortunate that we have not experienced the “Total lockdown” in Singapore. We do learn and understand the severity of the lockdown situation from our neighboring countries like Malaysia and Thailand. Besides showing our empathy towards our fellow Asians who must abide by the strict curfews, restriction from interstate travel, and even the simplest privilege to buy their daily essentials day in and day out.

What if the Singapore government must initiate a “Total Lockdown” policy in the future to control the Coronavirus outbreak in the community? This is the question that I have asked myself repeatedly since the beginning of the pandemic. My answer is simple and that is to Hope for the best but prepare for the Worst. Not surprisingly, many of my friends have shared the same thoughts and have mentally prepared to face the challenges ahead until the end of this COVID-19 pandemic.

We must bear in mind that despite all the best efforts by our government to control the pandemic situation in Singapore. There is a limit on what they can do to make a compromise between the economy, healthcare system, and our entitlement as the citizen of Singapore.

After all, we are not the only country in this world that suffers from COVID-19. Many countries are now facing worse situations than Singapore, yet they manage to survive in this harsh reality and some even can strive and achieve success in their career or business despite the many challenges bought by this pandemic.

This proves that we as a human are resilient enough to face any challenge in Life.