Sentosa’s best-kept secret

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The 500-acre island of Sentosa has been known as Singapore’s “state of fun” thanks to its award-winning spa, world-famous beaches, and golf courses. With the 10 great secrets, you didn’t know about Sentosa, we’re going to uncover another side of this entertainment hotspot.

Tanjung Limao Beach is Singapore’s last remaining natural coastline and, honestly, the state’s most secret because it’s not included on Sentosa’s official website or Google Maps. The jewels of this place can be found by following the hidden pathways on the western border of the island behind Shangri-La Rasa.
Give a real gold stick from the machine – There are no doubt some beautiful attractions in a country where one in every six people is a millionaire. There are two gleaming SMART Gold ATMs near the opulent casino environment of Resorts World Sentosa. These ATMs are Asia’s first, and instead of sweets and cookies, they give out 1-10 grams of pure gold and silver in exchange for cash.

Tanjung Limao Beach

Habitat– You may see wild monkeys, lizards, peacocks, squirrels, and endangered magpies in this habitat, which is home to over 170 species of birds and animals. The Butterfly Gardens on Sentosa Island are home to a variety of wildlife. The Butterfly Gardens and the Insect Kingdom, which are home to 15,000 live butterflies and over 3,000 insect species, are open to the public.


Interesting history of Sentosa– Sentosa has numerous expensive and ineffective attractions before opening the $ 6.59 billion Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) in 2010, including this $ 60 million Asian village, Fantasyland Water. This includes the park. The $ 20 million comes from volcanic areas and should allow you to journey to the centre of the earth.

Resorts World Sentosa

Free entry and parking at lunchtime- Until the end of 2016, all visitors to the tranquil Sentosa Boardwalk are free. People have been unable to visit the island due to a $ 4 Sentosa Express cost and a $ 6 automobile portal fee, but they can now do so for free. Sentosa is also notorious for its astronomically priced parking lots. That is why you will enjoy dining at Sentosa Cove on the Key side of the island. Lunch may be enjoyed at over 25 casual and fine dining restaurants, ranging from Indian and Chinese to Belgian, Spanish, and Greek cuisine.

Sentosa Boardwalk

Many activities on Sentosa Island are FREE. – Many people believe that everything on Sentosa Island is a money-making ploy, however, there are tons of fantastic things that are entirely free! For free, check out Crane Dance TM’s night water show trains and fireworks, or observe live animal motions at Animal and Bird Encounters and other attractions.


Enjoy a unique stay on Sentosa Islan– With six theme hotels and over 1,500 guest rooms, Resorts World Sentosa is the perfect place to stay at any time. Available in only two suites, 12 feet above the ground, 192 sq ft, and fully surrounded by nature. You can also choose an ocean suite with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the sharks, manta rays, and fish Aquarium. If you’re on the RWS VIP list, you may also be eligible for a special invitation to stay in the Crockfords Tower, where the lowest levels offer private restrooms (the rest are mansions and villas).

aquarium room

Enjoy a beach barbecue on Sentosa Island all year round– Because there is no public BBQ space on Sentosa Island, and guests are not permitted to bring their own grill or outdoor stove, most beachgoers prefer to spend their time in East Coast Park. However, many people are unaware that BBQ events are held on Sentosa Island all year round (which is much safer if these activities are managed).
Relax at the Premium Sentosa Golf Club- The majority of clubs are exclusive to members and their visitors; however, Sentosa Golf Club is available to the general public for lunch and dinner. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Tanjung Golf Course and the South China Sea while dining on more than 100 different types of western and Asian cuisine at Sentosa Golf Club.

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