What Dermatologists Have to Say About the Collagen Drinks

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Collagen beverages are all over the place right now, from Instagram to Pinterest, promising plump, glowing skin with every sip.

But, are these wonder shots really as powerful as their creators claim, or are they just a #spon fad? And, if they do work, how much of them would you have to take to see a difference in your skin?

We gained the support of experts to see if there’s any science behind collagen drinks and whether they’re actually worth including in your diet or monthly budget.

What Are Collagen Drinks and How Do They Work?

First and foremost, what exactly is collagen? ‘Collagen is a type of protein that comprises several essential amino acids, which are the building blocks that hold tissues and bones together. It strengthens and hydrates your skin while also boosting the formation of hyaluronic acid.

Collagen can be found in a variety of places in the body, from your bones and muscles to your hair and skin. Certain types are thought to be important for our skin’s structure and suppleness, but beyond the age of 25, we lose about 1.5 percent of our natural stocks each year.

Aging, smoking, excess sugar, UV rays, excessive alcohol consumption, and eating denatured processed food are all variables that can speed up the decline in collagen formation.’ What is the long-term outcome? Skin that is a slacker and has fine wrinkles.

Collagen drinks containing an easily absorbed, hydrolyzed version of collagen or collagen peptides have saturated the market, capitalizing on our well-ingrained communal scorn for the indications of aging.

They claim to replace collagen supplies and improve your complexion from the inside out when taken regularly. ‘ These companies say that their drinks may help with anything from hair and skincare to nail strengthening, joint regeneration, and even stomach healing.

What Are the Benefits of Collagen Drinks?

Does a daily dose of collagen to fill lines and prevent sagging seem too good to be true? Is there any proof to back up the claims?

These beverages’ collagen peptides are said to be digested into smaller molecules and then absorbed in our intestines. They’ve been proven to appear in the bloodstream one hour after consumption. ‘Research has shown that these absorbed peptides can reach the skin and can stay in the tissue for up to two weeks. So far, everything appears to be going well. Research has shown that these absorbed peptides can reach the skin and can stay in the tissue for up to two weeks.

Are There Any Real Collagen Drink Benefits?

There is some proof to back up these beauty shots: ‘A rising number of laboratory research show that collagen peptides in drinks or supplements have the potential to increase skin hydration and wrinkle reduction by strengthening our own collagen networks.

According to the researchers, collagen supplements showed promise in enhancing skin elasticity and dermal collagen density.

Clinical trials have employed amounts ranging from 2.5 to 10g per day, with some reporting results after four weeks and others after eight or more weeks. However, the jury is yet out on whether these products are effective in the general population, therefore the ideal dose and duration have yet to be discovered.
In reality, outside of the laboratory, there is little proof of their effects on human skin.

The Concrete Evidence

Collagen is broken down in the gut into smaller molecules like peptides and amino acids during digestion. There is little evidence that ingesting whole collagen will survive digestion and then travel in the bloodstream to the skin in sufficient quantities to make any meaningful change to the skin’s structure or function.

So, if you’re serious about taking a collagen supplement, go for a high-quality, hydrolyzed type that has a better chance of passing through the digestive system.

Another thing to keep in mind is that much of the research in favor of collagen drinks has been funded by – you guessed it – a collagen drink company.

What Other Ways Can You Increase Your Collagen Levels?

In short, scientific evidence of collagen drinks’ effects on the skin is sparse, so if you’re looking for a more tried-and-true technique to improve your skin health, you might be better off spending your money elsewhere. Fortunately, a few choices have been shown to increase collagen levels in the skin when applied topically.

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