Shopify the Best Ecommerce Platform?

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Is Shopify the Best Ecommerce Platform

Many people ask us which e-commerce platform is ideal for a business that is just starting out with an online store. The simple answer is that Shopify has all of the features you want, but read on for a more thorough Shopify evaluation.

You don’t have to bother about self-hosting or obtaining a domain name from a third party because Shopify has all of the tools you need to build a site in minutes. In that sense, it’s the ideal out-of-the-box solution, with price options that cater to both tiny start-up retailers and companies that generate millions of dollars in revenue.

shopifyShopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms on the internet, as well as one of the easiest to use while providing all of the features you’ll ever require.

As soon as you join up, you’ll have access to all of the tools you’ll need to create and maintain an ecommerce site. Shopify allows you to personalize your design, build a product catalog, set pricing, payment methods, and taxes, and then add new functions via plug-ins.

You can sell almost anything with Shopify – physical things, shippable goods, digital products, services, and you can even start a dropshipping business.

The most popular payment plan on Shopify is $29 per month, with a 14-day free trial.

How Does Shopify Work?

Tobias Lütke (Canada’s CEO of the Year), Scott Lake, and Daniel Weinand created Shopify in 2006.

Since its debut, the platform has swiftly risen from obscurity to become one of (if not the) most popular ecommerce platforms, competing with BigCommerce, Volusion, Magento, and WooCommerce.

Currently, the firm powers over 1,000,000 online shops (December 2019).

Clearly, there must be a reason why Shopify has become so successful and maintained its market position for more than a decade.

Shopify’s major benefit is that it strikes a good mix between usability and functionality.

shopify website

If you’re wondering, some of the more well-known businesses that use Shopify include GE, Amnesty International, Tesla Motors, Encyclopedia Britannica, Foo Fighters, GitHub, and a slew of others.

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Shopify Pricing Explained

The most important thing to remember is that your ultimate Shopify bill is made up of two parts:

The cost for using the Shopify platform.

Fees based on a percentage of your income for payment processing.

To help you understand this better, we’ve created a Shopify fees calculator that you can use to figure out precisely how much you’ll be spending each month based on your income.

But, before you start calculating, think about the following:

In the calculator, there are four primary columns. Each column represents a different Shopify use plan. The pricing discrepancies are due to the unique characteristics and restrictions of each plan. We’ll get into those plans a little later in the review. If you’re not sure which one to pick, keep reading.

See how much each plan will cost you each month, as well as the Shopify fees.

The following is a breakdown of the costs for each plan:

  • The Lite Plan is $9 a month and includes a Buy button.
  • Shopify Basic Plan – $29 per month Plus 2.9 percent and $30 per transaction
  • Shopify Plan – $79 per month plus 2.6 percent and 30 cents each transaction
  • Advanced Shopify Plan – $299 per month + 2.4 percent and 30 percent on each transaction
  • Pricing levels for Shopify Plus start at $2000 per month + 2.15 percent per transaction.

There’s also Shopify Plus, an enterprise subscription that includes all the tools you’ll need to run a large business. You’ll need to contact Shopify to set up a bespoke rate with any features you want. Needless to say, this is a significant amount of money.

Shopify account

I’ve used a lot of ecommerce systems in the past, and I have to say, Shopify offers the most well-thought-out feature set. A unique feature takes care of almost everything you need to establish your own internet business.

Let’s start with the broad features that all Shopify plans have, and then go through which features are specific to each price plan.

Recovery of abandoned carts: Today’s online cart abandonment rate is about 68.81 percent. This indicates that about seven out of ten consumers leave your business without making a purchase. Fortunately, Shopify provides automatic email triggers and other tools to aid in the recovery of abandoned carts.

Shipping items to consumers all over the world using an automated shipping calculation? Don’t stress about figuring those complex shipping expenses; Shopify will take care of it! Based on the weight of the goods and the customer’s location, the real-time carrier shipping service estimates the precise cost of shipping for individual products.

Shopify POS: Thanks to Shopify’s point of sale systems, you can accept payments for your Shopify store either online or offline.

Profiles of customers: Custom user profiles ensure that you always have the most up-to-date information on your target audience. When you want to segment your marketing and sales efforts, this is a great tool to use.

Simple discount codes: Sales and discounts might assist in increasing income. Shopify has a great “Bulk discounts” feature that lets you create discount coupons for free delivery, percentages, and cash amounts.

You may rebuild your Shopify ecommerce store with social media integration if you have a large social following.

Allow Shopify Fulfillment Services to assist you: Shopify provides dropshipping services to help you avoid the time-consuming elements of running a business, such as shipping, packing, and handling.

Experts at Shopify: You can contact Experts for further assistance and support in design, development, marketing, and more, as we’ve discussed elsewhere in our Shopify review. This guarantees that you get the most out of your online store at all times.

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Hundreds of professional themes, a comprehensive blogging platform, unique domain names and SSL certificates, 70 payment methods to pick from, marketing and SEO help, and more are just a few of the features available.

The Most Important Benefit of Shopify’s Features

There is something for everyone, regardless of whether you want to run your shop entirely online or from a physical location.

Shopify’s robust feature set is due to the fact that they either have a tool built-in or allow you to install it via an app.

Taxes (GST/VAT) and shipping, for example, are incorporated in the Shopify interface. However, you’ll need to locate a free software for social networking buttons for many of the designs. Both function, and you usually don’t have to pay any extra money if you use an app.

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