The Top 15 Free Blog Sites

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Blogging is one of the finest ways to make money online if you want to make money through digital marketing. Free and self-hosted blogs are the two most common forms of blogs.

If you want to start your blogging career, you can start with free blogging sites.

With free blogging platforms, you can put your brain to work and start making money without spending a dime.

Although self-hosted or premium blog sites offer their own benefits, free sites can certainly be a good place to start.

When you first start writing your blogs, you should prioritize the domain name. When you use free blogging websites, you will receive free domains.

When you opt to host your blogging website, you will be given a sub-domain name that will be associated with your blog address.

To make it more legible, most free blog platforms allow users to post photographs, music, and visually appealing media.

However, unless you upgrade to a premium edition, you won’t be able to modify the themes or upload a template.

Here’s a list of the top ten blogging sites where you can start a blog for free!

  1. (BlogSpot) is at the top of the list when it comes to free blogging sites. Google is the owner of the blogging platform. As a newbie, you’ll be dazzled by the features and vibrant themes.


One of the most well-known and widely used blogging systems is WordPress is a blogging platform that can be used to create both personal and professional blogs.

WordPress is a blogging platform that can be downloaded for free from the website. It is also the most effective business solution for digital marketers.

The blog platform includes a number of unique characteristics that distinguish it from other online blogging platforms.


Both a free and a paid edition of are accessible. If you don’t want to be bombarded with adverts, you should only use the paid editions.

The free blogging platform, on the other hand, provides a number of social media features that set it apart from other free blogging platforms.


A microblogging platform comparable to Twitter and Facebook. The website provides free blogs with a focus on aesthetics.

The hundreds of elements that may make your blogs visually beautiful will astound you. You can display your movies, photographs, blogs, and music in whatever way you like on the site. You can also post directly from your emails on Tumblr.


Professional bloggers will find to be a godsend. Both a free and a premium edition of the site are accessible.

Multiple blogger platforms, social media connectivity, and a blog tracker through Google analytics are all available with

You can choose from a variety of themes on, but you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription to use the premium features.


Because of its versatility, has been rated one of the finest 50 blog websites by the New York Times.

Weebly is a famous free blogging platform utilized by a large number of bloggers throughout the world.

Weebly is the only blogging platform that allows you to host your own domain for free; this is a unique feature that no other blogging platform offers.

  1. Penzu is a simple blogging platform that allows you to share your private journals with the world.

The website is mobile-friendly and provides users with simple navigation.

Users can post photographs and save blogs to an endless amount of storage on Penzu.

  1. Squarespace

If you’re looking for one of the simplest ways to make a free website, Squarespace is the place to go! For photographers, store proprietors, musicians, and bloggers, it is the most effective website.

Squarespace’s features will wow you with its attractive templates, Graphic designs, and Typekit fonts.


You can make your own domain name with Svbtle. This blogging platform gives you access to all of the features that any other high-ranking website provides.

However, you don’t have a lot of options when it comes to experimenting with your blog’s design.


If you’re looking for a free education-related Website construction tool, will meet your needs well.

This site is mostly used by college students and lecturers who wish to create their own webpage.

  1. is a fantastic website builder tool that allows users to construct gorgeous and spectacular websites without having to hire a web designer.

Wix provides specific tools to assist businesses in creating beautiful websites. It has about 103 million registered users, with over 45000 new members joining every other day.

This website has over 510 professional templates that are up to date with current design trends. It also covers all of the fundamental SEO settings.

One of this website builder’s flaws is that it isn’t designed to handle extensive e-commerce needs.


Medium is another free blogging platform that allows users to create tales and have their own unique web space.

Users can contribute content by signing up for a free account using their email address or their Twitter account.

The advantages of this website are that the posts can reach a much larger audience than the traditional targeted audience, thanks to the content being provided by highly secure medium servers.

The disadvantage of this blogging platform is that users are unable to customize the look and feel of their website.


Ghost is another another free blogging platform for those who want to create visually appealing blogs. There are many lovely and outstanding template themes to pick from in Ghost.

This blogging platform has several advantages, including a configurable user interface, feature-rich pages throughout the back end, and ease of use for newcomers.


Postach is a free blogging platform that uses Evernote, an external note-taking tool, to write blog entries and manage content. Users must have an Evernote account to sign up for

The advantages of adopting this blogging platform include: good content management, including the ability for users to connect their blogs to Disqus, and limitless storage.


Jimdo is a simple blogging platform that allows you to create an online retail website without spending a lot of money. This platform is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

Jimdo web pages are search engine optimized, and if users know how to code, it provides them a lot of freedom when it comes to designing their website pages.

Finally, it can be stated that the greatest free blogging site is determined by the user’s profession or occupation, as well as the target audience with whom they wish to share their blogs.

As you begin to explore these free websites, you will get more familiar with their features and usefulness.