2 More Months to Use the Singapore Rediscovery Vouchers, Where and What Can You Use It For

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Singaporeans, rejoice! Singapore Rediscovery Vouchers will be available to Singapore Citizens 18 years and above from 1 December 2020 for 2 more months. The vouchers are worth S$100 each and can be used at any of the authorised booking partners’ websites on experiences such as tours, attractions, and hotels from 1 Dec 2020 to 31 Dec 2021. Singaporeans who have not redeemed their voucher should hurry up before it’s too late!

Who qualifies for Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers?

All Singaporeans aged 18 and up in 2020 are eligible for $100 Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers in $10 increments (e.g., 10 x $10). Each Singapore Citizen with familial ties to those under the age of 18, i.e. parents, grandparents, other relatives, and legal guardians, is also eligible to purchase up to six child/youth tickets for attractions and tours, with a subsidy of $10 for each child/youth ticket.

Do the vouchers have an expiration date?

Singapore Rediscovery vouchers must be redeemed by December 31, 2021. Products purchased with Singapore Rediscovery vouchers must also be used by December 31, 2021.

Can I give my vouchers to someone else? Can I combine the value of my vouchers with the value of other vouchers to make a purchase?

The Singapore Rediscovery vouchers are only valid for personal use. It is strictly forbidden to resell Singapore Rediscovery vouchers or products purchased with Singapore Rediscovery vouchers.

Because they are linked to your Singpass account and intended for personal use, Singapore Rediscovery vouchers cannot be transferred to other people. Any transfer of products purchased with Singapore Rediscovery vouchers is subject to the merchant’s terms and conditions. If the terms and conditions allow it, citizens can use their Singapore Rediscovery vouchers to make purchases and then pass the product on to others to use.

The Singapore Rediscovery vouchers cannot be stacked or combined with the vouchers of another person to purchase the same product. Combining vouchers across multiple individuals for purchase is not permitted because purchases are made by each adult Singapore citizen using their personal Singpass account.

However, we encourage you to assist eligible families and friends who are less digitally savvy in signing up for Singpass in order to obtain Singapore Rediscovery vouchers and use them on the websites of our authorised booking partners.

How do I apply for minor subsidies?

In 2020, every Singaporean aged 18 and up is entitled to purchase up to six subsidised child/youth tickets for any family member under the age of 18. This means that parents, grandparents, other relatives, and legal guardians can buy discounted tickets for their children, grandchildren, and wards, among others.

Each child/youth ticket you redeem will be subsidized by $10. Throughout the scheme’s validity period, you can only redeem up to six subsidised child/youth tickets.

The $10 child/youth subsidy is applicable to attractions and tour products that offer a child/youth price. Check the terms and conditions of the respective authorised booking partners (i.e. Changi Recommends, GlobalTix, Klook, Traveloka, Trip.com) for use of child/youth subsidies when booking packages.

Please keep in mind that once you have used up all of your Singapore Rediscovery vouchers, you will no longer be able to purchase any subsidised child/youth tickets.

After logging in with Singpass, declare your familial relationship with the minor and his/her NRIC/Birth Certificate number to activate the subsidies. When you use the Singapore Rediscovery vouchers, a $10 subsidy will be automatically applied to up to six child/youth tickets on the official booking platforms.

Please keep in mind that your $10 child/youth subsidies will be applied automatically only after you paste the voucher code. This means you may require fewer vouchers to complete your purchase.

So, are you feeling up to the challenge of taking on some new adventures? If so, go ahead and get your Singapore Rediscovery Vouchers now. These vouchers will let you explore all that this beautiful country has to offer without breaking the bank! What do you think about using these vouchers? Comment below and let us know what excites you most about exploring Singapore’s outdoor wonders. We’re excited too!

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