Popular physiotherapy equipment used by Physiotherapist

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Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine that specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions which may have been caused by physical injury or disease. The scope of physiotherapy ranges from common musculoskeletal problems to more severe injuries such as spinal cord injury. In this blog post I will be going over some of the equipment used by Physiotherapist’s during their sessions with patients. 

The most popular piece of equipment found in a physio clinic is a foam roller. This tool can help improve flexibility, reduce pain and increase blood flow to an area that has been injured or sore for a long time. The foam roller can also be used after workouts to aid recovery from muscle fatigue and soreness.

Another common piece of equipment used in physiotherapy a balance board is another popular piece of physiotherapy equipment. It is used to improve balance, coordination, and posture. People who are recovering from a stroke, brain injury, or even just orthopedic surgery can benefit from physiotherapy with balance boards. The physiotherapist will have the person use their injured limb while balancing on the board to work on stabilizing themselves without using that limb for support. This builds up strength in the other uninjured limb.

The NordicTrack Classic Pro Skier is a great tool for helping patients develop strength, stamina, and coordination. The workout’s intensity can be easily adjusted, allowing your patients to match their current levels of development to the tension on their arms and skis. NordicTrack sells a variety of rehab and physical therapy equipment, including the Classic Pro Skier, which is one of the company’s most well-known and useful models. The gentle gliding motion makes it simple to perform necessary movements for recovering patients without jarring them or causing discomfort.

Treatment tables are required in a professional physical rehabilitation clinic to allow patients to rest comfortably or sit in different postures while pursuing occupational or therapeutic treatments. Treatment tables should be heavy-duty and have enough padding to protect those who must sit on the surface for lengthy periods of time from needless stress. ScripHessco has a large selection of medical examination and treatment tables to select from. Extra-soft interiors and advanced ergonomics make these large, well-designed chairs the perfect choice for patients seeking a restful experience while receiving therapy.

Isokinetic equipment may be used to help people rebuild muscle mass and develop after a loss of muscular growth. Resistance bands are another option for people who have difficulties with flexibility. They can also assist with flexibility by opposing as they stretch. When it comes to TheraBand tubes and resistance bands, PerformanceHealth is the only stop. Vistakung is a portable piece of equipment that can be used to treat a variety of injuries. The equipment comes in a range of colors and strengths, allowing you to create your own rehabilitation or occupational therapy routines for recovering or occupational therapy patients.

The exercise ball is another simple but effective tool for the modern physical therapy clinic. Exercise balls are tough spheres that can be used to stretch many different parts of the body while also improving balance and coordination. Exercise balls are available from Clinton Industries Inc. in a variety of shapes and sizes, giving you more control over how your patients progress through their exercise programs. These balls come in a variety of strengths and forms, with specialized models allowing patients to rehab specific areas of the body and more general designs allowing patients to exercise in a variety of ways. You can work with children and adults of virtually any size due to the variety of colors, strengths, and sizes available. Exercise balls are beneficial to people of all ages for in-home physical therapy.

We hope this blog post has given you a better understanding of the various equipment used in physio therapy. Remember, these devices are not just for those who have sustained injuries or need rehabilitation after surgery. You can use them to stay fit and healthy too! If you want more information on our services, be sure to contact us at your earliest convenience so we can talk about how we may be able to help you achieve your goals. Comment below to share your thoughts on the physiotherapy process or if you have any questions about this topic!