S-GLOW Hair Fall Control Supplement Review

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Hair loss or shedding hair is a problem that has an effect on millions of people all over the world. It’s estimated that approximately half of the men suffer from some degree of balding in their lifetime. Women also experience hair loss in different ways, particularly after pregnancy or during periods characterized by extreme illness or stress. S-GLOW Hair Fall Control is a 3-in-1 hair growth supplement that comprises unique ingredients to repair and strengthen your hair, skin & nails. It takes care of all your nutritional needs in one tablet!

The result of this S-GLOW Hair Fall Control Supplement Review? The product gets 5 stars for being highly effective for hair loss control and hair growth. It contains 60 tablets with a relatively low price to boot. S-GLOW is available in Lemon & Peach flavour and comes in chewable tablets for easy digestion & absorption.

What is S-GLOW Supplement?

If you have been experiencing excessive or abnormal hair fall, then it might be time to look into S-Glow, an innovative 3 in 1 solution which helps to strengthen the root of your hair, improve the thickness of hair, and control excessive hair fall.

This S-Glow review will explore the ingredients and how it works, and highlight the benefits of this supplement.


Before we start with our Review on s glow 3 in 1 hair fall control, let us have a quick look at what is actually going on inside your body when you are losing hair continuously…

When a person loses his/her hair, there are two causes behind it. One is a genetic trait where if your family has a history of either not growing much hair or going bald too soon then you might get affected by that. In such cases, even eating healthy foods won’t be of any help.

However, if you are not having any such genetic history and your hair is still thinning or you are losing hair at an accelerated rate even after eating healthy food then it might be due to the following reasons:

  • Lack of nutrition in your body, either because of poor diet choices or due to stress which usually leads to deficiency of certain nutrients.

  • Gradual exposure to toxins like pollution, smoke etc which can deplete your body’s natural protective barrier.

  • Various endocrine imbalances affect the production & quality of hormones like thyroid hormone, testosterone & estrogen. These imbalances also affect other bodily functions leading to further complications including the improper movement of hair follicles.

  • Hormonal changes, which is due to either natural or artificial reasons like stress, pregnancy, menopause etc can cause havoc on your scalp leading to hair thinning & loss.

So basically, if you are not eating healthy food at regular intervals and/or if your body’s protective barrier is weak then it can lead to various health problems including hair fall or excessive hair loss. S-GLOW supplement for hair growth has been formulated with these concerns in mind.


Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the body that promotes hair growth by forming a protective matrix around your dermal cells. It also increases your skin elasticity and helps to enhance blood circulation. The collagen peptides present in S-GLOW take care of these functions. The amino acids, which are building blocks for collagen, thicken existing follicles to give you better quality locks. When it comes to ingredients that help with healthy hair growth, collagen can actually be used as a reference point.

S-GLOW Hair Fall Control Supplement contains key ingredients that provide essential nutrients for rejuvenating your scalp and hair. Among these ingredients is nutritional yeast, which is packed with the full range of B vitamins – an important factor in promoting hair health. Additionally, LYNSIDE FORTE B helps to stimulate new cell growth, collagen preserves skin elasticity and moisture, and L-CYSTEINE lowers melanin index to control pigmentation. With regular use, this supplement can help you achieve noticeably smoother skin with a brighter complexion.

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