Review of Humming Flowers & Gifts

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Humming Flowers & Gifts is no stranger to the local market for flowers and gifts delivery in Singapore and they have been around for many years. Hummings is one of the pioneer flower and gifts delivery in Singapore.

They have the widest range of flowers and the most extensive choice for gifts and hampers for any occasion. This is the reason I have turned to Hummings online portal to do my hamper purchase this year for CNY 2022 to my regular customers.

The choices were great and I have purchased 3 sets in separate orders for the Prosperity Delights Hamper. Purchasing it from their website directly on HUMMINGS.COM and make payment via PayPal as their credit card system was not working.

The transaction was smooth and I got an email confirmation from them. So all is good, then the next day I continue to make my purchase for the second and third hamper of the same Prosperity Delight Hamper for my other 2 customers and made the payment via PayPal. The transaction went through smoothly too.

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The items were delivered as promised during the stated date range which I have set on their website. I received an invoice again of the amount via email and I called their customer service and asked why was there an invoice to me again and when payment has already been made. They have told me this is only a formality and no action is required on my side.

After about 2 weeks, I received an email from them again with the same invoice telling me to make payment. Their customer service team gave me a ring and tell me that the payment did not go through and that PayPal has an error on their end. What are the chances of PayPal having an error when on my end I received a confirmation from my PayPal and them telling me that no action is required?

The email is as below from them asking me for payment again for the 3rd time.

I received another phone call from them and they have asked me to provide a credit card to make the payment again. I thought ok, it’s a small amount and I will make the payment again to them and close the case. I do not like having people chasing me for payment.

I have told them to send me an email stating that I have no more bills after deducting from my card and they did so on 31st Jan 2022.3.18

See in the email from their team clearly states that “With this, you do not have any other outstanding amount.”

So thank God all has been cleared and I will not have to deal with Hummings every again for this ridiculous issue.

But just a few days ago on the 16th March 2022, I have received another email from them telling me I have an outstanding invoice and payment is pending again. I was frustrated and what I felt was cheated and probably mismanagement and misused of my card information.

My initial payment was done via PayPal and you told me that I have no additional bills. Then they called me and get my card number and email me stating that I have no further invoice. Then why suddenly send me another invoice and tell me I have payment due and need to make the payment again. How many times of payment do I need to pay? I felt scammed.

My review of Humming FLowers & Gifts is as above and I will never order from them again. What is your experience with Humming FLowers & GIfts? Do you have a positive experience or something similar to mine? I would like to know, kindly share your experience in the comments section below.


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