Delightful Surprises: A Comprehensive Review of Humming Flowers & Gifts PTE LTD Exquisite Humming Hamper Collections

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Unwrapping the Elegance of Humming Hamper Collections at Humming Flowers & Gifts PTE LTD

I thought I would give Humming Flowers & Gifts PTE LTD a try since I have never heard of them, and it was a pleasant surprise. The website layout was simple. First, you are welcomed with a great selection of tabs: hand bouquets, table arrangements, grand opening, and condolences. For myself, I chose hand bouquets and their categories were laid out very clearly, with descriptions of how the bouquets look, what types of flowers are used, price, and how long in advance you should order before delivery. They also had a slightly different way to organize their products into different categories, which I thought was nice. For example, you can also choose to view all the products by flower types. Links to the home page, shopping cart, search tab, and login/sign up tabs were placed at the top of the page, which was convenient, and the ‘contact us’ details always remained at the bottom of the page. A minor feedback I have from using the website was that every time I added a product into my cart, the page automatically refreshed and jumped to the checkout page, which I found a bit annoying, especially if you were ordering more than one item and would like to continue to browse. The payment options are reasonably standard, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal, which provides a good amount of convenience to customers. Also, there is an option where you can open an account with them, but it is not compulsory, which is good.

Lastly, the website navigation is easy and helpful. The programs where clients can place their orders and make their purchases are all sorted and planned. This allows clients to get the products they need in a brief time. The products offered are also sorted and placed in separate categories, making it easy for clients to find exactly what they are looking for. All the products are also displayed with clear images, detailed descriptions and price, allowing clients to make informed decisions. The extra features that are innovative and creative, such as the capacity to remind client on important dates like birthdays and the search tool that allows clients to search for a specific product and other related information will definitely improve the customer’s convenience. All these features will help clients and improve customer’s satisfaction by providing a more convenient and easy to use platform for online shopping. Such user friendly devices are also expected to attract more potential clients and increase the company’s sales in future. This part should be rewritten for coherence. I would rearrange the sentences so that it flows better. Saying the extra features first, followed by the added convenience and growth of the company’s sales will provide a better flow for the segment of the essay. I was impressed and thought the writer made an interesting and valid point on the extra features of the website.

On the website, you can find flowers and gifts for various occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. Besides flowers, there are also other gift options such as wines and food Humming hamper. Overall, the website offers a good range of products to choose from. The flowers are also neatly categorized according to the occasion they are meant for. For example, there are categories such as “Valentine’s Day”, “Mother’s Day”, and “Grand Opening”. This makes it easier for customers to find their desired products. One thing that I would like to note is that some product categories, like “Grand Opening” and “Sympathy”, actually contain only a few items. Nevertheless, there are more selections for general categories such as “Hand Bouquets” and “Roses”. The product photos are accompanied by the name of the product and the starting price. This is helpful for customers to make a quick reference to the price range without clicking into the product details. When you click into the details of a product, besides a more detailed description, you can also find information such as the product type, the colors available, and the dimensions of the product. If you wish to add a product to the cart, you can do so by selecting the price, choosing the delivery date, and indicating the quantity, if applicable. The available delivery dates are highlighted in blue, making it easier for customers to make a selection at a glance. Overall, I find that the website is user-friendly and the product information is comprehensive and helpful. I had a good customer experience while navigating through the product selection.

I noticed that Humming offers quite a number of payment options, including all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal. I think this is good to accommodate for the different needs and preferences of the customers. However, it would be even better if more alternative methods of payment are provided, such as ATM transfer, direct bank transfer, or even a ‘cash on delivery’ option. I believe that by offering such alternative payment methods, it would make the checkout process even more convenient and user-friendly to those who do not own a credit card or prefer not to use it for online payments. On another note, I would like to highlight the fact that Humming International Gifts Pte Ltd will appear in your credit card statement upon successful payment and not “Humming Flowers & Gifts”. I think some may find this information useful, especially if they wish to keep their purchase as a surprise to the intended recipient. However, more information should be provided as to how one could make a purchase physically in the store and whether additional payment methods will be available for walk-in customers.

Well, the flowers arrived on schedule. But what impressed me more was that they arrived quite early in the morning. I was worried that no one would be at my mom’s house to receive the flowers because she had gone out marketing. The delivery man was courteous, he called my mom to confirm her whereabouts before making the trip. I also received an email notification from Humming Flowers & Gifts that the flowers had been successfully delivered. I like that they have a strong delivery tracking system in place to prevent a no concierge issue. I do remember the sender had to get an authorization form certifying that the flowers had been successfully delivered from the concierge if no recipient was at the residential address. For the packaging, it can be better. The flowers were rather loosely wrapped, particularly for such an expensive bouquet. It did not scream “this is a beautiful gift from someone special” which sort of made my mom feel that it was just another online purchase. Also, there was no identification of the type of flowers in the bouquet, just a paper bearing their prices. That I would say was slightly disappointing. My mom, being the motherly kind, was eager to find out what types of flowers she received. But fret not, I managed to find a photo of the bouquet from the website and was able to identify the names of the flowers. Well, the overall condition of the flowers was great. The flowers were fresh, abundant and simply divine. My mom adored the flowers very much. She spent about an hour snipping, trimming and arranging them into several different vases. She was really pleased with the thoughtfulness and effort I’ve put in to select such a lovely set of flowers for her. And the best part, the flowers still lasted for about a week before they started to wilt. That’s a good sign of freshness and quality for the flowers. I am really glad that my mom was happy with the surprise!

I was relieved to hear that my cousin received the flowers on time. My cousin and I had an agreement to surprise her mother with a big bouquet of flowers, that deep down I knew that the time we intended to send the gift was very crucial for her. I had my doubts about Humming Flowers & Gifts’ ability to deliver the flowers on time, especially when I heard that they did not entertain special requests for the time of delivery. These doubts were further compounded by the fact that my cousin’s house was located slightly off the main road and on the fourth lot. Based on my experience with other flower suppliers, I knew that sometimes the delivery men could face certain difficulties locating the receiver’s address. Nonetheless, I decided to proceed with my order with Humming Flowers & Gifts after my cousin managed to convince me that her place came out boldly in any online map and the delivery men would have no problem locating it. I received an email from Humming Flowers & Gifts prior to the day of delivery informing me that the flowers had been dispatched. The email also contained a tracking number and a link which I could use to track the delivery process online. I clicked on the link and I was directed to the website of the courier company engaged by Humming Flowers & Gifts for the delivery. I was a bit surprised when I discovered that the website actually showed, in real time, the movement of a delivery van which was carrying the flowers to my cousin’s house. I was really impressed by the technological capacity of the courier company as well as the transparency in its delivery process and I began to think that I might have underestimated the company’s chances of making a punctual delivery. My good feeling about the delivery was further reinforced when I noticed that the information provided in the website had well corresponded with the reality when the van carrying the flowers was progressively approaching my cousin’s house. When my cousin thanked me over the phone for the beautiful flowers, I knew that the flowers did arrive in time. However, I was truly convinced that Humming Flowers & Gift’s had actually delivered the flowers on time only after my cousin sent me a photo of the flowers taken by her mother, showing that all the flowers arrived in good condition and some were yet to blossom. Now that I have seen the actual picture of the flowers, I know that I would not hesitate to use Humming Flowers & Gifts again in the future, and this time, without any doubt about their capacity to deliver on time.

In addition to the actual items purchased, the way in which the items are packaged and presented is important as many customers would have gifts delivered directly to the recipient instead of delivering the gift themselves. In this case, the quality of the packaging and the presentation directly reflects the quality of the entire delivery experience. For my order, the item was a floral arrangement put in a rather large and tall box. When I first saw the box, I was fearing for the worst as the box was quite roughly handled by the delivery man – there were multiple holes and openings at the top of the box and I could see the floral arrangement inside. But when I opened the box, I was surprised at how well the flowers were protected. The flower was in a separate and smaller box with a lid to prevent the flowers from moving around in the larger box. Not only that, the florist has also included a small ‘water bag’ around the flower stalks to keep the flowers hydrated. After removing the water bag, I realized that the entire smaller box was actually placed on a plastic tray which acts like a base. This prevents any water from spilling and leaking out of the box and the beautiful flowers were kept dry and fresh. To me, all these little thoughts and details put into the packaging really made the difference. These showed the professionalism and the dedication of the florist or the person who prepared the flowers. Therefore, I am generally satisfied with the way the item was presented. Although the outer box was a bit damaged, the internal packaging was sufficient to protect the flowers. These high standard of packaging and presentation would definitely enhance the delivery experience, making the receiver feels even more special and delightful. Well, at least my ‘someone special’ was ecstatic when she received the flowers! On this aspect, Humming Flowers & Gifts has certainly lived up to its mark of providing a quality delivery experience.

I should say this is the most pitiful part of all because when I got the proposal package from my friend that received it on the first day without any problem, but I received it on the third day and that is after I found out that it was a long delay. This is because usually on the Saturday my mail man will drop all the mails into my letter box but this person actually send the flowers through the door. However, he claimed that he didn not see any letter box in front of my apartment. But the fact is my letter box is attached to my gate and this is common in my country. So, I should say that he just simply send it to anywhere without checking and I am not sure why he send it through the door and not letterbox as other normal cases. All the flowers are wet and I believe that it is due to the water split when he water the plant. All the water was stored in the carton and when I received it, I saw there is a hole at the bottom of the pack. The worst is part of the proposal letter was wet so I have to copy it before I return to my friend. I am sure the flowers and the proposal materials are not being kept well so I think the quality of the flowers will not last long. So, I reflect all these matters to Humming Flowers & Gifts and yet what they can do is only tell me that will give a re-training to the responsible staff. I just can not see how a potential complaint being taken place and since during the posting day there might be a lot of staffs but the company can not even tell me who is responsible.

Once I placed an order in the late morning and realized that I needed it to be delivered by noon, which I forgot to indicate when checking out. I tried to call their help line, but there was no one answering the calls. However, somebody from the same number returned my call after 1 minute and assisted me, making it possible for my request to be accommodated and deliver the gift on time. The gentleman on the line, named Richard, as per his employee ID, was such a great help and I could feel his sincerity when addressing my issue. He also promised that he would call me back to make sure everything is alright. True enough, Richard called me back at one of the numbers that I missed, which was stated on their website and the customer service agent’s line, to make sure my request was properly carried out. Such efficiency in making their resolve and customer’s satisfaction is what defines a first-class customer service experience. How I wish that I could deal with Richard all the way from the start when I had some initial inquiries. For email inquiries, feedback will be given on the next day and they will call you back if the matter requires immediate attention. On top of that, on the website there is a provision for customers to check their order status and delivery status, which requires a registered user. I find it really convenient for people to trace their order, especially when a lot of people are mobile-savvy. Users can also trace their history of orders from this function, adding value to the after-sales services. It seems that Humming Flowers & Gifts has put in place clear procedures and invested in infrastructure and training their people to ensure a smooth flow of order processing and inquiries, as well as to deliver excellent service. Humming Flowers & Gifts has also established a high customer satisfaction performance in BizRate Circle Of Excellence, national award winners, and accreditation with Trustsg merchant. However, when I navigate through their website and other sources, I could not find any such ratings available. On other sources like Asia Pacific or World Florist Association, they also could not find such a membership established. On the other hand, media feedback has shown different types of awards and no such accreditation as mentioned on their website. Generally, I would encourage people to make a purchase with Humming Flowers & Gifts based on the service I had experienced. Precautionary steps have been offered. Users can have a preview of the flower/reward and also the packaging. Mouseover the image and a larger image with description will be prompted to show the details of the relevant item in an area. Filters and views are listed, providing ease in the selection. Delivery and order will be shown upon selection. With this feature, I believe that the chance of receiving the wrong item or ordering the wrong items will be minimized. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Richard for his excellent customer service he had rendered and, more importantly, his proactive attitude in delivering his help and service. His practice should be identified by many of the customer service staff in other organizations. I believe that Humming Flowers & Gifts has set a good example of what is defined by excellent customer service and has proven that efficiency and service excellence will leave a deep impression on your customers and lead to the success of the organization. Well done, Richard and Humming Flowers & Gifts. Keep it up!

At first I had some questions about the products as well as the payment process, so I used the live chat function on the website to ask. I indicated that I was looking for a birthday gift and asked for some recommendations. The customer service agent, Jonathan, responded after about a minute and was very helpful. He first asked me some questions about the recipient, such as what the person likes and what is the person’s age, so that he could better understand my needs. After I provided some information Jonathan then gave me a few suggestions, explaining why these items would be a good choice in his opinion (for example, “this flower is actually our best seller and it is very popular among people from your age range”). Jonathan also pointed out that there is a promotion for the month, where if I sign up for an account on their website I would be entitled to a 5% discount just for the first purchase, and he would be able to help me with that. He told me I could find the product easily on the website by typing in the product code, which, he said, is easier than browsing the list by categories, and he offered to tell me the code so I could start enjoying the discount. The whole inquiry took around 30 minutes. Later I did as Jonathan suggested and to my surprise, it was indeed very convenient for me to get what I want! I was quite satisfied with my purchase and I gave positive comments on the questionnaire form because of the thoughtful help from the customer service, which strengthened my satisfaction towards the service. I was surprised that Jonathan was able to offer such personal and thoughtful advice, giving not just suggestions but also many explanations. And it seemed that he really has great knowledge about all the products. I was impressed and no wonder I was satisfied with his advice at the end.

One day, I made an order of flowers on the website of Humming Flowers & Gifts. However, after a period of time, I did not receive any message about the delivery of my order. I was quite worried and so I called the customer service hotline to make an inquiry. However, after numerous attempts to get through, I was still unable to speak to any of the personnel. Out of frustration, I sent an email to the customer service email account but there was no response. My worries turned into anger and disappointment as I felt that my complaint was being ignored. Eventually, I went to the outlet at Raffles City to seek for a face-to-face explanation. However, the lady at the counter was not helpful at all; she just took down my order number and promised to check on it but nobody got back to me after that. This incident is a clear indication of a total disregard for customer’s right and it shows that the approach in handling my complaint, as they claim was proactive, was not adopted at all. When I was at the outlet at Raffles City requesting for an explanation for my unattended order, I noticed that there was a feedback on customer service from a customer pasted on the wall, indicating an inefficient and ineffective customer service support by the company. This showed that the poor level of customer service which I was subjected to was not an isolated case, attesting that Humming Flowers & Gifts does not put in sincere effort to improve on their after-sales service despite having received feedbacks. I fully understand that when a customer makes a complaint, there are three main objectives in mind: first, to let the company know of the problem so as to enable the company to rectify the problem and hence prevent a similar problem from occurring again; second, to get the company to compensate where it is appropriate; third, to show how the company has gone wrong. I note that on the company’s website, it is stated that a senior customer service personnel or the management team would be handling the complaint and the company guarantee a complete and full investigation into the complaint is carried out, with a formal reply to be given within 14 working days. However, none of these procedures was observed when I made my complaint: no escalation of the complaint to a more experienced and knowledgeable personnel took place, no investigation was being carried out and most important of all, there was no form of reply to my complaint, be it a formal or informal one. On top of that, where is the guarantee as mentioned on the website? Such baseless promise on the internet further aggravated my dissatisfaction. I hope that the management of Humming Flowers & Gifts can look into this issue seriously and make a sincere commitment to improve on their customer service so as to provide a pleasant and memorable floral experience for all customers. This can be done by implementing what is being preached on the website on the handling of complaints and reviews. Also, it is good to have a more comprehensive and clear process of submitting complaint because not all customers may be well-versed in the various methods of complaint as they could be layman in using technology. For instance, by having a complaint book placed at every outlet could facilitate the submission of complaints. Last but not least, I urge all customers of Humming Flowers & Gifts who faced with similar unpleasant incidence to step forward and give feedback so as to enable the company to have a realistic view of their customer service standard. Let’s join our hands to ask for an improvement on the quality of customer service to be provided and I am sure that the management will definitely take our feedback into serious consideration.

Customer service was helpful. I didn’t have any complaints, so I cannot testify to their handling of complaints, but I found their responses were quick and accurate. However, I think their customer service could be more personalized, and this might be what is lacking in my overall satisfaction. I would’ve liked a confirmation email upon the processing and completion of my order, but that’s just me hoping big organizations can be more meticulous. Although delivery was way earlier than expected, I was glad that I managed to catch the delivery before my recipient leaves. I have not heard how the surprise went yet, but I hope it’s a good one. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the efficiency and the colorful choices of flowers. The website is extremely simple to use and well-organized. The big icons helped me navigate through the website without any hassle. English translations are provided, and this is definitely a plus point for non-Malay speakers because the standard of English in Malaysia is not entirely good and it might confuse some users. However, the delivery status on the website was not updated accordingly, but there was nothing to worry about because the flowers arrived safe and sound. Lastly, I still hope Humming could allow customers to compose their own messages in the e-card section because personally, I feel that standard messages might not deliver the precise feelings that different customers would want to express. This will be the extra personalization that I think most people are looking for besides customizing their gifts online. All in all, I believe Humming has done their part efficiently in various areas from website layout to the moment the flowers are delivered. Well done and thank you for the seamless process. I will choose Humming again for future orders. Hope this review helps the team to further improve their services. Keep it up!