Review of Solar Power Energy Drink

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When it comes to the word Solar Power, the first thing that comes to your mind is solar panels and electricity churning out from the sun itself. There is this new energy drink in town and yesterday my wife and I got the opportunity to get our hands on it during a campaign held at Pasir Ris MRT.

When it comes to energy drinks, there are many common brands that come to mind, Red Bull, 100Plus, Dark Dog Organic Energy Drink, Reize Energy Drink. But what is a Solar Power Energy Drink?

Heineken, a well-known beer brand in Singapore has recently launched their new Solar Power Energy Drink. The drink is all-natural and offers consumers renewable energy with no negative side effects thanks to its vitamins C & D boost!

We were at Pasir Ris White Sands and there was a gig happening just outside the mall. The gig is simple, simply like and follow them on Facebook or Instagram and get a can of Solar Power Energy Drink for Free.

What is the purpose of an Energy Drink?

Energy drinks are a popular way to increase performance and boost energy levels. University students, professionals working late hours or on the go will consume them in order to keep going throughout their day while feeling refreshed!

What are the benefits of Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks provide a quick burst of energy to help you get through your day. The ingredients in these beverages boost mental and physical performance, but they also contain caffeine which is an effective ergogenic aid for boosting ardour during exercise or desk work!

What are the side effects of Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks pose a threat to the health of everyone, especially children and teenagers. The presence of caffeine increases the odds of developing dental problems as well as mental or physical disabilities later in life due to its high sugar content which can lead to obesity issues among other things such as heart disease.

Now is the taste challenge

I have been an energy drinks person myself and I work throughout the night and late hours. In Singapore, my favourite is Red Bull and in other countries, I choose brands like Sting and Maxx.

The first taste is actually very smooth and nice, not too gassy like other brands. It also has a fruity-like flavour that I love! As I was drinking this, a couple of guys near me were also doing the same thing and we took a photo together for our review.

The Truth of Solar Power Energy Drinks after 30 minutes.

I felt like I was living in a state of constant energy. My wife noticed the difference and said that while before, my mood would dip during lunchtime or after work hours – now they were filled with enthusiasm for life!

The Verdict: Well, I’ve tried a lot of different energy drinks and this is by far my favourite. It tastes great with just enough sweetness to keep me coming back for more!