OneHealth Celebrates World Health Day 2022

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It is crucial that we take action now if want to avoid a future where pollution and disease are normalized.

The World Health Day 2022 will focus on urgent issues such as decreasing anger in our environment, combating cancers Jared Diamond said “can wipe out whole populations” due to their rapid growth rates, and reducing airstrikes against people living with influenza A(H1N1) virus infections or respiratory complexities associated with asthma attacks.”

The climate crisis is one of the most pressing health issues facing humanity. It has been reported that more than 13 million people die every year due to environmental causes, including air pollution and water contamination which are both caused by carbon emissions from fossil fuels like oil or coal burned in power plants.

This includes not only long-term problems such as global warming but also short-term ones like extreme weather conditions because they all contribute to increased risk for chronic diseases later on down our lifespan.

The climate and health crisis are a result of our political, social, commercial decisions. We’re breathing unhealthy air thanks to fossil fuel burning which has warmed the planet enough for mosquitos to spread diseases farther than ever before in history!

Mountains are being polluted with plastic while oceans continue their struggle against fishing nets or other manmade trash that ends up there after consuming seafood at some point along their lifecycle (including us). And then we have highly processed foods causing obesity rates globally.

In addition: “Systems” like these produce highly addictive substances called “addictions.” Think about your favorite sweet treat – likely it’s something fried.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the healing power of science and highlighted inequities in our world. It’s revealed weaknesses across all areas, from health care delivery to income distribution;

Too many people are still living below the poverty line with instability for themselves or their families because we haven’t yet figured out how best to sustain an economy that benefits everyone equally without harming Earth’s natural resources.

A “well-being” economic system would have a human flourishing as its core: prosperity comes through supporting those who need it most–those struggling financially or lacking any opportunity.

When you think about the planet, what are some things that come to mind? For me, it is all of our beautiful nature and wildlife. I want these places to be preserved for future generations so they can experience how amazing life was when we had almost none existence on Earth!

The way people live their lives today has a huge impact not only on themselves but also on everyone else around them- especially if those habits lead toward wellness or sustainability practices such as recycling programs at schools where kids learn early about caring enough for others by practicing kindness in everyday interactions with one another even while fighting battles outside ourselves.

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