The Latest Trending Jobs around the Globe In 2022

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Are you feeling lost when it comes to choosing a career path or making a career change? With the economy in flux and new industries emerging, it can be hard to know which career is right for you.

But don’t worry – we’re here to help. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the latest trending jobs for 2022.

So whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re looking to make a switch, read on for some helpful ideas!

Here are 10 jobs where the new skill is needed:

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1. Workplace diversity experts

They are a diversity leader with expertise in leading and being accountable to an organization on all issues of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Workplace diversity experts are dedicated to the organization’s goals and objectives of providing high-quality programs, academic offerings, pedagogical assistance, and direct customer service.

Job titles: Diversity Manager, Diversity Officer, Head of Diversity, Diversity Coordinator

Salary range: US$72,900 to US$97,000

2. Business Development and Sales Professionals

Business development and sales specialists are critical to an organization’s success. These individuals produce new sales leads, negotiate client prices, and anticipate sales revenue, all in support of one of the most crucial business development manager duties: assisting firms in maximizing profitability.

Job titles: Sales Consultant, Sales Operations Assistant, Inbound Sales Specialist, Strategic Advisor

Salary range: US$43,300 to US$105,000

3. Digital marketing professionals

Digital marketing professionals are the business unit in charge of the company’s digital marketing strategy formulation and implementation. These methods are designed to engage customers and generate money using online channels such as search engines, social media networks, ad platforms, and email.

Job titles: Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, Marketing Representative, Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Salary range: US$48,000 to US$96,000

4. Digital Content Creators

Producing marketing material to showcase our products, creating blog entries about industry-related themes, and promoting our content on social media are all obligations of digital content creators.

Job titles: Content Coordinator, Writing Consultant, Podcaster, Blogger

Salary range: US$46,000 to US$62,400

5. User experience (UI & UX) professionals

The role of user experience (UI & UX) experts is to provide the best possible overall product experience for the user; the UI designer’s responsibility is to take that overall user-experience directive from the UX designer and apply it to visually lay out the product’s specifics.

Job titles: User Experience Designer, Product Design Consultant, User Interface Designer, User Experience Researcher

Salary range: US$80,000 to US$103,000

6. Data Science Specialists

Generating massive databases from multiple sources of structured and unstructured data is one of the jobs of data science specialists. Identifying trends and patterns by analyzing data and generating statistical information.

Candidates for data science positions typically have a background in computer science or mathematics and then pursue a master’s degree in data science, data analytics, or a similar discipline.

Job titles: Data Scientist, Data Science Specialist, Data Management Analyst

Salary range: US$100,000 to US$130,000

7. Artificial Intelligence Practitioners

The bulk of AI experts works in applied AI, which involves programming computer intelligent systems. These systems encompass a wide range of functions, from voice recognition to complex problem-solving.

Furthermore, an Artificial Intelligence specialist’s job is to improve a variety of sectors’ services and processes.

Job titles: Machine Learning Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, Machine Learning Researcher

Salary range: US$124,000 to US$150,000

8. Mental Health Specialists

Collecting and evaluating patient information in order to perform assessments and diagnoses are among the responsibilities of a mental health specialist.

Treatment strategies for anxiety, depression, personality, and behavioral disorders, phobias, post-traumatic stress, and other mental illnesses are developed and implemented.

Job titles: Behavior Therapist, Mental Health Specialist, Psychotherapist, Mental Health Technician

Salary range: US$41,600 to US$65,000

9. Specialized engineers

Managing the complete software development process from conception to deployment. Maintaining and upgrading the software following deployment. Managing the end-to-end life cycle for the production of software and applications.

Job titles: Web Developer, Full Stack Engineer, Frontend Developer, Game Developer

Salary range: US$77,500 to US$104,000

10. Professional and Personal Coaches

A personal trainer, often known as a fitness coach, is a health, exercise, and wellness professional who assists customers in achieving their physical fitness goals. Plan and supervise workout routines, advise customers on proper form during exercise, and track fitness and performance goals over time are among their responsibilities.

The life coach will be expected to clarify clients’ goals, identify key resources and roadblocks, and cooperate to develop concrete ideas that help them achieve their objectives. Regular, nuanced progress evaluations are also recommended. As a life coach, you must be a strategic and communicative resource to everyone.

Job titles: Career Coordinator, Life Coach, Fitness Coach, Business Coach

Salary range: US$44,300 to US$50,000

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