Top 10 Most Popular Freezers in Singapore

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There is a certain amount of frozen food that can fit into a refrigerator, but if you’ve got limited freezer space in your fridge, it’s time to invest in a dedicated freezer for keeping your frozen things. A freezer is particularly advantageous when stocking up since you won’t have to go grocery shopping as frequently. It’s also possible that you’ll need a separate freezer to keep your breast milk after hours of study. Here are the top 10 freezers in Singapore based on extensive research.

  1. LeMaison Upright Freezer 85L


The LeMaison Upright Freezer has an 85-liter capacity and is our selection for the best freezers in Singapore. It’s available in white and includes an easy-to-use adjustable leg. It features three transparent drawers that may be used to arrange your food. You can easily place it in your kitchen due to its tiny and upright form factor.

Why choose this freezer? It has a net capacity of 85L and is height adjustable. There are three transparent drawers on this upright compact freezer.

  1. PowerPac Upright Mini Bar Freezers 60L


If you’re looking for a compact freezer that can store baby food, milk, and ice cream, this upright floor model is ideal. It’s ideal for placing on the counter with its tabletop position and front open design. Its optimal door seal construction includes an anti-bacterial property to prevent bacterial growth.

Why choose this freezer: It has an adjustable temperature and a built-in anti-bacterial feature. Its net capacity is 60 liters. With European standard, it is energy-efficient.

  1. Beko Single Door Bar Fridge 120L


With a single door and a total capacity of 120 liters, this Beko bar fridge is perfect for stocking fresh foods and beverages for the entire family. This model has movable shelves that allow you to arrange your meals and beverages in whatever way you choose. It also features an active seal guard door, which helps prevent germs from growing and maintains a sanitary storage environment.

Why choose this freezer:  Single Door Fridge With a net capacity of 120 liters, this fridge has an active seal guard door.

  1. Europace Mini Bar Freezers 36L


Europace’s latest Mini-Bar Freezer offers a space-saving design for keeping baby food and icecreams. Its 36-liter capacity freezers are outfitted with the most energy-efficient R600 compressor design, saving you money on your power bill.

It also has an adjustable thermostat and a brush silver finish for a more sophisticated look. You may also consider the Europace 85L Compressor Upright Freezer, which is another model from Europace.

Why choose this freezer: The latest R600 compressor design is more efficient. It’s compact, space-saving design. Its capacity is 36 liters. Premium Brush Silver Finish with Adjustable temperature thermostat.

  1. Kadeka One Door Chest Freezer 108L


The Kadeka One Door Chest freezer has a capacity of 108 liters, which may be easily rearranged and contains interior lighting and a removable basket, making it easy to store your groceries. It also includes a mechanical thermometer for added convenience.

This freezer has an aluminum exterior with rust-proof paint and includes sturdy hinges, so it will look great for a long time.

Why choose this freezer: It has a net capacity of 108 liters, and comes with a lock on the handle. There’s a mechanical thermometer inside. There is a removable basket on it. The aluminum exterior is rust-proof.

  1. Farfalla Upright Freezer 80L


The Farfalla 9903 25L Upright Freezer is a top-selling product in Singapore, with an 80-liter capacity. You may easily change the temperature for your food and beverages after using its mechanical temperature control. With three transparent drawers, it is simple to organize. It has a key lock to keep your groceries safe in the freezer.

Why choose this freezer: It has an 80-liter capacity, and it’s got a mechanical temperature control. There are three transparent drawers. There is also a secure key lock on the door. The interior and exterior are both white.

  1. Samsung One Door Freezers with No Frost 315L


The Samsung no-frost one-door freezer has a huge storage capacity to keep your weekly food in an organized manner. It has more room inside than typical freezers in Singapore, allowing you to effectively arrange everything and not having to rummage through it looking for anything.

The no-frost function of this freezer is the most appealing feature. This eliminates the time needed to clean an ordinary freezer due to frost build-up. Its small cabinet design may easily be integrated into your kitchen.

Why choose this freezer: It has a large capacity with more room, and it’s all around cooling. The refrigerator is also equipped with digital inverter technology for faster freezing and cool freeze. LED lights are brighter

  1. Mistral Chest Freezers with Lock 131L


If you have an older freezer that’s prone to rust, it might be time to upgrade. The Mistral Chest Freezer is a great option for those who are concerned about their freezers getting rusty. It features an anti-rust coating and a safety lock function. This freezer comes in white, and it comes with a one-year warranty. It also includes a Fast freezing feature that may help organize food for the entire family in a safe manner.

Why choose this freezer? As a result of the Zintec anti-rust coating, it is resistant to rust. The net capacity is 131 liters. There’s a fast freezing function as well.

  1. Tecno Upright Freezer 85L


The Techno Upright Freezers in Singapore are designed with a sleek, compact design and a stainless steel reversible door. Its reversible door option allows you to change the position of the door to suit your needs and available space.

Aside from that, the freezer has a sleek recessed handle for easy access and closing. It also has four transparent pull-out drawers to help you organize your food products. Its thermostat control allows you to set the freezing temperature between -12°C and -26°C as needed.

Why buy this refrigerator? Has a stainless steel finish reversible door. Design is sleek and compact. 85L net storage capacity There are four transparent pull-out drawers and with thermostat control.

  1. EF Chest Freezer 100L


This EF chest freezer has a 100-liter capacity and an adjustable thermostat and removable storage basket. You won’t have to worry about getting your freezer dirty thanks to its simple cleaning interior. It also features a manual defrosting option for cleaning the freezer effectively.

Why choose this freezer: It has an adjustable thermostat. Removable storage basket. A universal castor makes it easy to move about. For added security, there’s a lock and key. Cleaning is simple with manual to defrost.

Where to purchase a freezer in Singapore?

You could only acquire freezers in Singapore from shops previously, but now you can get them online for the ultimate convenience and even save money! I like to go to when looking for appliances. It’s also a fantastic place to compare prices.