Lash Extension Care: The Right Products to Use

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A perfect and long-lasting lash extension set doesn’t happen overnight. It requires lots of effort from both the lash technician and their client. As a lash tech, you must apply the lash extensions correctly and communicate aftercare instructions well.

If you’re still learning the ropes of eyelash extensions, finding the right lash care products can be challenging, and it’s understandable. Don’t know where to start? Here’s a quick and digestible guide on what to use for lash extension care

Products to Use for Taking Care of Your Client’s Lash Extensions

Let’s extend your client’s classic eyelash extension investment using the appropriate lash extension care products. Here’s what you will need to clean and keep the health and beauty of their lashes.

Lash Cleansing and Prepping Essentials

Clean and prepped natural lashes are important before you proceed with lash extension application. It not only ensures successful retention of the extensions but also considers your client’s eye and lash health. The right tools can help you achieve this. Lash prepping tools also contribute to the look of aesthetic clinics when organised. Here’s what you will need:

●       Water-Based and Oil-free Makeup Remover

Before applying lash extensions, you must remove your client’s makeup first. This ensures no dirt or other oily and waxy residue remains around the eye area, which can hamper the retention of the lash adhesive and potentially cause eye conditions. Make sure to use water-based and oil-free products—micellar water works wonders! Then, use a cotton swab to gently remove your client’s makeup, including concealer under their eyes.

●       Lash Shampoo

Use a foam lash shampoo when performing pre-service lash cleansing. Tilt your client’s head to one side, apply a pump or two to their eye, and gently clean the lashes with a cotton swab—work from the lash line, then across the entire eye up to the eyelid. Add more cleanser and repeat the steps when the foam disappears.

Lash shampoo is also a must in aftercare. Instruct your client to use this daily after removing their makeup with a remover and a cleansing wand. This will ensure maximum eye and lash cleansing to retain the beauty of their lash set.

●       Saline Solution

Saline is used for rinsing and absorbing the foam shampoo until the eyes are completely clean. It contains salt and has the same pH level as our eyes, so it does not irritate them, unlike tap or distilled water. Saline is safer and more comfortable. Make sure to buy it from a pharmacy; never try making your own mixture at home.

●       Primer

Use a lash primer during the last phase of preparing the lashes. The lash primer dissolves natural oils on the lashes to speed up the adhesion of the extensions. It also opens the natural lash cuticle, helping you achieve strong retention. Apply it after cleaning the lashes and placing eye pads.

Avoid applying the primer to the skin around the lashes or getting it to your client’s eyes; only apply it directly to the natural lashes. Spray a pump of it into a small cup and dip two microtips. You will use these microtips to apply the primer evenly from the lash root to the tips. Wait for it to dry and brush the lashes to separate them individually before application.

●       Fibre-Free Cleansing Wands, Tissues, Microtips, and Cotton Swabs

These tools aid in safely and properly applying liquid products to your client’s lashes. Fibre-free cleansing wands gently brush the inner and outer corners of your client’s lash line to clean it and keep the shape of their lashes.

Cotton swabs are for applying the makeup remover, while tissues are for drying the eyes after a lash cleanse. Meanwhile, microtips aid in the application of the lash primer. You dip two of them into a small cup of primer, hold one in front of the lashes and another at the back.

Products for Lash Retention and Healthy Growth

Two other products are necessary to strengthen retention and promote the healthy growth of your client’s lashes.

●       Lash Growth Serum

Some clients may show signs of over-stressed lashes during a fill appointment. There could be large gaps causing lash hair loss, stickies, or twisted lashes, requiring a break from lash extensions. If this is the case, advise your client to use a lash growth serum while waiting for about 12 weeks for a new lash growth cycle to begin. This will help their natural lashes to grow stronger and longer.

●       Supplements

Advise your client to take anti-hair loss vitamins such as Biotin while having a break from lash extensions. Supplements also aid in the growth of strong and long natural lashes. Always consider the best interest of your customer’s lash and eye health.

Products, Places, and Habits to Avoid for Healthy Lashes

Meanwhile, here are some aftercare tips on what your client should avoid to prevent premature fallout and make the most of their lash extension investment:


  • Oil-based makeup
  • Oil on lash extensions
  • Mascara
  • Saunas
  • Fire
  • Facial steam
  • Rubbing the eyes
  • Pulling on the lashes
  • Sleeping on the face
  • Getting the lashes wet 4-6 hours after the lash service

Encouraging Fill Appointments and Removal

Naturally, proper lash aftercare won’t take away from the fact that lash extensions are temporary. There will come a time when your client’s lash set will need a refill or removal to bring them back in good condition. This is why you need to instruct your client to return for refills every 2-3 weeks.

Fill appointments and removals involve thoroughly checking your client’s eye and lash condition. From there, you will choose between performing individual lash extensions or full-set removals. You should also ask if the client wants to change to try a new lash length or style.

Most importantly, always consult your clients first before performing any procedure. Strive to give them what they want, but also learn when to suggest better and safer options if their health is at stake.

Wrapping Up

Many things go into creating a clean, comfortable, beautiful, and lasting lash set for a client. One of these is searching for the right products to use. They play a major role in the health and retention of your client’s lashes. So it pays to know what to use to perform the best lash service, from lash cleansing to lash aftercare.

Make your clients feel assured, knowing they are in the hands of a reliable lash professional! If you enjoyed reading this blog, browse our other articles on women’s health and other categories.


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