Top Destinations to Visit in Greece

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Philosophy and The Birthplace of Democracy

Greece and the Greek islands as a whole have deservedly earned their reputation as some of the best places to visit. Travel to any Greek island, and you’ll be inundated with ancient ruins and beautiful beaches. Surrounded by the beautiful Aegean sea and the Ionian sea.

There is much that Greece holidays can offer. You just have to know where to begin.

Why You Must Choose The Right Destination

Choosing the right destination is important because your entire vacation hinges on this decision. This is especially true when talking about a country like Greece.

The ancient Greeks left much to explore. However, certain locations are better suited for certain activities.

If you want to know which little corner of mainland Greece you should make your own, then consult the list below.

The Best Places to Visit in Greece


Santorini and its rugged terrain tell a story. A story that centers around a volcanic eruption that devastated much of the island in the 16th century.

Known for its bleached and cubiform homes, Santorini is the perfect place to stare out into the sea. Most of the aforementioned cubiform homes are perched on a cliff’s edge. Rising up as you ascend the island.

I’d recommend enjoying this island’s beaches. They are filled with pebbles of all colors, brought to their resting place by the ancient eruption.

  • Top Attractions
    • Explore the prehistoric village of Akrotiri.
    • Visit the ruins of Ancient Thera.
    • Enjoy Oia Castle.


Mykonos has been growing a reputation as a party location. Few tourists can resist its trendy bars and clubs. While this place may not be situated in Northern Greece, Mykonos does rest on the northern tip of its section.

A beautiful island that has more than one Unesco world heritage site. Peaking around these historic locales should be at the top of your bucket list.

  • Top Attractions
    • The lovely Playa Ornos is always active and bustling with beachgoers.
    • The archaeological sites of the Mykonos museum are astounding.
    • Agios Sostis beach can compete with all golden sandy beaches.


Athens isn’t known for the snow but, believe me, there are plenty of places to ski and snowboard in. From the Parnassos ski center to the Pelion Ski center, Athens is loaded with winter sports activities and fun.

Even if you don’t know how to ski, there are plenty of resources online that will give you a rundown. This ancient city is teeming with things to do, and a greek vacation here would be a smart move.

  • Top Attractions
    • The Acropolis of Athens is a majestic hilltop temple.
    • The iconic temple ruins of the Parthenon.
    • The Agora of Athens is a museum within Greek ruins.


Corfu has got much more to offer than traditional whitewashed houses and a national archaeological museum. This little island is famous for its resort-lined beaches.

Breakfast by the beach and dinner with the ocean waves nipping at your feet are two entirely possible events. Rummaging through Corfu’s cultural heritage and rugged mountains makes you feel like a true explorer. Definitely activities worth doing if in need of adventure.

  • Top Attractions
    • The Corfu museum of Asian art is housed within a palace.
    • The Old Fortress of Corfu is filled with artifacts.
    • Take a nap in Spianada Square city center.


Halkidiki is the king of Northwestern Greece destinations. Visited year-round by tourists from all over the world. This peninsula is heavily sought after by those wanting to explore its magisterial waters.

There are plenty of nightclubs for the young party animals that want to throw caution to the wind. In stark contrast to this atmosphere, various archaeological sites are spread throughout Halkidiki.

  • Top Attractions
    • The golden beaches of Halkidiki are perfect for lounging.
    • Stagira offers amazing views and photo-worthy summits.
    • Take a guided tour of Petralona Cave and its museum.


Nafplio is a coastal city with a sky as blue as the water that surrounds it. Filled to the brim with historical monuments and ancient world traditions. Nafplio is best known for the Fortress of Palamidi. It stands tall over the nearby structures.

My personal recommendation would be to have a nice dinner date in this city. This is because of Nafplio’s romantic atmosphere, which permeates through the city and its shops. Valentine’s day never ends in Nafplio.

  • Top Attractions
    • The Fortress of Palamidi is a formidable sight.
    • The museum of Nafplio has many history exhibits worth seeing.
    • Bourtzi Castle is situated right on a harbor islet, with great views of the ocean.

Knossos (one of the best places in Greece for history)

For any lovers and students of history, Knossos should be at the top of your bucket list. This location must be visited if you wish to witness one of the most historically rich palaces in the world. That palace is King Mino’s palace, which was rebuilt centuries ago.

I was also taken aback by the more modern exhibits and attractions on offer. The Cretaquarium is chief among them.

  • Top Attractions
    • King Mino’s ancient palace, which has been rebuilt, rests here.
    • Resting at the Morosini Fountain is relaxing and calming.
    • The Cretaquarium is like no other in the entire world.

Navagio Beach Zakynthos

Navagio Beach at Zakynthos is headlined by the wonderful Blue Caves. These are formations that you’ve got to see with your own eyes. Hanging over pristine waters, they give the word caverns a whole new meaning.

As you might have guessed, much of Navagio is made up of beaches and rock formations.

  • Top Attractions
    • You’ve got to visit the beautiful Blue Caves.
    • Porto Limnionas beach is quaint and tucked away elegantly.
    • Navagio beach itself offers cliff-side views of beached shipwrecks.


Meteora is the land of monasteries. They line the streets and cliff tops with splendor. What makes this area so special is that it firmly stands at the intersection of religion and culture. Doing so without being overbearing in a singular direction.

Any theologists or students of religion should race to come here and take in its lessons.

  • Top Attractions
    • The Monastery of Varlaam sits atop a cliff overlooking the city.
    • The Monastery of the Holy Trinity is precariously perched atop a rocky cliff.
    • Stephan monastery has incredible scenery and is worth the day trip.

Lindos Rhodes Island

Lindos Rhodes Island has a little bit of everything. When it comes to Greek islands, think of Lindos as a full meal. It offers ancient clifftop ruins that catch the sun’s rays from all the best angles. Following that are bright clear waters bordered by the finest sand.

A true gem of Greece that has the bays and beaches to help it stand out.

  • Top Attractions
    • Lindos Acropolis has ancient clifftop ruins with spectacular sunsets.
    • Lindos Beach has bright blue waters and much natural beauty.
    • Saint Paul’s Bay is an awe-inspiring place with rugged beauty.

Canal d’Amour

This romantic little outcropping offers you a lovely sea cliff from which you can watch the sun settle. Loggas Beach is known for being a photographer’s paradise. Anyone with a camera or a phone is destined to capture an incredible snapshot.

You can end your day scuba diving in Canal d’Amour’s waters.

  • Top Attractions
    • Catch a sunset or sunrise atop a sea cliff at Loggas Beach.
    • Apotripiti Beach has interesting rock formations and outcroppings.
    • Get a boat tour or go scuba diving in Cape Drastis.


Chania has got a Venetian port that perfectly captures that old town spirit that much of Europe is famed for. At its outer edge is a lighthouse that has stood the test of time since the days of King Minos.

You can even explore the entire naval history of Crete in Chania.

  • Top Attractions
    • The old Venetian port of Chania is the perfect old town.
    • The lighthouse of Chania is a relic of ancient Greece.
    • Crete’s entire naval history can be experienced at the Museum of Crete.


Skyros has got a great name and an even better shoreline. The waves here are surprisingly varied, acting as a secret treasure for any lucky surfer to discover. Much of what makes this place enchanting is its atmosphere.

Skyros perfectly captures the Greek spirit and its historical beauty. Nothing else like it in all of Europe. I’d recommend taking a dive into its waters.

  • Top Attractions
    • Aspous Beach is one of the best-kept secrets of these beautiful islands.
    • Go diving and experience another side of the best beaches in Europe.
    • Paralia Pefkos is a beach with plenty of greenery and scenery.


You’ve probably heard of Olympia before. However, did you know that its Olympia stadium can be explored? Tourists can walk near the very tracks and grounds that ancient Olympians competed on. Being able to traverse on such historic grounds is Olympia’s biggest attraction.

For your children, the Archeological Museum of Olympia offers interactive exhibits.

  • Top Attractions
    • Olympia stadium held many ancient athletic contests and battles.
    • Plenty of interactive exhibits at the Archeological Museum of Olympia.
    • The Temple of Zeus is an iconic religious site of the Greek islands.


Skiathos is worth the visit for Lalaria beach alone. The worst thing about beaches is how crowded they can get. Lalaria beach solves this problem by being accessible only by boat. How much more quaint can you get than that?

Skiathos is itself an outcropping, defiantly jutting out to sea. To go with this rebellious attitude is a vibrant nightlife upheld by many clubs and bars.

  • Top Attractions
    • The wonderful Lalaria Beach can only be accessed by boat.
    • Koukounaries Beach has plenty of bars and places to visit near it.
    • Ginfish overlooks a wonderful horizon filled with sea and majestic sunsets.


This location isn’t an island but rather an entire archaeological site. There’s enough here to explore to keep you busy for weeks on end. It should go without saying that Mycenae is the top location for archeologists and those such inclined.

Delphi is an ancient site within Mycenae that is the home ground for the temple of Apollo. Yet another stunning artifact of a world that has long been gone. Mycenae is a time capsule that perfectly captures everyday life in the ancient world.

  • Top Attractions
    • Visit Delphi, the ancient site and housing grounds of the temple of Apollo.
    • Mycenae, as a whole, is an archaeological site with much to explore.
    • The nearby archaeological museum of Mycenae is filled with memorable displays.

My Final Thoughts

From traditional villages to historic sites, it is astounding what the Greek islands hold within them. Consider what you like; this includes your interests and hobbies. Then consult the list above for a location that caters to your specific interests. I guarantee that they’ll be a place for you.

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