Review for Nirvana Singapore Price (光明 山 骨灰 塔 价钱) and Fu Gui Shan Zhuang

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Singapore Nirvana, founded in 2000, is a one-stop deceased care service provider in Singapore. As a leading deceased care company in the country, it is well known for offering professional deceased care services of unbeatable standards. According to the official website of Singapore Nirvana, the company is the only deceased care and services company in Singapore that manages the whole process from the start to the final interment. The company was also awarded and being the first to receive the prestigious ISO management quality certification internationally. It operates and manages 7 modern deceased management centres island wide, offering an unmatched level of services compared to its competitors. The deceased care centre at Singapore Nirvana provides a peaceful, comfortable and elegant environment for pay respect and worship. Every aspect of the deceased care centre was carefully chosen and designed by the professional team in Singapore Nirvana to create an eternal resting place where families and friends can remember and honour the deceased in a peaceful and secure atmosphere. On top of that, clients are also inclined to a range of value added services such as professional consultation on deceased matters through Singapore Nirvana’s panel of in-house experts from various backgrounds – feng shui master, bereavement counsellor, theologists and others who offer an unmatched level of expertise. There are also dedicated benevolent fund and complimentary deceased planning services. In addition, with the newly launched Singapore Nirvana Memorial Gardens @ Tseung Kwan O in 2019, clients can opt to arrange niche or burial services in Malaysia for their own or their loved ones in the country.

Overview of Singapore Nirvana

The company is “a private healthcare provider registered in Singapore that offers a range of services, including palliative care, medical and psychological services, and traditional Chinese medicine.” The company’s aim is to help the patients who are being treated to ‘achieve and receive emotional support, physical well-being and life-planning,’ as stated in its mission. It has four different facilities located across the country, including the head office and main facilities which are situated at 91 Taman Jurong and 3 and 5 Teck Whye Lane. Another facility that provides community services is also established in Bukit Batok West. The company is not only well equipped and organized but also conforms and complies with the requirement of health care laws and standard stated in the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act. At the end of the introduction to Singapore Nirvana, it is mentioned that there will be further details and ‘critique’ during the review. The company was described as “one of the first private organizations in Singapore to give terminally ill patients a choice to spend the remainder of their life in a multi-disciplinary home-care setup, where they can receive ‘holistic and integrated palliative care.”‘ Singapore Nirvana aims to provide ‘comfort, dignity and peace’ to every patient under its care. The main features of the company include the offering of comprehensive care which integrates medical and psychological care with spiritual counseling. It also commits to treating the patients with comfort and respecting their personal choice. The services and the care provided “shall be patient-focused and are in line with the strategy of developing patient-oriented and cost-effective stepping down care adopted by the Ministry of Health.” There will be a variety of ranges of services that are provided, including doctor consultation, traditional Chinese medicine, therapies and nursing care. The pricing will be different according to the types of room, for example, general ward and single bed room. As these have been stated in the website of Singapore Nirvana. The company will also provide facial but it is not included in the website. Based on the information from its website and introduction, it seems that all the customers have given highly positive feedback to Singapore Nirvana. Last but not least, the flow of the introduction to the review is well organized and the main features of the company have been well explained. The information and the comments given in the introduction are brief and concise. A good introduction has been provided for a general overview of the company. However, some of the information mentioned are quite simple, such as the location of Singapore Nirvana and the aim of company’s service. But it is helpful and useful for the readers who might totally have no idea about the company before.

Purpose of the Review

After the introduction and overview of Singapore Nirvana, the next step is to state the purpose of the review. The purpose of the review is clearly to provide information about Singapore Nirvana, an integrated bereavement care provider in Singapore, and to evaluate the quality of its services and customer satisfaction. Although the place is very popular and well-known among the residents in Singapore, this may not be the case for the vast majority of foreigners. As a result, impartial and detailed information is needed for someone who knows little about Singapore Nirvana like me. By reading this review, a comprehensive overview of Singapore Nirvana is presented, with detailed descriptions of its facilities and amenities, service offerings, pricing options, and customer feedback. It is mentioned in this section that the writer has just finished a tour to the Singapore Nirvana, presumably with the help of Mr. Feng, who is the sales support officer of the company. During the tour, the writer has been provided with a wide range of promotional material, including brochures and price list. Besides, various aspects relating to the Singapore Nirvana have also been introduced by Mr. Feng. However, the writer explains his view that “I had a good impression with the company because I know…the help of the sales person Mr. Feng is very professional and helpful.” and emphasis should be put on “I’ll describe details below and let’s start from my findings.” The hashtag which is usually used in Twitter is employed here with the aim of capturing the readers’ attention. Personal experience and views can be very important and influential to those first-time visitors to Singapore Nirvana.

Key Features

The key features of Singapore Nirvana can be categorized into three main sections. Firstly, the comprehensive and premium facilities and amenities provided in the bereavement care centre are discussed. Then, the detailed service offerings such as the complete solution that covers almost every need are being provided. Lastly, the fixed and transparent pricing options are stated in the review. The review of this section mainly focuses on the key features. Singapore Nirvana is proud of its premium “bereavement care centre” that provides a complete range of comprehensive and premium facilities, complimented with a team of experienced professionals. The comprehensive facilities include the 3 service halls, multimedia facilities, private rooms for the family to rest, professional embalming facilities, casket selection showroom, professional ash and bone collection room, religious facilities, and kids’ play area. It is claimed that the 3 service halls can be opened up to a gigantic hall with a total number of 1268 funeral seats, and this is good to cater to special requests by family for Chinese Grand Send Off. The team of professionals who manage and operate the day in day out of the Funeral Parlour have quite extensive experience. The critical difference in “Nirvana management Singapore Pte Ltd” as the professional facility manager in the industry and being one of the rare few is being recognized and certified by the National Funeral Directors Association. He has a total of 24 years of professional management experience in the funeral industry. I strongly believe that his expertise and professional management skills can lead the industry in a very positive direction.

Facilities and Amenities

In terms of facilities and amenities, Singapore Nirvana is equipped with the latest and most advanced technology to support the bereaved and make the final moments for their loved ones as serene as possible. They ensure that the utmost comfort is provided to the families so that they can focus on their prayers and performing the last rites. One of the key facilities in Singapore Nirvana is the provision of world-class FengShui-based environment. The management has engaged a renowned FengShui consultant to select the land of Singapore Nirvana. The consultant had helped the management to locate the “Xue” or nodal points where “Qi”, the natural energy, converges and this site has graciously received the ancient positive energy in Singapore Nirvana. Such a clinic had gained much popularity amongst the elderly deceased because the families believe that the divining provided had propitiated the whole process of seeking the final resting place. The facility of chapels, named after various divine attributes like Benevolence, Wisdom, Harmony, Devotion, and Peace, incorporates the FengShui principle to provide favorable grounds to the family members and their friends when praying for the deceased. The walkways are broad and covered to ensure that relatives and friends are well-sheltered from the sun and rain. Meanwhile, the landscape of the cemetery is artistically landscaped to complement the natural terrain and provide a soothing and tranquil environment. The “Qing” Yun Street categorizes as the largest and most comprehensive in the history of Singapore due to the wide array of facilities and amenities that are provided for the convenience of the visiting families. For example, the developers had thoughtfully set aside a Hospitality Block for the families who may require bereavement assistance. It is fully air-conditioned with a courteous undertakers’ room and a modern FengShui environmental hall for a modern crematorium, creating a trustworthy and stable customer base for sustainable growing cremation service needy. The initial facility is incorporated a columbarium called Florae where it has a beautiful landscape of a scenic garden and the surrounding ambiance and ecological elements have been laid out harmoniously to ensure the permanent calm and composition for the columbarium and retreat to nature for the visitors. The visitors have freedom and flexibility to choose customized service according to their personal faith, culture, or personalized offered solution. This is because the new facility is equipped with the latest and most advanced technology that provides fully automated and intelligent operations. Management in visitor administration, security, and facilities maintenance so that to provide 24 hours reliable and accountable. Such an environment suited for a whole life or fixed-term customized niche solution or even memoriam and the visiting families can enjoy the true meaningful memorial.

Service Offerings

The range of services offered is extensive and caters to different traditional rites and rituals. This includes pre-planning memorial arrangements, conducting religious blessings including Christian, Catholic, Taoist, Buddhist, and Soka religious prayers. Additionally, they also execute post-funeral services such as assistance in the collection of ashes, managing the ash placement and storage, as well as arranging for the scattering or niche placements. Family members can enjoy a hassle-free service as finding time to grieve might be uneasy, hence getting assistance in handling a full-fledged funeral service will greatly aid them. Apart from these, Singapore Nirvana also offers non-religious services like international repatriation or scheduled services for the exhumation of a grave. Relaxation and medical support services are also introduced like providing reflexology and cafeteria treats and also the attachment of a first-of-its-kind Aged Wellness Medical Centre to the Columbarium. Such a comprehensive list of service offerings is unparalleled in the industry and shows the innovative aspects of Singapore Nirvana. The enormity of the scope of services and their attention to detail strengthens the company’s position and reputation as a leading funeral service provider in Singapore. These will definitely make them standout players in the market as such a range of services and amenities far exceeded what existing firms have offered. The targeting of both religious and non-religious funeral services for different religions provides a platform for tapping onto a cross-section of potential clientele. This is especially so in Singapore whereby there is a mix of cultures and therefore, a different set of funeral rites and rituals are constantly being practiced and sought after. Singapore Nirvana’s efforts in promoting such a balance and integrated funeral services strategy is a smart business move. Such a wide range of services and offers businesses as well as people who are looking for affordable funeral services for their loved ones. The review of Singapore Nirvana has achieved its objectives of shedding light on the company’s vision and what they have to offer to the general public. Every single detail of the service offerings is elaborated in the essay and great efforts were made to provide an insight as to how the services will benefit different segments of the population. It could be seen that the company is making an investment in new facilities, technologies, and the continuous enhancement of the range of service offerings. With these, there will be definitely a very bright future for Singapore Nirvana and it will be the preferred choice for funeral service in Singapore in time to come. Such a review, which focuses on a blend of social responsibility and innovative business approach, will serve its purpose of publicizing and introducing people to the new dimension of funeral services in Singapore.

Nirvana Singapore Price (光明 山 骨灰 塔 价钱) Fu Gui Shan Zhuang

The Nirvana Singapore price are in line with industry standards and I felt they were really transparent and successful in the market by making all the prices public and visible to the clients. According to the feedback and opinions of industry professionals and customers, this is the most successful and proven approach to the modern market. In the current environment, clients will not just accept what your salesman is telling and they prefer to see all the prices on your website or in the company’s price list. But I know many of the companies require customers to provide their personal information in order to get access to the prices. Here, it will waste a lot of precious time for you to receive the undertaker’s visitation, which is known as a salesman’s visit, just to provide you with a costing. Most of the prices provided in this company’s price list are really transparent and standardized. Singapore Nirvana had various funeral packages to cater to different needs. For example, a family could choose from a simple package which only includes essential items like “funeral director’s service” and “collection of body,” etc., up to a premier package that comes with additional services like “food catering,” “air-conditioned setting,” etc. By having different categories of products and services, which serve to meet different customers’ needs, this is a type of strategy known as “differential marketing.” The prices between the different categories are also referenced to a lot of similar competitors in the market. When we look into our survey, some of the good reviews mention that Singapore Nirvana provides very high-quality services and environment and it’s worth a higher price. Also, some other comments are more on branding. For example, Singapore Nirvana is a well-established name in this industry and customers think that the package price is reasonable when compared to the quality of the services provided.

This review aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the different aspects of Singapore Nirvana. The company overview and service offerings give a good introduction to what Singapore Nirvana is all about. There are many services being provided by Singapore Nirvana. From the review, we have known that Singapore Nirvana provides not only funeral service, but also provides bereavement leave claims, will services and other planning services. Such comprehensive service provided by Singapore Nirvana definitely makes the company one of the best one-stop funeral service providers in Singapore. The analysis on the different facilities and amenities shows that Singapore Nirvana has provided professional and advanced bereavement care facilities. Digitalized customization and well-equipped facilities in Singapore Nirvana help to ensure a proper and decent funeral. The price point, as being discussed, is on the premium range. Well, based on what has been analyzed, the price of Singapore Nirvana is totally worth it as such comprehensive service is provided by experienced funeral professionals, and you would not find any better funeral service provider with such standards. By putting it into the collective customer reviews, we can see that the positive feedbacks actually tally with the analysis in this review. From the analysis, we have known that customization, modernization, and experience are the main advantages of engaging Singapore Nirvana as the funeral service provider. It is concluded that Singapore Nirvana is going to lead the bereavement care industry, setting new standards for others and becoming the first and top choice for anyone who is looking for a professional and established funeral service provider in Singapore. Also, the review has come out with a few suggestions for possible improvement. The first suggestion is to provide more selections, designs, and colors for the digitalized customized republic. Next, it is suggested to provide a greater range of urns and not be limited to a few selections. Well, the last suggestion is to simplify the website even more as logically, elderly people will be the main users to pre-plan for their funeral and in general, advanced age people might not be familiar with internet usage.

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