All The Information You Need About Spinal Manipulation

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Those who love spinal manipulation claim that it can pretty much solve anything. 

Spinal manipulation is when you move joints alongside things like massage and physical therapy and is intended to relieve pressure on joints, reduce inflammation and improve overall nerve and body function. It can be used to treat bodily pain, headaches and other issues. 

Most often spinal manipulation is used in Western medicine and is performed most often by chiropractors and has been around for centuries, mentioned in Greece by the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates and in ancient Chinese texts as well. Now, you can find spinal manipulation at the leading chiropractor in Singapore. 

When Did It Become Popular?

Spinal manipulation as it exists today can trace its roots to 19th-century America. After the death of his children, doctor Andrew Taylor Still developed the theory that illness can be caused by displaced bones and muscles which interfere with the body’s circulatory system. So spinal manipulation worked as a drug-free, holistic method to correct body imbalances. 

From here Daniel David Palmer built upon this to round out the theories of spinal misalignments and his ideas formed the basis of modern chiropractic measurements. 

What Does Spinal Manipulation Involve?

There are so many types of spinal adjustments chiropractors use today. Some use force and twisting, known as spinal manipulation (this is the form that went viral), and the gentler spinal mobilisation. Alongside this, chiropractors use ice and heat therapy, traction devices that stretch the spine, electric stimulation and ultrasound for deep tissues.

In spinal manipulation, chiropractors use their hands to apply a controlled force to specific joints, and this can lead to a cracking sound, which is similar to cracking your knuckles. On the other hand, spinal mobilisation includes more stretching, sometimes using a small metal tool to apply force to a specific vertebra. 

Does It Really Work? 

It’s hard for studies to track the benefits of spinal manipulation as it isn’t controlled enough to allow for full study. But, when you speak to those who have previously seen a chiropractor, many will tell you that what they do goes beyond just spinal manipulation, they also give advice on lifestyle changes that can be made for overall better health and often people return for a set amount of sessions to manage pain that may be chronic, instead of miraculously removing it. 

Is It Safe to Do?

Spinal adjustments are not something you should just try at home. The best-trained chiropractors are the only people you should see for spinal manipulation. If it’s done badly, you can end up with compressed nerves, herniated disks or even strokes after neck manipulation. 

People at high risk of stroke, those who have spinal cancer, and people with severe osteoporosis and unstable spines should avoid going to a chiropractor, or if they do, they should disclose these issues upfront.

Where Should You Go?

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