Ask These Questions to Get the Best Deal on Singapore Travel Insurance

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One of the more pressing items on your pre-travel checklist is probably travel insurance. You may be putting it off, because it is a chore to find best price overall, but seeing as it’s a non-negotiable, let’s look at some quick questions to have ready to start comparing prices. 

1.     Where are you going and is it peak time?

When you go to book travel insurance, you’ll notice that it’s broken up into three common categories and this includes domestic insurance, international insurance, and multi-trip insurance. All of this is important as the countries you’re going to and whether it’s on or off-peak time are all factors that insurance companies will use to double-check the level of risk posed when you go abroad.

2.     What are you planning on doing?

Well before you sign up for insurance, you’re going to want to have some idea of what type of activities you want to do when you’re traveling. Some people are sightseers and others would prefer to do more intense activities such as snow activities and extreme sports. The more intense activities will be an add-on to your basic insurance and should be factored into your costs. 

3.     What’s your budget?

We all know holidays aren’t cheap, and when you look into travel insurance you can feel like there’s not a lot of wiggle room in terms of budget, but when you take the time to compare, you may be able to find something that fits inside your budget. So know how much you’re willing to spend on insurance beforehand to avoid having traveler’s remorse after you’ve booked.

4.     What isn’t covered by travel insurance?

Lots of activities, COVID-19-related conditions, and some extreme sports are not included in travel insurance policies, so double-check the exclusions to make sure it’s not something you actually need for your peace of mind and safety.

5.     Where do you get good deals?

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