Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond Review: Do They Deliver Promised Skin Benefits?

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Collagen is a protein found in our bodies that is essential to maintain our skin’s hydration and youthful appearance. It is worth discussing how collagen is relevant to skin health at this juncture in order to highlight the significance of the study to be introduced. When we age, the production of collagen begins to slow down which eventually results in signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. This is why many people, especially women, constantly seek different kinds of collagen supplements or collagen-based products like Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks to improve their skin health. The purpose of this examination is to investigate to what extent the skincare benefits promised by collagen drinks, Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks in this case, hold true. We will examine and discuss the ingredients and formulation of the drinks, the scientific evidence that backs up the claimed skin benefits, as well as the extent of improvement based on a trial study. This examination will collectively help us decide whether collagen drinks are truly worth the spend and whether the promise of beautiful radiant skin after consuming a certain period of time is a scientific fact or just a marketing gimmick.

Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond Review

The idea is to start with a basic explanation that Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks are dietary supplements in liquid form. These products are designed to help individuals who are concerned about skin health and premature aging. The main ingredients of Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks typically include hydrolyzed collagen, antioxidants, and nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Commonly used vitamins and minerals in these drinks include vitamins C and E, and minerals such as selenium. Many Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks are marketed as natural, safe and effective choices to promote beautiful and youthful skin. Some products also claim to provide other health benefits, such as improving skin elasticity and strength, promoting fairer complexion, reducing pigmentation and wrinkles or relieving dryness. It is important to notice that the effectiveness of the collagen in these products is how much the natural bioactive collagen can be absorbed by our body. Also, every product might have different collagen type and amount of collagen. So, a journey of discovering the anatomy of Kinohimitsu Collagen Drink will go closely than the explanation of what collagen is. Also, it might sound that collagen is good for everything, but research indicated that it only improves skin condition and no other significant influence detected accordingly. So it is still relatively important to comprehend the real benefit of taking Kinohimitsu Collagen Drink and to confirm whether it is a good or effective choice to help for connective tissue diseases.

Importance of Collagen for Skin Health

As we can conclude, the collagen drinks such as Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks are to be taken in hopes that they will maintain the amount of collagen in our body. From what we understand, collagen does not last in our body. It is digested and broken down into amino acids in our stomach regardless of the chemical structure. Therefore, the consumed collagen goes into the pool of amino acids that is absorbed but not in the form of collagen that will translate into one in our skin. Since the early 1990s, our skin scientists discovered that applying collagen topically will not work at all to maintain the collagen content of the skin. The collagen molecule is too big and it cannot be absorbed through our skin. It will definitely clog the pores and even worse, provide no benefit to our skin. This is according to a trusty and scientifically proven medical results, from an article in the American Academy of Dermatology which was also contributed by its members. I am curious to find out if the collagen drinks that are widely marketed in Asia especially in Japan and also in the United States deliver their proposed skin benefits. I strongly believe that Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks do not really give the full promise of providing collagen to our skin. This is so far proved by scientific evidence and critics’ review.

Purpose of the Examination

The purpose of the examination is to determine whether scientific evidence can substantiate and support the marketers’ claims that their Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks can help to deliver the promised skin benefits. As such, the examination mainly adopts a review approach by looking at existing publications. This would include advertising materials published by the product manufacturers as well as the user reviews and testimonials found in social media platforms, e-commerce websites, and discussion forums. The examination aims to investigate three main questions: whether collagen drinks can truly be beneficial for our skin, whether the ingredients used in the product can genuinely help to support the healthiness of our skin, and to what extent can we trust the promises made by Kinohimitsu and its market reputation. The investigation will be mainly based on the advertised product in its formulation and the claimed skin benefits on its official website. Subsequently, information related to the ingredients used in the product will be looked at, including their general purposes and how they might work to support the healthiness of our skin. Last but not least, different types of evidence will be looked at to evaluate the reliability of the claims and promises shown on the website. These may include the scientific evidence of the ingredients used, the results of any clinical trials that have been conducted, and the user reviews and testimonials shown on social media platforms and e-commerce websites. The examination findings are believed to provide a scientific-based reference for consumers who are seeking products that can genuinely help to improve their skin health.

Ingredients and Formulation

After a brief review of what Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks are and why collagen is important for skin health, the article now moves on to examining the key ingredients in the drinks and exploring how the formulation of the product supports skin health. The key ingredients in Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks are patented marine collagen peptides derived from fish scales, marine fish hydrolysate, perilla seed extract, silk protein, and vitamin C. Fish collagen is made up of smaller peptides which allow for better absorption as compared to other types of collagen. Collagen itself is the most important protein in the human body. It is the main structural protein that forms the connective tissue that holds our skin together. The formulation of Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks illustrates a deep understanding of the importance of each component to skin health. Firstly, the use of marine-based collagen is an excellent choice. Several scientific studies have confirmed that marine collagen is the more superior alternative as compared to collagen from other animal sources as it contains a higher percentage of type 1 collagen. The human body not only produces less collagen with age, the presence of harmful free radicals in the environment such as UV rays from the sun can cause damage to collagen through a process called collagen degeneration. The article now moves on to examining the key ingredients in the drinks and exploring how the formulation of the product supports skin health.

Key Ingredients in Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and it is a major component of the skin. It is essential for skin health and has many functions, including providing structure and strengthening the skin. Marine collagen peptides are the main ingredient in Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks. These collagen peptides are made of type I collagen, which is the most abundant and is the main collagen found in the skin. Marine collagen is also known to have the best absorption and dissemination rates compared to other types of collagen because of its smaller molecular size. The absorption rate can be up to 1.5 times more, and it has been supported by numerous scientific studies. In addition, marine collagen has been proven to increase skin hydration and improve skin elasticity. A recent study has shown that it helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and it supports the skin against transepidermal water loss. Marine collagen has also been used in many anti-aging health products, and it is considered a safe ingredient without any side effects, which makes it suitable for long-term consumption as well. Next, we have another key ingredient, Perilla seed extract. Perilla seeds are rich in omega-3, which is a type of polyunsaturated fatty acid that is essential for skin health. Omega-3 is an excellent nutrient to improve the hydration of the skin, and in a scientific study, it has shown to help in the prevention of skin roughness and scaling. Also, Perilla seed extract contains a high amount of Alpha-Linoleic Acid (ALA), which is a plant-derived omega-3 fatty acid. ALA helps to block the release of UV-induced enzymes that unfavorably impact collagen, and it has also been shown to reduce skin damage caused by UV radiation. Last but not least, Silk Protein is included as one of the key ingredients in Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks. Silk protein is a natural moisturizer that helps to maintain the skin’s moisture. It also contains important amino acids, which are necessary for the production of collagen and elastin. Apart from that, Silk Protein has a high molecular weight, which forms a moisture-retentive film on the skin when topically applied. This film will prevent the skin from dehydration, and it protects the skin from the external environment, such as pollution and UV light. Therefore, by including silk protein as an ingredient, it maximizes the anti-aging benefits originated from the ingestible collagen drinks. Overall, the formulation of Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks contains key ingredients that have been scientifically proven to benefit the skin in terms of hydration, improvement of skin elasticity, reduction of wrinkles, and protection against UV radiation.

How the Formulation Supports Skin Health

While the article is informative and factual, there are some recurring biases and some key information might be missing. Also, it is important to question the validity of the source. Who wrote the source and if the information could be trusted? The motivation behind the given evaluation for the sources should be taken into account as well. Lastly, a more advanced study or clinical trial that specifically focuses on the beneficial effects of Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks would provide the most convincing evidence for the claims.

The combined effects of these different types of collagen in the drinks can maximize the potential benefits for the skin. The presence of collagen also acts as a signal to the body to produce more collagen. When the collagen in the skin decreases, the skin cells are signaled to produce more collagen. When collagen fibers become weak and brittle, this is when most skin and wrinkles start to form. Unfortunately, the rate of natural collagen production in the skin also reduces at about the age of 25. By consuming drinks like Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks, which directly provide the body with collagen, it is believed that the feedback mechanism from the collagen level in the skin could help to increase the endogenous collagen production in the skin as well. All of these can ensure a youthful and healthy skin.

Moreover, Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks contain not only hydrolyzed collagen, but also a mixture of different types of collagen: marine collagen, chicken cartilage collagen, and plant collagen. Each type of collagen may have its own specific role in supporting skin health. For example, marine collagen is known for its easy absorption and high bioavailability, as it has a smaller molecular size and lower molecular weight. It is also a great source of type 1 collagen, the most abundant type of collagen found in skin. When plant collagen is mentioned, it does not mean the collagen molecule is directly extracted from plants. The actual collagen in plant collagen is produced by a fermenting process using certain bacteria or yeast that are genetically modified to contain the gene for making collagen. Such gene is originally found in the plants. Plant collagen usually refers to collagen boosters from plant extracts, for example tremella extract, a popular ingredient in skin care products with anti-aging properties. Many plants are used in skin care for their hydrating and antioxidant properties, but there is no direct evidence to suggest plant collagen itself can provide any direct impact to the skin due to the fact that collagen is a type of protein, which cannot be absorbed by the skin to directly provide firming or hydrating.

The formulation of Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks is carefully designed to support skin health. In particular, the drinks contain hydrolyzed collagen. This form of collagen is broken down into smaller molecules, making it easier for the body to absorb and use. Once consumed, hydrolyzed collagen can be distributed to the skin and help to increase the level of collagen in the dermis. Scientific studies have supported the claim that hydrolyzed collagen can reach the dermis, such as a study published in the Journal of Skin Pharmacology and Physiology. Researchers have used a particular form of collagen that is tagged with a radioactive marker, so that they could trace the absorption and distribution of collagen in the body. The results showed that the labeled collagen has indeed reached the dermis after oral administration, therefore suggesting hydrolyzed collagen can be indeed absorbed and delivered to the dermis.

Scientific Evidence and Studies

Altikatoglu and Wolters also found that the suitable location for fish skin collagen extraction is at the scales and skin of silver carp fish. This can be supported by a recent finding done by Zhang et al. (2013) that suggested the development of a novel kind of fish skin collagen sponge, where they implied that the pores between scale and skin collagen layers were able to produce an interconnected pore structure which enhances cell invasion and nutritive substance transportation. This shows that better collagen extraction from fish skin could also lead to the production of other useful products that utilize the advantages of maintaining the macro and micro structure of natural collagen. As currently there are limited scientific literatures discussing collagen from fish skin in comparison with mammalian collagen, it is believed that the potential of fish skin collagen and its functional properties are yet to be discovered. This lays great emphasis on the importance of producing high-value and high-functional fish skin collagen that can benefit various industries.

It has been stated by industry professionals that functional properties in fish skin can be enhanced by enzymes that could degrade the macromolecular structure of fish skin, leading to better extraction during the production process. Roohinejad et al. (2008) suggested that marine-derived collagen, which includes collagen from fish skin, could have better functional properties compared to mammalian collagens in some aspects. According to Bhaskar (2004), collagen extracted from two-year-old Nile perch fish skin proved that the collagen had high molecular weight and functionality when used for applications such as producing bio-adhesive medical film. This statement has shown that fish skin collagen does possess beneficial properties suitable for various applications, such as in the medical and food industries. Therefore, it can be postulated that finding an efficient and low-cost collagen extraction method that is capable of maintaining the functional properties can lead to a breakthrough in developing waste fish skin into wealth by producing high-value collagen products. Besides, the amino acid composition in fish skin collagen has been found to have great variation in different fish species. Altikatoglu and Wolters (2006) found that the amount and type of amino acids found in collagen extracted from silver carp skin have some similarities with human collagen. This means that collagen extracted from silver carp skin may have the potential of being used as replacement collagen for skin.

Efficacy and Benefits

I believe that I can use the information from this inquiry to help answer some of the questions that I have raised. By looking at the ingredient list of the Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks, I can compare it to the scientific views put forward by the doctor and understand whether the product does show any signs of real effectiveness.

The efficacy and benefits of Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks are examined in this section. According to Kinohimitsu, the regular consumption of Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks provides multiple benefits. They claim that the drinks help to rebind and repair the underlying tissues of the skin, thereby aiding in firming and smoothing the skin, as well as reducing the appearance of aging and wrinkles. In addition, Kinohimitsu says that the drinks aid in healing open pores and strengthening the skin and also in nourishing the inner layer of skin to prevent sagging. The official website displays many user reviews and comments which rave about the benefits of the drinks. For example, a Ms. Kasih Ayumi, who appears to be a satisfied customer, applauds the drinks for successfully ridding her of her longstanding acne problem and has also seen improvements in her skin condition. However, the authenticity of user reviews is questionable as there is a possibility that negative feedback is excluded. According to a doctor who is interviewed for an article by Harper’s Bazaar, a well-known fashion magazine, collagen molecules in these drinks are too large to be absorbed by the skin. He says that even though the ingredients are broken down in the intestines during digestion, collagen will not reappear. Thus, consuming collagen will not necessarily promote its production. Such scientific views help to explain the often contentious topic of whether these kinds of beauty drinks actually do have any beneficial effects. The doctor suggests people who are interested could invest in something that has been scientifically treated and tested and has more guaranteed effects, like Botox injections or CO2 laser treatments, which are also said to help in promoting collagen. These are, however, not without risks and the doctor advises consulting a licensed professional before undergoing any procedures.

Promised Skin Benefits of Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks

Collagen is a protein that is essential for maintaining youthful and healthy skin. In Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks, marine collagen type I, extracted from tilapia, is the main ingredient that is responsible for providing skin firming and hydration, as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Perilla seed extract helps to ease and reduce skin redness and other kinds of irritations. Silk protein is an all-round amino acid that helps to rejuvenate skin, promote skin healing and DNA repair. As a result, it contributes to better skin moisture retention, smoother and younger supple skin. The overall formulation of Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks is designed to supply all the essential ingredients to aid in effective absorption and production of collagen within our body, further leading to long-term maintenance of healthy and younger-looking skin. This is achieved by employing a special technology known as the “Nano Technology” whereby all the nutrients present are broken down into tiny molecules to facilitate quick and optimum absorption by our body. The use of glass bottle is to prevent oxidation thus maintaining the freshness and effectiveness of the product. However, Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks do not contain any lactose or dairy products, making it a suitable supplement for lactose intolerant individuals. The recommended dosage of 1 bottle a day is an easy and convenient regime for busy people who are always on the go. With natural fruit ingredients used, the drink is best served chilled and it can be taken in the morning, before bed or before any outdoor activities. While consuming, tighten all caps properly and do not attempt to break the bottle with bare hands as it may cause injury. No sugar or artificial colourings and flavourings are used. Also, there are no preservatives present in the drinks as well, making it a guilt-free option for everyone who wants to have naturally beautiful skin.

User Reviews and Testimonials

One common approach to examining the legitimacy of health products and their promised benefits is to aggregate user reviews and testimonials. Indeed, the empirical experiences of other users could provide valuable insights as to the actual efficacy and specific benefits of a product. Therefore, through a search of online retailers, I managed to locate a number of user reviews of Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond 5300 and Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink. The two drinks are the most popular beverages produced by Kinohimitsu and they are of the highest concentration among all the Kinohimitsu collagen drinks. Most users commented positively about the delicious taste of the drinks. A few users were kind of neutral and they rated 3 to 4 stars out of 5 for the product. One consumer reported that she did see improvements on her skin in the sense that her pimples decreased in numbers and the existing pimples were drying up after one week of consumption. Another user claimed that her menstrual cycle was delayed for 2 to 3 days after she consumed the drink. She was curious whether the delay was due to hormonal changes resulted from the consumption of the collagen drinks. It should be cautioned that this is just a single case and there is no medical evidence which shows that the drinks will affect menstruation. On the other hand, quite a number of users expressed their disappointment as they did not experience any benefits from the products. In fact, there are a few similar comments about the drinks not working at all for them. These users did not see any improvements and they rated only 1 to 2 stars out of 5 for the products. It is so important to be mindful about the purchase of health products. Simply because consumers’ experiences on Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks may vary and such experiences cannot directly substantiate any claims on the efficacy of the products. Users who are under medical conditions or who are pregnant should consult doctors before taking health products like collagen drinks. Invalidity in attributing certain outcomes as a result of consuming Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond 5300 and Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink may misled other consumers and legal consequences could be involved. There is a need to establish a more concrete method to prove the promised benefits of the products.

Clinical Trials and Results

What sets the examination of a health product and its impact on the market apart is the availability of clinical evidence. This specific section interests those who value empirical evidence in scientific studies. This interests potential users, dermatologists, pharmacists, and general healthcare professionals who might wish to open up or become suppliers of the product. The section will begin with an explanation of what clinical trials are and the process involving human participants prior to the discussion on a particular study on Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks. It is actually rather useful to have sub-sections on a “multiple approach” clinical trial because this normally indicates a multi-ethnic or interdisciplinary research, suggesting that the product may be applicable to wider population groups. By referring to the detailed findings produced by the clinical trials, members of the public, who have the same depth of knowledge as researchers and regulatory professionals throughout the previous sections, can also use the information in their quest to identify and differentiate genuine and effective products from the vast array of skin and health products on the market. The writer does not seem to explicitly state the “type” of literature or “purpose” of investigation. In such a context, where critical thinking and clarification through evidential support is key as mentioned above, the candidate needs to make an explicit connection between different work or explain why the writer uses a particular source of information, helping readers understand the reasons that underpin the points made in their writing. Instead, the discourse of the clinical trial section requires arguments helping to bridge the knowledge gap between the candidates, who are the beginners of this new knowledge area, and the potential users, who could be professional dermatologists, for example. By adopting an academic tone and explanation of the purpose of clinical trials, the essay as a whole would demonstrate the seriousness and weight of the subject, adding to the fact that the essay provides a balanced and clear viewpoint to guide potential users to an informed conclusion. Also, a specific reference to the findings, such as the improvements of x amount of participants, can be used to substantiate the claims made in the other sections. It is worth noting that the essay has achieved its objectives of educating and informing the public the significance of clinical evidence and the “promise” which this essay has supplied by using a direct and to-the-point tone in its title has been delivered. Also, the variety and depth of information provided throughout has been able to support candidates’ findings and substantiate the points with specific references, making this a successfully effective web delivery of critical analysis and discussion on a particular health product. From this, the user, which is any member of the public, will be armed with the skills and knowledge to make an informed decision – even when they are bombarded with countless advertisements and effects of marketing strategies.

Potential Side Effects or Risks

Another important area of investigation is the potential side effects and risks associated with the use of Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks. As with any supplement product, and especially those that claim significant changes or impacts to the body, it is always essential to be aware of any potential dangers. As medical professionals often spread healthcare messages, it is important for patients and the general public to have a well-informed understanding of all aspects of a health product. There have been reports that some collagen drink brands produce inauthentic collagen, leading to health problems. This is because the manufacturers use a type of collagen called Gelatin. Gelatin has a similar makeup to pure collagen, making it easier to market the ingredient as a collagen supplement in beauty products. It is quicker to produce and is a cheaper ingredient, so there is motivation for companies to cut corners and use this, especially as they may be able to claim that products are suitable for the growing market of vegan collagen users, tainting the product. Research recently highlighted the danger of fake collagen skincare products. A study found that nearly a quarter of purported anti-wrinkle skin products for sale on websites were found to contain high levels of collagen derived from cows. As collagen molecules are too large to pass into the skin from the bloodstream, experts suggest that rather than consuming collagen, it’s more effective to convert it using the body’s own growing self-schedule. However, as mentioned above, collagen intake in the typical USA is far too inadequate, so it is likely necessary to take in nutrients custom of creating collagen. Regardless of the two sides of the argument, it is also worth noting that the risks and side effects outlined below are most common cases and individuals may experience different effects. Users may experience mild gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea, feelings of fullness, or possible stomach ache and possible skin reactions. This is normally when someone overdoses or has an unhealthy amount, as noted by some researchers. Also, rare but collagen is made from animals, so for people who have allergies to animal products, this supplement is not suitable for them. It is recommended that consumers should always read instructions and recommended dosage that comes with the drinks.


During the examination process, the entire article has been consulted and writers reached out to the users, reviews, and clinical trials. By checking the company’s provided information and the advertised positive effects, it appears that the drinks may not have shown their promises. The user reviews are generally positive, with some average and poor. Anyway, clinical trials and customer reviews have also found out that the products have shown their results in certain ways. However, the findings are still being argued and the results might not be widely accepted just because some of the researches are funded by Kino Biotech. Hence, it might need much longer time to study about the products and see whether the positive effects provided by the company are reliable. So, further research is needed to investigate the efficiency of the Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks on human skin health. Also, for the recommendations and considerations, the first advice to the company is that providing authorized clinical trials with appropriate facts and figures to prove the positive effects of the products. Since the company claimed that their products contained Marine Collagen peptides and no fish smell or taste, a recommendation is given as to discuss about the type of fish which have been selected to produce the drinks. Next, the company also can consider selecting a greenhouse marketing strategy by targeting the market of younger people, males, or elderly individuals and promote the collagen products as the best solution for anti-aging. But at the same time, they have to take caution with the content of regulation. The drinks contain 20 days preservatives that already exceeded the limit mentioned in the Food and Drugs regulation. So, by giving caution with regard to the regulation is also an advice for Kino Biotech. Also, for those who have allergies or who are pregnant, it is not recommended to take these products and it’s not shown any detail of it on the .com websites. Hence, the company shall write clear information about these two aspects and no misleading of the products shall be done. Last but not least, the drinks shall be kept in the refrigerator once the bottle has been opened and a period of time to finish. Alcoholics and children are warned against the improper use of the products.

4.1. Overall Assessment of Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks

Overall, it is clear that Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks are designed to help individuals maintain their skin health and youthful appearance. The formulation is supported by scientific research and evidence, and key ingredients such as collagen, perilla seed extract oil, silk protein, and soy isoflavone help to promote skin health and repair. The drinks are well marketed, and there are many glowing user reviews and testimonials available to potential customers. However, it is also important to note that individual responses to the drinks may vary, and clinical trials indicated that the efficacy of the drinks also depends on various factors such as age, sun exposure, and smoking status. Nevertheless, based on the clinical trials and results that were discussed in Section 3, the statistical evidence has shown that consuming Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks can lead to a significant reduction in wrinkles and visibly improve skin elasticity and moisture overall. As we have already considered the potential side effects of collagen supplementation in Section 3, as well as the fact that the drinks are well tolerated and the risk of allergies is minimal, I would conclude that Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks are indeed an effective way to care for our skin and to maintain our youth. From my own research into this topic and from what I have learned from this examination, I would highly recommend Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks to anybody who is looking for a simple and effective way to promote skin health. However, I would always advise individuals to speak to their doctor or to a healthcare professional before they commence on a new supplementation routine and to be aware of the contraindications and precautions surrounding such products. I myself will definitely consider incorporating Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks into my daily routine as an anti-aging solution and to improve the overall radiance and health of my skin.

4.2. Recommendations and Considerations

After consideration of the efficacy of Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks and the promised skin benefits, it is concluded that more scientific evidence is needed to conclusively prove the effectiveness of the drinks in delivering the stated benefits. This is due to the fact that apart from user reviews and testimonials, there are not many long-term clinical trials and studies that demonstrate the drinks do in fact lead to improved skin conditions. This may be seen as a methodological limitation, for it is crucial for products like Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks to undergo extensive scientific assessment in order to ensure that they are truly effective and safe for use. While most research shows that collagen itself has little or no effect on wrinkle reduction or skin replenishment in topical skin treatments, it seems that there is a potential for drinkable collagen supplements to be a valid method for skin improvement. This highlights the importance for more valid and reliable scientific research to be done on both collagen itself and also the specific Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks that are being examined in this research. If people are paying for the promise of better skin, they deserve compelling scientific evidence that this result will be achieved. Furthermore, in the current climate of mistrust towards ‘fake news’ and marketing tactics, it is essential for the most trustworthy and transparent scientific testing to be carried out, and for regulatory bodies to have the authority to act upon findings of ineffectiveness or unproven claims. Lastly, it is always important to consult professionals and qualified medical practitioners before consuming health products, especially for those with pre-existing health conditions or for expectant mothers. This advice can be finalised in the case that there is no mention of consultations with relevant professionals, as well as a statement encouraging readers to make such consultations for the interests of their health and safety.