Understanding the Terms: A Deep Dive into the Cancellation Policies on the Expedia Singapore Platform

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Expedia Singapore offers flexible cancellation policies for different types of bookings. Here are some of the cancellation policies for bookings made on the Expedia Singapore site:

24-hour free cancellation: If you have to cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, Expedia offers you a cancellation for no charge.

Flexible hotel cancellation policies: Expedia provides two categories of hotel reserves namely cancelable and non-cancelable. Opting for the fully refundable allows you to cancel your hotel booking up to 48 hours prior to the check-in date, ensuring a complete refund. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that certain accommodations have policies prohibiting modifications or cancellations post-booking.

Risk-free booking: All can book risk-free with Expedia Singapore and alter their travel plans with ease.

Bundling flexibility: When using Expedia, it promotes the concepts of bundling. Bundling can lead to substantial savings on your trip. If you have a package deal, you can cancel it very easily by logging into the website and click on the service that you want to drop.

Refund eligibility: The Expedia refund policy is not the same for each service, for instance it depends on what you booked whether it’s a flight reservation or a hotel booking and so forth. Your claims for a refund may only be due you according to the rules and restrictions applicable thereto.

It should also be noted that some bookings may attract cancellation or change fees and the costs of these will be outlined in the rules and restrictions. It is advisable to read each booking’s terms and conditions carefully, including cancellation policies and potential fees.