Unlimited Rewards, Zero Regrets: Your Guide to Singapore’s Ultimate Cashback Credit Cards in 2024

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Picture yourself scrolling through your phone while enjoying a cappuccino at a stylish cafe while the early morning sun warms your face. A notice saying “Cashback earned!” appears out of nowhere. A satisfying smile fills your lips as you realize you’ve just earned rewards for simply enjoying your daily coffee run. This, my friends, is the magic of Singapore’s top unlimited cashback credit cards in 2024.

Forget the limitations of capped categories and points that expire faster than a blink. This year, using cards that give you cashback on every swipe can help you release your inner rewards champion. Whether you’re an avid homebody, traveler, or foodie, the perfect cashback card is just waiting to become your match in terms of money.

Swipe Right for Riches: Unveiling Singapore’s Top Unlimited Cashback Contenders

If you’re constantly searching for bargains and savings you might want to consider getting a credit card that offers cashback. These cards typically come with conditions like a monthly spending requirement limit, on the amount of cashback you can earn and some purchases may not be eligible for rewards. However, unlimited cashback credit cards can help you avert that situation. They do exactly what their name implies—they make up for all those bothersome limitations. There are no minimum spend requirements, no cap on the amount of cashback you can get and significantly less limitations as to which categories qualify. And those are just a few benefits of having an unlimited cashback credit card. Read on to learn more about our thoughts on them and why they’re fantastic.

Here are some of the best unlimited cashback credit card in Singapore:

Citi Cash Back+ Card – With no minimum amount spent and without any limit on how much you earn, the Citi Cash Back+ Card gives you a delicious 1.6% cashback on all your purchases. Additionally, the annual charge of the first year will be waived off. Your income just needs to be above minimum of S$42,000 for foreigners and S$30,00 for locals or PR.

AMEX True Cashback Card – One of the best things regarding the AMEX True Cashback Card is that it gives you 1.5% cash back on all your purchases including phone bills, utilities, healthcare payments, insurance premiums and fees of school. A 3% welcome bonus cashback is also offered to you on up to S$5,000 in eligible transactions made within the card’s first six months of use. Best feature? Both the minimum purchase amount and the maximum refunds go unlimited. For the first year, they waive the S$174.40 yearly cost. And all you need is a S$30,000 annual income if you’re a local or a permanent resident. Simple as pie!

CIMB World Mastercard – It is a good way to reap 2% cashback on dining out, making online food orders, going to see movies or streaming entertainment and ordering cabs or driving around as well as some other high-grade purchases. To qualify, you must spend a minimum of S$1,000 each month. And, there is no annoying annual fee! The nightmare is still to earn at least S$ 30,000 per annum even if you are a resident or PR.

Standard Chartered Simply Cash Card – 1.5% cashback on all purchases, the Standard Chartered Simply Cash Card has no minimum spending requirements and does not cap how much cashback you could receive from them. Also, after the first two years (which are no cost) you just have to pay an annual price of S$196.20. Locals and permanent residents must have a minimum income of S$30,000 whilst foreigners need to earn twice that amount at S$60, 00.

UOB Absolute Cashback Card – With the UOB Absolute Cashback Card, you can have a 1.7% cashback on your purchases. Cool, right? And what’s the best aspect? Both the minimum spend and the highest cashback are unlimited. The first year fee is free and the annual charge thereafter is S$196.20. Locally, the minimum income is S$30,000 for locals and PRs but foreigners must make at least S$40,OOO.

Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature Card – One of the benefits you’ll receive from the Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature Card is a 1.6% cashback, on all your purchases.Though, one has to pay S$120.10 as the annual fee payable but for the first two years it’s free. If you are a local or permanent resident, then you just need to make S$30 thousand in income. If you are Malaysian it costs S$45,000, and if you’re a foreigner, S$60, 000.

Earning Without Endgames: Demystifying Unlimited Cashback Programs

There are enough credit card options around, certainly if your credit score is good. And guess what?  A lot of these card companies are willing to give you back rewards each time you make use of their cards, for example, unlimited cash back based on qualifying purchases. Basically, with this card there is no limit to the amount of rewards you can receive.Sounds quite amazing, isn’t it? However, you better buckle up and evaluate what is best for you, whether unlimited cash back will be beneficial to your financial situation and needs.

Credit card companies sometimes offer cash back as a cool perk. Basically, if you purchase using their credit card they will refund a part of the money back to your account. However not all purchases are considered such as cash advances. So, for instance, you might earn 2% cash back when buying gas or 3% when shopping at the grocery. Some cards restrict cash back you can earn. If they give you 2% on purchases up to $5,000 made in a year. After you reach that limit, though, cash back earnings still occur, but at a reduced level.

So, when a credit card promises “unlimited cash back,” it means you can earn cash rewards without any caps. But there’s a twist: while some cards let you earn on every purchase, others might limit it to specific categories like groceries or gas. Just a tip: as long as you keep your card active, those cash-back rewards won’t vanish on you. This means that if you continue to earn rewards, you may use them to redeem it for a big statement credit or other cool benefits.

Sometimes credit card companies provide a cool perk in the form of cash back. Basically, if you use their credit card for some special purchases then they give you back a percentage of the money. Not all purchases though, such as for cash advances. You can make some decent cash back when using credit cards smartly.  Like getting 2% back whenever you fill up the tank.  Some cards even give you 3% at places like the supermarket.  Let’s pretend one card gives 2% cash back on the first $5,000 of stuff you buy every year and  when you hit that limit, you’d keep collecting a little back, just at a lower percentage rate.

Remember, claiming your ultimate cashback card isn’t just about accumulating numbers on a screen. It’s about unlocking a lifestyle fueled by mindful spending and rewarding indulgence. It’s about marking the small “wins,” such as making your daily latte a mini-financial coup. So, don’t wait any longer. With the knowledge presented in this guide, enter an unlimited cashback arena and swipe with confidence knowing that your rewards will be stacking up soon. Your financial future, brimming with endless possibilities, awaits just one swipe away.