Exclusive Deals: King Koil Sale and MaxCoil Foldable Mattresses and Bed Frames

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MaxCoil produces various types of mattresses as well as bed lines for customers. This report will be focusing on the MaxCoil Foldable Mattress (Single) and MaxCoil Foldable Mattress (Queen). King Koil will have exclusive deals selling these products at a much cheaper price compared to the usual price of these products. Customers who are interested in the MaxCoil Foldable Mattresses have a choice in getting the MaxCoil Foldable Bed Frame. This pair will be suitable for people intending to get a space-saving bed. MaxCoil should capitalize on this exclusive deal by King Koil and provide more advertisement on such events. King Koil should also try to increase the exclusivity of this event by providing brochures or sending direct mails to MaxCoil’s customers. Such efforts will definitely catch the attention of many customers who are looking for a foldable mattress and bed frame at a cheap price. Customers who are not informed of this event will definitely get the wrong perception that MaxCoil’s foldable mattresses are expensive. A big event like this will also reassure MaxCoil that they are able to partner King Koil in the near future as King Koil already has a well-established brand in Singapore.

MaxCoil Foldable Mattresses

All MaxCoil mattresses are constructed with the unique and innovative 3-FOLD system, allowing the mattress to fold into three sections. This is particularly useful when the mattress has to be moved to a different location or when there is a need to store the mattress to free up valuable living space. The 3-FOLD system is also ideal for use with adjustable bed frames. Traditional mattresses are not meant to bend and fold, so they may become damaged if used on an adjustable bed frame. MaxCoil mattresses implement high coil counts and thicker gauge coils when compared to most other foldable mattresses in the market. This results in a more supportive mattress with a much longer lifespan and significantly reduces the tendency of the user feeling the metal frame of the bed through the mattress. Each MaxCoil mattress features a comfort layer constructed from either high-density polyurethane foam, visco-elastic memory foam, or natural latex. These materials are the best in the industry and are proven to provide better comfort, better support, and better durability than any other material. A choice of firmness levels is available for each model.


The Fullerton is a quality bed that offers great value for money at SGD 649 (Single D) and SGD 699 (Single). Not only will it enhance space-saving living, but it can also be used as a comfortable sofa bed for guests and loved ones.

The Foldable mattress is equipped with a 3-folding mattress divided into individual panels, making it easy to carry around and store in a designated area chosen by the user. It can be placed onto traditional or storage bed frames. Made as a dual-usage mattress for both platform beds and storage bed frames, the Foldable mattress is perfect for homeowners and tenants when space is at a premium.

MaxCoil has now taken space-saving technology to the next level thanks to the innovative Foldable Mattress. Designed and made to provide long-lasting comfort and support, the Fullerton product is not just a version 2.0 of its predecessor; it is designed to revolutionize and reinvigorate space-saving bedding solutions that are both practical and appealing. It meets consumer needs and resolves existing platform bed and storage bed issues.


The best features would be the foldable mattress and the anti-dust mite Knitted Fabric. It is so much easier to move, and less space is required for storage. Storage and space are issues for most households in Singapore, so why not choose a mattress that takes up less space and is easier to store and move around. Get the same sleep experience without the bulkiness and weight. The anti-dust mite fabric protects against allergens, helping to alleviate allergies and providing a healthier sleep environment.

Next, it is designed with the latest technology of firm edge support foam encasement. That helps prevent the edge of the mattress from sagging, resulting in an extended lifespan of the mattress. It improves the durability and resilience of the mattress, giving you more value for your money. Now, you can sit on the edge of your mattress to wear your shoes or read a book without feeling like the whole mattress is going to collapse.

It also comes with washable and replaceable fabric resulting in a cleaner mattress. Cleaning or washing the mattress should not be a problem as you can easily remove the fabric to wash and dry it separately. Having the choice of washing the bottom of your mattress gives you the assurance that you are sleeping on a more hygienic and cleaner surface.

Available Sizes

MaxCoil’s foldable mattresses are available in both single and super single sizes, with mattress dimensions of 190cm x 91cm and 190cm x 107cm respectively. This makes them ideal for children or for use as a spare mattress, for example for a helper’s room. The mattresses can be compressed and folded into a more compact size, making storage much more convenient and less space-consuming. This is an advantage compared to traditional foam mattresses, which are bulky and take up a lot of space. The super single size foldable mattress consists of 5 foldings; the mattress can be folded a maximum of 3 times on one side, and 2 on the other, which is to form a 190cm x 35.5cm block when it is fully folded and compressed. The single size foldable mattress consists of 4 foldings; the mattress can be folded a maximum of 2 times on one side, and 2 on the other to form a 95cm x 35.5cm block when it is fully folded and compressed.

MaxCoil Bed Frames

Wooden frames that redefine sophistication, MaxCoil bedframes are built with natural and sustainable solid birch wood sourced from Northern Europe. Birch wood is known for its fine and homogeneous wood texture, creating an elegant feeling to the bedframe that will be a delight to look at. Also, its robustness and durable qualities ensure that the bedframe lasts. They are available in 3 different stains: natural, walnut, and dark walnut finish to cater to different individual tastes and bedroom decor. The bed frame is made of birch wood, which is a fine and homogeneous hardwood. It is durable and solid. It is available in 3 different stains to cater to different individual tastes and bedroom decor. Be sure to select the bedframe stain that matches the headboard and completes the bed set. Available in 6 different stains/effects, the bedframe has a complete finish with matching the color of the headboard to give an enhanced look to the bed. This ultimately adds style to your bedroom. With an elegant look and fine detail to design and craftsmanship, the MaxCoil bedframe is bound to be a delight to look at, offering an enhanced look to your bedroom.


In terms of design, MaxCoil provides a variety to choose from. From contemporary modern lines to more traditional Victorian style designs. Designs that have a stowaway bed which allows you to have extra sleeping space for your visitors or guests while saving valuable space. There are also designs specifically engineered for individual needs. For instance, a top-quality massage adjustable bed that allows an individual to experience the positive effects and luxury of a full-body massage in the comfort of his or her own bedroom. This design comes with a user-friendly remote control keypad that has different pre-programmed massage cycles and individual body part massage functions. A restorative massage will help to relieve stress and revitalize the body and mind. It is also beneficial for individuals with low back pain, arthritis, depression that often accompany illness and aging. A more specific design would be the stylish child-themed beds for your children. These designs are colorful and fun and will brighten up your child’s bedroom. MaxCoil bed frames come in all the standard sizes ranging from Single, Super Single, Queen, and King, and it is amazing that the single and super single comes with a single piece ergonomic all-round support wire mesh base which can be conveniently delivered and installed without any hassle. This would definitely ensure a good night’s rest for your kid, knowing that MaxCoil is able to provide him/her with a quality mattress and bed for their growing bones and muscles.


A major concern for consumers when purchasing a bed frame is its durability over time, especially if the costs were high. While promising to eliminate sleep disturbance and provide better support for the mattress, bed frames are still susceptible to structural damages, paint chipping, and an increase in noise over time. The MaxCoil bed frame is constructed with anti-rust coated, galvanized steel beams for better support and durability. Its prefabricated and sturdy features will provide a far better alternative to wooden or metal bed frames. The steel frame will also prevent the buildup of rust, and when paired with its high durability, will ensure the longevity of the bed frame. The MaxCoil bed frame is available in single, super single, queen, and king sizes. With a universal design suitable for most mattress sizes and types, customers can choose to change their mattress over time and still use the same bed frame with the assurance of compatibility.


There are several aspects of compatibility to be considered when discussing MaxCoil Bed Frames. The first of these is mattress size. Conventional mattress sizes differ from country to country. MaxCoil Queen and King size beds are designed around international queen and king sizes. While these are larger than the corresponding standard and queen-sized beds, they will still fit the corresponding mattresses but will have a larger border around the sides. MaxCoil also offers ‘storage bed’ frames which have internal storage in which objects can be placed easily visible from the top of the mattress. These frames are compatible with the corresponding mattress sizes but are not compatible with any headboards. Additionally, MaxCoil beds are all designed to perfectly fit within the corresponding MaxCoil headboard. This makes up the MaxCoil Bed frame, headboard, and mattress trinity.