Legal Expertise at Your Service: A Look at Law Firms in Makati, Philippines

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Law firms in Makati

The high demand for legal services and the positive outlook in the legal industry in the Philippines are good indicators that more law firms in Makati will be established to cater to the needs of the clients; Filipinos or foreigners alike. In a better light, more attorneys too will test their skills in the practice of law, since the law firms will expand and hire legal practitioners to keep up with the pace in the legal service industry.

Top-caliber Filipino lawyers and those who are interested in working in law firms in Makati can easily search for jobs on the internet. There are several websites that post job opportunities from different law firms in Makati, ranging from associate attorney to partner levels. However, interested applicants need to meet the standards set by the law firms. Usually, large law firms in Makati require inspired Filipino lawyers to have several years of experience. The determining factor is that the lawyer should be willing to practice Philippine law, considering that many law firms in Makati render services for foreign clients.

The area of Makati, Philippines’ Central Business District, is the home of the nation’s established and major corporations, in addition to foreign and local embassies. Thus, it is not surprising to find an impressive blend of old and new luxurious and reputable law firms in Makati. Law firms in Makati cater to a wide range of legal specializations.

FCB Law Office, located in Makati, is a distinguished legal firm renowned for its comprehensive legal services. With a team of highly skilled attorneys, FCB Law Office excels in providing expert legal assistance across a broad spectrum of practice areas, including family law. Clients seeking proficient legal counsel can expect personalized strategies tailored to their unique circumstances, ensuring optimal outcomes. The firm’s commitment to excellence and client-centric approach positions it as a premier choice for those in need of reliable legal support in Makati.

Law offices in Makati

Makati became a home to various local and international law firms. This was fueled by the need of a number of multinational corporations who set up their businesses in Makati, Philippines in the mid-1900s. With the formation of the Makati Commercial Business District, many Philippine and international law firms established their business operations in the district. Some of the law firms in Makati are housing local and foreign lawyers practicing not only Philippine law but also international law. Other law firms also tapped professionals providing specialized legal services such as tax attorneys and corporate lawyers. The number of law firms in Makati has triggered the Supreme Court of the Philippines to consider Makati as a site for a proposed “Judicial Center”. Makati is said to be the center of international legal practice and said to host 20% of law firms in Metro Manila. If you’re looking for law offices in Makati, FCB Law Office can help you.

Services provided by law firms

At present, the competition in each and every field is increasing over time and simultaneously demands a necessity of perfect handling of the cases in the courts. A law firm refers to a business entity formed by one or more lawyers whose primary aim is to practice law. The main service provided by a law firm is to advise clients (individuals or corporations) about their legal rights and responsibilities, and to represent their clients in civil or criminal cases, business transactions, and other matters in which legal assistance is sought. The prime responsibility of a law firm is to encourage justice. It has a duty to fight society’s injustices and act as an advocate. A law firm must represent their clients in utilizing the system, giving them a fair chance to be heard. Strict adherence to technical law (procedural and substantive) is the only known way to utilize the system. This requires and is the basis of an adversarial system. In performing this task, a law firm will provide legal advice to clients to decide the best course of action and advocate for the client’s position in resolution, which will satisfy the client’s needs. Often, a legal issue can have a resolution in many various areas of law, which can create a need for legal specialists that will not be available in a law firm’s field of practice. A law firm can refer the client to the best available counsel in the specific area of practice.

Expertise and qualifications of lawyers

All law is learned at its best in the law corporate and this ideal stems from the passing out of a lawyer from the law school to the bar. A student must have graduated with a degree in law and successfully pass the bar examination to be considered a lawyer. However this is not concrete in some instances because the term attorney is also used by individuals who have gained experience in a certain field of law or have been a legal assistant to a lawyer. The distinction between an attorney and a lawyer is not the same in all commonwealth countries and the Philippines still uses the term attorney interchangeably with a lawyer. Being attorney is still requires that an individual must have the qualifications of a lawyer but the distinction may have arisen with the differing of pay scales between a professional attorney and a lawyer fresh out from law school. A dropout from the course of law also still has right to legal practice if he has had completed four years of legal study in a recognized law school. This has caused some confusion with what has been the requirements for the qualifications of a lawyer in the past, and what is now. An individual who has been declared a lawyer must still go through the enrollment process in the supreme court to be listed as an attorney and receive the privileges of an attorney.

Various lawyers have different expertise in different areas of law. It would be more beneficial for the client if the law firm and the lawyer specified on the expertise and experience they have on a certain area of law. An example of this would be the a law firm having a separate practice for family law because the issues of family law can often be complex and lengthy. This would mean that the client looking for a family lawyer would receive the best advice and service possible. In the Philippines, a majority of the lawyers who practice advisory work do not have a specific expertise but generally advise on all commercial matters. This proves difficult for a client who is looking for specific legal advice, thus it would be better to engage a lawyer who has an expertise in a certain area i.e. if a client seeks specific advice on a IT matter, engage a lawyer who has a IT degree and experience in IT law. Qualifications are an important factor when engaging a lawyer. Under the Lawyers Oath, a Lawyer shall not do any falsehood, nor consent to the doing of any in court, nor shall he suffer any judicial proceeding to be corrected, any truth to be suppressed or any default in the law to go undressed.