Travelling to Genting Highlands

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Planning Your Trip

If you prefer to travel by train, KTM Komuter connects various starting points in Kuala Lumpur to Awana Station allowing a seamless connection to the Genting Express buses to the resorts. You also have the option of taking an express ferry to Tanjung Belungkor from Singapore. Arrange for private taxi services to reach Genting Express Bus Center; a two-hour ride. Those who wish to travel by air will be able to take a direct flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, followed by a taxi ride to TBS Bus Terminal to catch an express service to Genting Express Bus Terminal. Private transfers provide a more comfortable travel option for small groups; the journey takes an hour on the North–South Highway. Those who choose to rent a car will be able to take similar routes as those serviced by other private taxi services. To avoid encountering daily traffic congestion in the city, you may also choose to travel to Genting Highlands via the National Electric Train Services (ETS) to Kampar Railway Station, followed by a taxi ride to reach TBS Bus Terminal.

Considering the vast number of travel options to Genting Highlands, planning your trip becomes paramount; all you need to do is choose the method of transportation to suit your schedule and your budget. Genting Highlands is well connected to surrounding towns via various means of public transportation. Beby Express operates services from the main cities in western Malaysia linking the Cable Car. The service from KL Sentral runs every thirty minutes over the weekend and it takes one hour to reach Awana Bus Terminal. From Penang, the 4-hour bus journey is managed in separate stages; guests will be dropped at KL Sentral, from which they will take a half-hour train journey to Kajang and from here, be able to take a highway express bus to Genting Highlands.

Best time to visit

It is always the best time to visit Genting Highlands every year. It is recommended to come during the weekends and school holidays to go to the Snow World amusement park. Even throughout the week you can also visit if you want to avoid the congestion of visitors. If you come on a cloudy day or even rainy days, the scenic view on the way up the Genting Skyway is very mesmerizing and refreshing. However, the visitors who come by car can get an intimidating experience to drive to the top in fog and rain. As a result, bloggers often suggest stopping and taking pictures at the mini waterfall along the way or taking a break at the coffeehouse in the cable car station before continuing your trip to the top of GPO. From the GPO, there are free shuttle buses that are available every 45 minutes to the church for those who are interested.

Do you remember the first time you experienced snow? Were you excited? Now, let me ask you this. Have you ever wanted to play in the snow after watching a few Christmas movies? I know most of us are not unfamiliar with snow. However, for those of us who live in tropical countries, we want to have the chance to experience snow. Do you know that there is a place here in Malaysia that has snow? That is the Genting Highlands. Genting Highlands is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. It has been in the hearts of Malaysian people for a long time. It is no exaggeration to say that almost every Malaysian has been there. But, if you haven’t been there yet, no worries. I’m going to take you on a virtual tour of the place.

Accommodation options

There are also luxury alternatives if going all out is your thing. At the Sky Avenue, there is this 788 rooms and suites at the brand new Maxims Genting Hotel and the 10,000-guest capacities Sky Avenue Swiss integrated resort Hyper Casino. More high-class hotels and a deguste playground located in the luxurious Crockfords Hotel within Genting Casino. A little further away from Sky Avenue, there’s Resorts World Awana. Built on top of a hill located around 1600 meters from sea level, enough to get the cooling effect without the presence of the likes of Metro and Starbucks. Resorts World Awana comes with facilities like a cineplex, food and beverage outlets and the only in-house bowling alley in Genting.

When it comes to looking for accommodation in Genting, the best and probably the cheaper option is to stay at Genting Highlands Resort. There are primarily two hotels within the resort. First is the Genting Grand, one of the earliest hotels on the Highlands. It is situated next to the only shopping and food haven, First World Plaza while the Theme Park Hotel is located next to the amusement park. Both hotels are at very centralized locations making it highly convenient for guests to move in and out of the resort. But between the two, we’d recommend staying at First World. You can easily walk to the amusement park or take a short walk to First World Plaza for food.

Finally, for the not-so-budget travellers, you have plenty of options. Trick is to book ahead of time as prices can be pretty steep. Didn’t book or planning to stay on a spontaneous trip to Genting, fret not! There are hotels surrounding the Genting Highlands Resort.

Transportation choices

The more worry-free transportation option is a taxi. You can use an Uber or a normal metered taxi. The difference between the two is Uber is much cheaper and you can estimate the fare during the booking. I would advise not to book Uber from Genting Highlands back to the destination as for now Uber is not allowed to pick up passengers from Genting Highlands. Trust me I’ve tried to order and the driver asked me to cancel the trip. As for metered taxi, you can ask the concierge at RWS to pre-book one and it costs a flat rate of RM120 per trip. There is no charge for time and it is only during daytime (6.00 am – 6.00 pm). If you are looking for a more convenient transportation, you can use the chauffeur service from Kuala Lumpur to Genting Highlands and that’s the package given by Resort World Genting – First World Hotel. Why? Because by using the chauffeur service will give you a breathtaking view of Kuala Lumpur city from a glass floor gondola on your way to Resorts World Genting. You can check-in for the trip at level T of the complex. It is available daily from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm and the fee is at RM110 per person.

To go to Genting Highlands, there are a few alternative ways of transportation which are self-driving, shuttle bus, chauffeur service or taxi. The most popular one, non-residents choose is self-drivers because you don’t have to wait and travel on your own sweet time. First and second-timers can opt for the shuttle bus. The bus is available at PUDU Sentral and ONE UTAMA shopping complex. You can purchase the ticket at the ground floor located below Jalan Pudu Bus platform 12, PUDU Sentral or basement 3 of the ONE UTAMA shopping complex bus platform. For the PUDU Sentral route, the first bus will depart at 7.30 am and the last bus will depart at midnight. Then for the ONE UTAMA route, the first bus will depart at 8 am and the last bus will depart at 8.00 pm. Do check with the reliable website like Aerobus. With shuttle bus, you can avoid the busy traffic to the Genting Highlands.

Things to Do

If you happen to be itching for a trip break but need to as soon as frequent theme parks or outside leisure services at Club Med Bizarre, then Genting. The Outdoor Theme Park, set to open after the showing of Club Med Bizarre, is home to various joys and adventures all under one roof. The customer service center with friendly and well-informed team of workers is housed in a biophilic atrium, complete with tropical timber and social nesting birds and a human touch point to various out of doors attractions. Practice your swing on the mini-golf course, challenge yourself to steer the BMX trail or hayride with your family. Given the diverse alternatives, even the most lively youngsters can have fun encountering the wonders of traditional leisure again and again. Try Flying at Dong Dao Cultural Village. Experience an invigorating dare at Sky Mystery Theme Park soon to be debuted at Club Med

On the outskirts of the resort, thrill-seekers can observe first-rate views from the iconic mountain tropical watercourse, or even embark on a lupus hike for total sunrise wellness! Compile scale new heights or Kwai Ling and Bulbeck are Bound by a Fly on the Tianzi skybridge – the world’s first in-anomalous tilted skybridge with Twin Charm Kuala Lumpur as a backdrop. Afterward, friends can chat on the commentary deck at the peak and benefit from the superstar stadium. Stand once more on the terrace overlooking the Funi tandem interior journey and watch as other human beings traverse the intimate lure conditions of the physical world.

Whether spending holidays with family or friends, young or old, Genting Highlands does have something to offer. Below are some of the must-visit attractions at Genting Highlands: Casino De Genting, video games, and Asian authentic practices are a bonus from Club Med. Bizarre video games and Asian authentic skills are just a bonus in Club Med. Hit the high wall of Via Ferrata, learn traditional Asian flower arranging, or hearken to folks tunes courtesy of conventional performances. At the doorstep of Genting, an eye-catching biophilic building with hanging gardens and open terraces lines the partitions. It’s an urban jungle health club for those looking for relaxation without limits. It provides an absolutely immersive experience for connoisseurs of natural wonders, as evidenced by formal entry.

Explore the theme parks

You won’t want to miss out in the new indoor theme park exclusively for Genting Resort Tourists, either! Take a 5-minute gondola ride to arrive at this special park. Don’t forget to try out Malaysia’s first Flying Theatre rotating 360 degrees of unlimited skyward journey, a truly distinctive approach to watch a movie! Based around Dinopolis Park, you get to immerse yourself with lots of dinosaurs in 4D films. Remember to relax, have fun and get educated about the culture and traditions of everything while you are at Lorong Berkhemah. Remember, during the summertime, especially if you visit during public holidays, weekends or school holidays: after all, it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in Malaysia!

Genting Highlands is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Malaysia. Situated on a mountain, the place is cooler than the places in the lowland area. While you may still experience rain here, as the mountain gets much cooler compared to the lowland area, always carry warm clothes and proper shoes, especially if you plan to explore the theme park. The heavy rain might also force the outdoor theme park to be closed. Yet, if it is only a little rain, you can still play in this world-class theme park. There is a wide variety of games you can enjoy, from the gentle to the extreme rides. For example, you can ride the rides in the first amusement park to be included in Malaysia in the Guinness World Record, like the ‘roller gliders’, acting as a glider racing down the track at high speed, or the ‘4D motion master’, offering motion-simulated in a whole new level of sound replacement. You will then experience a variety of visual and tactile effects such as water sprays, leg tickles and many more, offering viewers a deeper and more exciting picture of the various special features of some films. You can also try ‘the Reboot: Rapid Redemption and Red Hot Rampage’ rides for roller coaster fans.

Visit the Chin Swee Caves Temple

The serious beginnings of this temple started with Reverend Ji Guang, a monk who came to Malaysia from China. He was 74 years old and had been a monk for 57 years before the project Chin Swee Caves Temple started. When he first came to Malaysia, he lived on a hill that had a cave with rainforest trees that were over 100m tall. He lived there for three years under a makeshift shelter with his mother. According to the monk, there were free-roaming elephants that passed by their hut. This gave rise to two cobras – one was black and the other was white guarded the retreat. If there were any intruders, the cobras would coil around the hut’s poles, thus producing a loud noise that eventually was like a gong. It is said that after three years of strict meditation, some friends from (Hong Kong) China – a businessman and some monks and a group of people visited the land. During those three years, the monk planted fruit trees around the land and those trees had their worth increased 1000 times.

The Chin Swee Caves Temple is a Taoist temple set on a 280-acre site. According to the temple’s press release, it is one of its kind in Malaysia. This site is also said to have the longest glass ropeway in South East Asia. Branson Skinner of Ropes Engineering (a firm which completed this project) says it is one of “the four longest arab spans in the world, and the longest by a single contractor in the world”. The temple is spread on a 9.6-hectare site, about 4,600 ft above sea level in the Titiwangsa Mountain range. It contains pristine forest that is said to be 100 million years old, one of the oldest jungles in the world, being 75 percent older than the oldest jungle in the highlands that was discovered in Kent Ridge, Singapore.

Dining and Shopping

This place offers family-friendly entertainment in a cool-temperate environment and warm hospitality, complete with luxurious classic rooms, contemporary design suites that complement the endless shopping, dining and entertainment throughout all the hotels there. The food is good and the room-service prompt. Although packed with guests and revellers who trickle in after midnight and filled-up the slot-machines area dwarfed by the massive square foot-sized gaming floor in the First World Casino, the space is so expertly used that you can play the blackjack or place that winning slot machine with little discomfort of anybody peering or breathing down your slot-machine neck.

Once you are at the highest peak in the Genting Highlands, all you can see is a yellowish-orange roof covering a maze of gaming tables and slot machines. After an eagles’ tour of the place, your stomach starts growling and followed by frenzied shopping. Ignoring the many signs pin-pointing hotel-name after hotel-name, you head straight to the food area. Everything is here; from the fragrant pho of Vietnam, to Malaysia’s Best Noodle – curry mee, to the sourish laksa assam, to the sensational nasi lemak, to Turkish bread, to Japanese sushi and Korean’s businessman’s choice – in various shapes and sizes called the bento box. There is also the familiar Indian roti canai with its accompanying curry dhal and the idly (fermented rice cake shaped like a disc about 3-inch in diameter) with its companion fiery chili sambal. There are also mini coconut-jelly, Malaysia’s best cendol (herbal iced dessert), and ais kacang (delicious crushed ice with gula melaka/molasses and flavored syrup concoction and sometimes pulled together with green-colored cendol/herbal iced dessert).

Try local delicacies

In addition, after our arrival at Genting, we had breakfast at Hou Mei. Our table was indoor and the view was clear. My friend had the famous Char Siew rice and I had the Wanton Mee. Liked the mild Char Siew and Wanton too. A good breakfast to start our trip. Overall, Hou Mei restaurant provides nice food and places for passengers. Lastly, my husband reordered some was ordered already satisfying nasi lemak while I got a lot of xiao long bao; some filled with soup and once are fried. It felt good eating all these food after a long drive & it is before we venture into taking some of the outdoor rides at the amusement park later.

I had two days in Genting, one of the first things I did was to have lunch at Sri Karak. It’s the famous steamboat and you can choose either to use the soup or tom yam as the soup. Then, the raw of the main food steamboat includes cabbage, fishballs, noodles, and others. Sesame oil is added to the sauce by the guests and now you can enjoy the great food.

Shop at SkyAvenue Mall

Indulge in Witch-Onn Premium Dining – A meat conference, Witch-Wonn offers over 100 best steaks and meat cuts from around the world. Known for its global steakhouse cvyr drinks, the main course menu features favorites ranging from Australian Angus, Iberico Pork, and Wagyu, to Swedish Wagyu. With its unique European warehouse dining concept, you can also enjoy a variety of premium beverages, including premium wines and signature cocktails, as you relax in the beautiful views of the surrounding area. Snow world – The Snow World is the newest attraction in SkyAvenue and guaranteed to be a fun family holiday. Whether you are a child or just a child at heart, the ‘warmest place to feel very cold’ is a place to have fun. The Snow World features the following main elements: snow sculpture, ice slide, ice dancing, snow charm, lamp woods, lot, and snow area, ice bath.

Shop at over 100 retail and food and beverage outlets. The various Selections outlets in SkyAvenue feature over 100 international and local brands, including eateries, themed restaurants, and shopping brands. Genting Point Rewards – Get a SkyCasino Members Card (or apply for one at the rewards counter only for first-time visitors) and collect or redeem Genting Points when you shop at SkyCasino, as well as B Reward points when you eat at rightful Dining Points (coinciding restaurants in highland) and use them to pay for your purchase at the SkyWorld retail. A variety of items such as fashion, accessories, jewelry, food, and beverages.

No trip to Genting Highlands is complete without a visit to the SkyAvenue Mall. From food stalls to shopping brands, there are a myriad of things to do in the SkyAvenue. Some of the things that you can do at SkyAvenue are:

Tips for a Great Experience

Bring a jacket

Travelling to Genting Highlands is something that you have to consider as well. There are many ways to get to Genting Highlands from your living place. These are some of the ways you might consider. It is recommended to drive with your own transportation because it is more cost-saving, fun, relaxing, and convenient with family. Not to forget that you might be able to take as much luggage as you need. If you are traveling alone, you may take ETS with an estimated RM15-35 from this station, KL Sentral. But it might be more expensive for the ticket price, the same for fare price calculation of KTM Intercity. Never buy a ticket from any unknown source to make sure we pay for the right ticket with the correct price. Warm reminder, always buy from a direct reliable channel to book or buy the ticket such as the train station or web booking.

I still remembered when I first came here, it is seriously cold. You might have to bring, at least a jacket with you to keep your body warm. Imagine the weather range of 15ºC and 25ºC. When you go outdoors, the wind will blow up and it might have gotten even colder. However, it depends on you. Some people might feel comfortable with it, some will feel it is super cold. You can buy some jackets, shirts, or sweaters at a reasonable price in some shops there. But still, I advise that bringing a jacket from home will save you an extra cost.

Book tickets in advance

Genting Skyway is a cable car transportation system that ferries visitors to and from Genting Highlands. It’s the fastest way to get up to the hill from the Metropolitan Oasis Resort in Kuala Lumpur, taking a little less than an hour by car and about 10 minutes on the cable car. It is advisable to drive or take a taxi, Grab or Uber since there are no shuttle services available from the lower Awana Skyway station. However, you must keep in mind that travelling to the hill station on weekends can be a hassle when it gets crowded at Resorts World Genting.

Firstly, you must be proactive and plan your trip in advance. The key is to book your cable car ride tickets in advance. During peak hours on weekends especially, the wait to get on the cable car can turn out to be a few hours long if you haven’t booked your tickets in advance. This is possible only if you are taking the Awana Skyway gondola, which is not used as frequently as the Genting Skyway. The Awana gondola has glass windows, so avoid that for the fear of heights. As you arrive at the station early and have some time to kill, you can indulge in a hot cup of teh tarik, roti canai for breakfast, or any other Malaysian meal for that matter. There are some really good options like Kedai Kopi dan makanan Awana, Foon Lock, and Pan Mee, which are all fairly priced.