Exploring the Best Glamping Spots Around the World

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While camping with all the luxuries you covet in your dream home sounds sizzlingly awesome, the reality is also frizzling simply because the masterminds behind the glamping revolution form part of the Forbes Travel Guide Award Winning brand with the greenest eco-goals going. “The best way to define glamping would be glamping = glamorous + camping. This camping 2.0 amalgamation takes the hassle out of camping, adds a little romance and creates a sexy, comfortable, and luxurious retreat under the stars. Unlike ‘roughing’ which entails building a tent and agonizing for hours for fear you have forgotten some of the essentials, glamping is unpacking, settling in, and basking out while letting someone else do all the hard work! With more than a few essentials the only thing you really need to do is enjoy campfires and sleep in style!

Gone are the days of camping as a means for ‘roughing it’ and roughing it no longer need apply! These faltering days have been replaced by a luxurious camping trend and this camping 2.0 is being coined as glamping! This magazine is all about travel and it’s not at all about roughing it. And although staying in a villa with some of your best mates or at a fabulous five-star resort is always an option, we’re here to familiarize Hello! Travel readers with a more unique and innovative way to holiday around the world. While you wouldn’t define a hi-tech tree house as roughing it, the reason we’d recommend you give it a go is because of the fact that styling it out is all part of the inner and outer beauty.

Definition and Concept of Glamping

Glamping, also known as luxury camping or glamorous camping, allows the romantic beauty of the outdoors to meet indulgent luxury. A new phenomenon is born from the fascination with the outdoor lifestyle. Glamping is a way to explore the world without sacrificing creature comforts. Whether in a tent, yurt, airstream, pod, igloo, hut, villa, cabin, cube, teepee, or tree house, glamping is a way to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury. With access to full-sized mattresses, gourmet meals, and en suite bathrooms, people can get outside and get to know the world around them. Greek glamping spots provide an ideal base for families to explore the great outdoors. Glamping can be a remedy for nature deficit disorder. Not only because when we are glamping, we spend more time outside, so we are more likely to participate in nature-based activities, but also because it accesses nature in a very sheltered environment, taking you to the room with the view!

What is glamping? A mash-up of the words “glamorous” and “camping”, the concept has been around for quite a while. But while in the past it meant Louis Vuitton tents and blow-up mattresses with Egyptian cotton linens, glamping has changed greatly. Today, the term covers more than just luxury camping, also attributing unique and exotic locations and an almost all-inclusive package. And as glamorous luxe-living tented retreats and shabby-chic vintage trailers equipped with the latest high-tech gear start to become more and more commonplace, many are willing to put this new definition to the test.

Glamping in North America

For an exotic jungle experience without having to give up the luxuries you crave, Yurts in The Jungle off the west coast of Vancouver Island in Canada is the perfect destination. With three modern yurts on offer, each with a private deck, you can enjoy the views of the surrounding rainforest and the wildlife without giving up luxury, offering each yurt a comfortable king-sized bed. With electric lighting, WiFi, a coffee machine, and heating, the Yurts in The Jungle promise a comfortable stay in a relaxed and serene setting. As such, each yurt has its own hot water sink and shares the kitchen, wash and shower rooms that are just a short walk away, making your camping adventure here as carefree as possible. Yurts in The Jungle also come with a number of extra services, including guided walks through the rainforest and some basic groceries upon arrival if you wish. Children and pets are welcome to stay, but pets must be arranged in advance.

If you are looking to explore the great outdoors in style, then glamping is the perfect alternative to traditional camping, offering all the luxuries you crave without having to sacrifice them in order to commune with nature. A wonderful way to experience remote or unique tourist locations, glamping is a wonderful way to create unforgettable memories either alone, with your partner, or your family and friends. We explore some of the best glamping spots around the world for you to visit to make your travel dreams come true. For the ultimate glamping experience to reconnect with nature, this North American place offers idyllic and unobtrusive fauna-rich glamping.

Luxury Glamping in the United States

You may be surprised to find out that, despite their basic look, many of the glamping spots are located in some luxurious areas. In fact, some of the best travel destinations like the national parks of the United States or the beautiful Garda Lake area in Italy offer the most amazing glamping experiences. Since there are hundreds to choose from, today we come to your rescue and present to you the 17 best glamping spots around the world.

If you are dreaming of a luxury escape in the wilderness, but you don’t want to forego the creature comforts of a five-star hotel, luxurious toilets, and warm running water, glamping might be the thing for you. That way you get to fully enjoy intimacy with nature and the fresh, crisp air of the great outdoors, all without having to make any sacrifices in comfort. With more and more glamping spots popping up all over the world, glamping has turned into a phenomenon in the travel industry. So you can have the adventure of a traditional camping vacation, while a comfortable king-sized bed, mini-bar, and a private Jacuzzi are waiting for you in your glamorous tent once you return in the evening. It simply doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

Glamping in Europe

England offers many luxury glampsites. Forest yurts in Wiltshire boast hanging beds for you to sleep in the cosy wood cabins, while Wales has a glamping tipi equipped with Marshall tents, carpeting, quilts, coir matting, and a wood burner for heating. As well as glamping in the tipis, there is a classic Romany caravan to sleep in, nestled in the trees in Somerset. This offers guests a wonderful mixture of glamping experiences to enjoy. Russia is a vast country with a rich history, and when you’re not enjoying the decadent amenities of your luxury tent, it is a great place for exploration. In a yurt, guests can relax and enjoy the beautiful setting, making unforgettable memories. If you are looking for cool glamping vacation destinations, be sure to check out the following best glamping spots around the world.

Europe offers a diverse range of glamping experiences, from luxury yurts to treehouses perched high in the mountains. Nestled within woodlands, you can discover eco-friendly pods that offer a truly tranquil escape. These handcrafted pods take you back to nature, yet still offer all the luxurious amenities you expect from glamping. In the charming country of Spain, you can enjoy a quiet evening dining al fresco. Enjoy the incredible natural scenery offered by this peaceful mountainous landscape. Italy also provides a beautiful backdrop for glamping. Many of the glampsites have sparkling swimming pools for a cooling escape from the hot Italian sun. Treehouses in Slovenia are a great option to keep the children entertained – especially for families.

Unique Glamping Experiences in the UK

In the Hamptons, this pet-friendly resort is set right next to the beach. Located on a private estate, the resort offers modern and upscale accommodations for couples or families who are looking for a Manhattan boutique hotel experience set against the backdrop of sand, sea, and the rugged Atlantic coast. Pets can be accommodated in the suite for a small fee. The square footage connected to a balcony, and the proximity to the beach, will ensure everyone in the family has a great time. The hotel’s concierge is the number to call should guests require any help, such as surf lessons or a round of golf on a nearby course. Breakfast hampers are provided to guests each morning, meaning that it is in everyone’s best interest to wake up early, especially so the kids can greet the morning in their own way with mom and dad giving close company. High-speed wireless internet access allows guests to either work or stay abreast of news from home, and board games are provided to encourage interaction within the family.

Close to Liverpool and Manchester, this hotel in the treetops is located in the secluded weekend hideaway for weekend. Coal miner’s town of Runcorn. Named after a Caribbean pepper tree discovered by hotel owners, the property is what you would expect it to be – a luxurious, contemporary tree house which has been crafted around the majestic presence of the tree. The suites offer panoramic views over the river and surrounding forest, and are fitted with modern bathroom facilities. Family and living suites are also available for guests who want an extended and pampered stay.

Glamping in Asia

Tibet offers a memory of the past through its nomadic ways of life, complete with horse-riding and yak raising. A very famous glamping solution is the tent camp behind the queen of all mountains—the Mount Everest. On the site, electricity is provided by solar panels and ample clean water. Access to lodges and towns is accessible by foot. Horse-riding activities help guests reach the base camp.

Eco-Friendly Glamping in Thailand

Although we will be staying in a tent in the middle of the forest, there is no need to worry about the facilities because you will be provided with five-star services and equipment. There are no amenities, so things like shampoo and soap must be brought, but these are mainly to help protect the environment. In the spectacular tent, the air conditioner is fully equipped, so you can spend the summer without worry, and blankets will keep you warm in the winter. The tent is the world of the explorer or the Victorian era, so if you find an electric outlet to charge your smartphone, you will really feel lost. The feeling of being far away from the noise of the city is felt. Of course, there are no TVs or computers, but the scenery around me is so beautiful that I don’t need them. When night falls, the hotel lights the way, and you can take a flashlight to the villa, which is about five minutes up the hill. Four Seasons, it’s quite hot. Avoid [May to Sept], as hot and cold are not separate. Morning and evening are a little cold, so cold clothing is recommended, but t-shirts are enough during the day. There was no Wi-Fi in our villa. If you need it, you need to move to the bar in the dining area.

Glamping can also be eco-friendly. These luxury tents installed at the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai province were designed with the environment in mind and blend in with the forests, rice terraces, and the atmosphere of northern Thailand. After two years of construction, this camp celebrated its grand opening in February 2006. Moreover, it is not Chiang Saen or Chiang Mai but over 90 kilometers from Chiang Rai town. There are long-tailed boat services from the Mae Kok River to the camp pier, but the camp uses its own boats, and passengers can be carried straight from their Chiang Rai hotel. After driving for another 20 kilometers, you will reach Elephant Camp. It may be difficult to get to, but for those who are interested, the hotel can pick you up at the Chiang Rai airport, the hotel, or the entrance of Golden Triangle. Please make a reservation in advance. The Chiang Rai Topography Plan is a map application that can be used to reach the location.

Glamping in Africa

Little Kulala, Sossusvlei Lodge and Damaraland Camp For a luxury experience of the great game parks of Namibia, from Sossusvlei and the Namib Desert to Etosha and rarely visited Damaraland, trust your stay to the top of the line properties of Wilderness Safaris. Each one is totally different from the other, and all offer air conditioning, fine linens, gourmet meals with the highest variety and quality of camp cuisine, and a view only found in Africa.

Sanctuary Serengeti Migration Camp In Tanzania, Serengeti National Park guards the northern Serengeti plains from the Maasai Mara to the north, and in the park you’ll find The Sanctuary’s Migration Camp. The camp is split into two areas of five-star tents, decorated to be permanent suites, but designed to move with the annual movement of the wildebeest and all the game that it attracts.

In Africa, the rules change for what is called luxury camping. Nearly all the camps in these areas are designed to be temporary and move with the needs of the wildlife. Most have such comforts as hot water, fine linens, gourmet meals and coffee, snacks and tea delivered to your tent each morning.

Safari Glamping in Kenya

Chekwa Eco-Tents are situated on private land at the edge of a salt lake that hosts up to 4,000 Lesser Flamingoes, which makes for exciting bird watching from an aesthetic point of view. The lake also has significant cultural value to the Njemps community living along its shores. The scenery that surrounds it thrives with clear skies, sundowns, low-flying birds of prey, and bush butterflies. The group of conservation-minded Maasai landowners and staff continues to attract and delight an eclectic mix of visitors. Tourists with interests in birds, photography expeditions, wild nature, walking safaris, Maasai culture, bio-farming are all drawn to Chekwa and its surroundings. However, it’s crucial to note that visiting any part of the Elerai/Mugie/Ol Donyo Sapuku conservancies will require permission from the Maasai owners either directly or through the camp. They hold all grazing agreements and lease the extra 1,000 hectares of forest and lake shores to the Kenyan National Museums for the charges of bringing and taking care of the campsite. There is ongoing land fragmentation in the conservancy, which makes for an exciting wildlife corridor that will soon be an actual reserve, and the love the community has for nature can be witnessed from the preservation schemes they encourage within their boma.

Have you ever visited a place for the first time and it felt like you went back home? That was the feeling I had when I arrived at Chekwa Eco-Tent, also known as Lake Elementaita Luxury Tented Camp. Previously, I had visited the location but using the bigger Wilson Campsite tents, a KWS (Kenya Wildlife Services) facility. So when I heard of the new development courtesy of an experience shared by Austere Adventures, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to try it out for myself. Well, I wouldn’t have ever imagined such quaint luxury on my escapades, so what better birthday gift could I have given myself?

It can be suggested that glamping is in parallel with activities such as wellness tourism due to the relationship with nature, adventure tourism because of shared activities, and even business tourism for its involvement in incentive plans and events. Despite the absence of an available offer of these services in a rigid category format, the activities undertaken can put the existence of wellness and business glamping in doubt. These functions are shared, but the accommodation offer is not yet covered by a setup of unique shared characteristics under these names. Each company would create it in the form of a glamping in order to use the glamping concept, clients and the number of glamping areas as the accommodation segment in demand. The economic and external conditions lenient the height of this demand for a glamping housing segment frontier. In essence, glamping moves towards the absorption of different accommodation types under its name, yet to be discovered, as long as it fits under a series of services it offers.

At first glance, the definition of glamping does not seem particularly difficult, although few official references to the activity exist. However, the presence of glamping has changed the traditional hard separation between camping and conventional tourist accommodation. The luxury camping concept has facilitated an accommodation offer more in line with the new tourist trends and clients’ motivations. Because of this growth, the glamping concept has been extended to sub-modalities and different typologies. As it is, glamping is positioned very close to environmental and natural tourism trends, that on some occasions, it can take the form of immersion in the ocean and the sea, larger and more holistic areas such as animal reserves, wildlife, rural life or gourmet spaces.