Latest Guide on how to register a company in Singapore

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Singapore company formation is the most attractive tax-advantaged corporate structure in the world for conducting international business.

How to open a company in Singapore without living or even going there
All formalities for incorporating a company in Singapore (as well as those related to work permits, if applicable) can be handled without you having to visit Singapore.
You have to hire a professional agency, discuss all the details by email or phone with them, send all the necessary documents (see below) via email, and pay by PayPal or bank transfer. You can receive the final documents anywhere and return the original signed documents to the agency through any international courier service.
Foreigners who wish to register a company in Singapore should take the following points into account:

You can operate your company from abroad and go to the country with a visitor visa when you have to attend to any company’s business in the short term. However, it would help if you kept in mind that you will have to find a resident local director in such circumstances, as each company must have at least one. Most professional agencies offering incorporation services in Singapore usually offer the services of a resident director for that purpose;
If you plan to move to Singapore to operate your company, you will need to obtain a work or entrepreneur permit. When you have received it, you will act as a resident director of your company.

• All the necessary documents to register a company in Singapore and the procedure to open it
• The methods for writing a company in Singapore are as follows:
• Pay the company incorporation fee to the professional agency;
• Choose a name for your new company;
• The agency will verify the availability of the name in Singapore;

Provide a copy of your passport, official copy of proof of address (for example, utility bill), and fill out a questionnaire with standard questions such as your address, passport number, and names of directors and shareholders (if you plan to open the company alone, you can be the sole director and shareholder);

In the case of a company with a simple structure, the documents required above will be enough for the agency to prepare the necessary paperwork for the incorporation of the company and send them to you by email for you to sign unless you have special requirements;

Upon receipt of all the original signed incorporation documents, including the certified passport copy and proof of address through the international courier service, the agency will proceed to establish the company online;
The entire process (from collecting documents to the online constitution) should be approximately five business days.
First of all, choose a Singapore company formation option:

• Local Entrepreneur: This option is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to establish a country and have their own regional Singapore resident director.
• Non-relocated foreign entrepreneur: This option is ideal for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to establish an offshore company in Singapore but do not plan to relocate there.
• Foreign Entrepreneur with Work Permit: This option is suitable for foreign entrepreneurs or professionals who wish to establish a company in Singapore and move there to carry out operations.

If you want to hire the services of a resident director, it is essential to appoint a competent person.