Why Sotavento Medios SEO is the best SEO Package in Singapore

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The Sotavento Medios SEO consists of turnkey services for website owners who want to increase traffic and turnover through search engines.

Based on the peculiarities of the project, each proposal can include specific activities contained in these 6 phases:

1) SEO strategy
Market and Competitor Analysis

In the first phase, a picture is taken of the current state of your site (in terms of presence in search engines), the reference sector, and the competition.
This analysis allows us to understand the sector to which the customer’s site belongs, users’ search habits (i.e., what visitors usually look for to find the solutions you offer), and how the online competition is moving.

2) Technical SEO
Technical improvements to favor the indexing of the site

In this phase, the site is analyzed at a technical level to determine what interventions it needs to favor correct crawling and indexing by search engines. A series of repair activities are proposed (too often due to technical quirks, a site is not indexed correctly) and improvements. Full support is also offered to those who will have to intervene on the site (usually the technical staff or the web agency that developed it).

3) On-Page SEO
Enhancement of Contents

This type of intervention concerns optimizing the contents offered by the site to enhance them and ensure that they reach the proper visibility for the target keywords. Following will be made editorial planning for the development of contents designed to cover new semantic areas sought by users and thus convey new target visitors to the site constantly over time.

4) Off-Page SEO
Digital PR and Link Building

In this phase, there is the planning and implementation of interventions aimed at increasing the site’s popularity through Digital PR and Link Building activities. Thanks to the information found in the SEO strategy phase, we will be able to carry out the best activities in terms of effort/benefit to increase the site’s popularity.

5) Monitoring
Periodic monitoring and checks

To achieve stable results and constantly increase visibility, it is necessary to keep the competitive scenario under control and to be able to fully exploit all the innovations implemented by search engines through the release of new features and algorithmic changes.
It is also vital to monitor a series of factors that influence positioning, such as site uptime, loading speed, the proliferation of duplicate content.

6) Reporting
Monthly or Quarterly

Detailed reports contain indicators that make it possible to understand the state of health of the site, the level of organic visibility, the results achieved, and a series of valuable parameters based on the objectives set.

SEO Audit
Technical and content analysis of your website to improve search engine optimization.

Link Building and Digital PR
Increase the popularity of your website through targeted link building and link earning campaigns.

SEO migration
Support in the correct management of the migration in order not to lose traffic and positioning achieved.

Keywords analysis
Analysis of the target market and identification of the best keywords for the SEO campaign.

Competitor Analysis
Site analysis to detect strengths and weaknesses concerning the main online competitors.

Recovery of penalties
Full support in recovering organic traffic losses due to downgrades and materiality losses.