Common types of Cancer in Singapore

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The body cells keep the number of cells almost constant under normal conditions. A “control mechanism” that controls division and proliferation is working. However, on rare occasions, gene mutations in cells prevent standard control from being accepted, and a “cell population” that begins to increase appears. This cell population-when a “tumor” grows invasively (feels like water gradually infiltrates) beyond the boundaries of normal tissue, or when it metastasizes (mostly both) is a “malignant tumor.”

First of all, cancers that occur in epithelial cells that cover the surface of organs (stomach cancer, colon cancer, etc.) and cancers originate in stromal cells that support the structure of tissues (osteosarcoma, lymphoma, etc.)
Tumor suppressor genes repair them or kill the cells themselves during mutation into cancer cells. In addition, even if cancer cells appear, immune cells such as lymphocytes will be exterminated if the number is small. However, when the immune system is weakened due to stress, cancer cells become a powerful cell group and grow steadily. It is said that the size of “cancer” that can be visually confirmed is from “1 cm” (100 million pieces).

1. Lung cancer, happens when cells in the lungs, i.e., trachea, bronchi, and alveoli be defeated in their normal function and turn into malignant cells that grow in a disorderly manner.
Main symptoms: Lung cancer may cause incurable cough, chest pain, breathing noise, shortness of breath, bloody sputum, and dry voice.

2. Breast cancer, the breast of an adult woman has multiple mammary glands arranged radially around the nipple. A duct connects each mammary gland called a milk duct. About 90% of breast cancers originate from this duct.
Main symptoms: Breast cancer grows to about 5 mm to 1 cm and becomes a lump that you can tell by touching carefully. Breast cancer tends to spread to the lymph nodes under the arm, so the lymph nodes may become large and touch as lumps, the arms may swell, or the arms may become numb.

3. Liver cancer is roughly divided into “primary liver cancer” and “metastatic liver cancer” that develop in the liver.
・ “Primary liver cancer” is mainly caused by hepatitis B and C viruses.
・ “Metastatic liver cancer” occurs when “cancer” of another organ such as stomach cancer, lung cancer, or colon cancer metastasizes.
Main symptoms: Some people complain of lumps, tightness, pain, and bloating in the abdomen.
Major cause: Most liver cancers are caused by hepatitis B and C viruses. People infected with the hepatitis virus need to be examined regularly so that even if liver “cancer” develops, it can be detected early.
Also, be aware that taking too much alcohol increases the chances of carcinogenesis.

4. Gastric cancer (stomach cancer), occurs when cells in the mucous membrane of the stomach become cancerous for some reason.
Main symptoms: You may have epigastric pain, heartburn, and black stools. These symptoms are also seen in gastritis and gastric ulcer.

5. Pancreatic cancer, is especially called pancreatic duct cancer. Usually, “pancreatic cancer” refers to this “pancreatic duct cancer.”
Main symptoms: When “pancreatic cancer” develops, there are symptoms such as growing diabetes and suddenly losing control of blood sugar in diabetes.