Improving Digestion with NutriWell Roselle tea

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Roselle tea, one of the preferred Asian brews produces a luscious hue of pink when served and, is said to aid digestion. The popular fresh brew is now made conveniently available in a pack with an all-around natural authentic taste – the brand-new NutriWell Roselle.

Roselle, commonly known as 洛神花 in Chinese, is a species from the Hibiscus family which is botanically known as Hibiscus sabdariffa. The species is found in the tropics and it is distinguished by its bright white to pale yellow flowers with a stout that becomes fleshy and bright red as the fruit matures. The calyx, prized for its flavor and is in the brewing of beverages, is a red pointed pod found on the Hibiscus which protects and supports the plant. Prepared by infusing the calyces of the Roselle flower in hot water, it yields a deep red color and carries with it a tart, cranberry-like flavor.

Increasing health awareness among tea lovers has ignited a trend of consumption of floral teas such as the Roselle tea. Known for its nutritional properties, the Roselle plant contains polyphenols, flavonoids, and anthocyanins, which are potent antioxidants, and is rich in organic acids, minerals, amino acids, and vitamin C3. The Roselle leaves and flowers are known to be used as a tonic for digestive functions. Another interesting fact is that the plant is regarded as an aromatic, astringent, and cooling herb that is commonly used in the tropics. When chilled, the beverage which does not contain sweeteners and added coloring make the perfect accompaniment to any meal especially if it is a heavy one, and it is most refreshing when consumed chilled on a warm sunny day.

NutriWell Roselle is available at most supermarkets, hypermarkets, and participating retails outlets with a Recommended Selling Price of S$2.25 for a 1-liter pack and S$1.50 for a 475ml pack, containing no preservatives

Raw materials

Step 1. Raw materials
Treated water
Next, we add hot treated water into the brewing tank with the natural ingredients

Extraction brewing in hot water

Step 2. Extraction/brewing in hot water
From there, we let the concoction brew slowly to extract the flavor from the ingredients


Step 3. Pasteurization
To make sure our beverages stay fresh and good without any preservatives, we pasteurize all our products to eliminate any remaining bacteria or pathogens

Filling into Tetra Brik

Step 4. Filling into Tetra Brik
Once cooled, we strain our beverages and start filling the cartons with the finalized brew