Myths and Facts About Immunity

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MYTH: Reduced immunity causes allergy reaction.

Allergic reaction is not caused by reduced immunity, but excessive immune reaction. It happens when the immune system is triggered by allergen. When the immune system mistakenly recognized an allergen as foreign substance, large number of unnecessary antibodies are produced to attack the allergen. As a result, a series of allergic reactions such as inflammation, itchiness, skin rashes and sneezing will be triggered.

MYTH: Supplements that enhance immunity are unnecessary unless we are sick. Constantly taking immune-enhancing food or supplement is more effective than taking double dose of supplement when we feel sick. At the moment when we realized we are almost getting sick, this means that our immune system has been almost defeated by the germs. Hence, it is important to take care of the immune system in our daily life so that our body is well-prepared to protect us from diseases. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

MYTH: Having a strong immunity means we would not get sick anymore. Having a strong immunity does not mean we would not get sick anymore. However, strong and healthy immune system help to enhance the body defense against pathogens and reduce the chance of getting infected. In addition, strong immunity also helps to reduce the recovery time and severity of symptoms of illness.

MYTH: Antibiotics need to be taken as soon as you feel sick. Antibiotics are often prescribed by doctor to treat bacterial infectious diseases. Antibiotics kill off harmful bacteria in the body, at the same Anne, they also destroy beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Moreover, unnecessary use of antibiotics will also slow down the natural immune reaction of the body, eventually, our body immune defiance will become less active and weaker. Hence, take antibiotics only when it is necessary and ensure that it is prescribed by doctor.

MYTH: Vaccine is not necessary and it might cause diseases. Vaccination can protect human from serious infectious diseases and prevent the outbreak of certain diseases in a population or region. In other words, vaccine can turn a certain infectious disease to become preventable and controllable. In addition, vaccination is safe and effective. All vaccines have been undergone long and rigorous tests and reviews by scientists, doctors and the government to ensure the vaccine’s safeness and effectiveness.

MYTH: Sterile environment is good for children. A lot of parents are trying hard to provide a maximal sterile environment for their baby. However, an excessively sterile environment inhibits the normal development of immune system in the early childhood of the kids. Hence, parents should not be over cautious and sterilize everything so that the kids’ body can have the chance to develop their immunity. Of course, the basic hygiene is still necessary to avoid kid from pathogenic diseases.