UNDO BUTTON CTRL+Z: What will you Undo if you have an Undo Button

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This is impossible but something which everyone always wishes for the most. There is always that something in their life that they regret doing and hope to make the changes.
What if there is this undo button where we can change our current life. In a recent survey of over 300 individuals in Singapore, we have the top 10 Undo Button wish list.

The responses below are not in any specific order.

1. I wish I could undo my time playing when I was a teen and focus more on my studies to get a better job
2. I wish I can that I did not apply for the credit card when it was offered to me at the roadshows.
3. I wish I did not get involved in gambling
4. I wish that I never met this girl/boy
5. I wish that I could turn back time and spend more time with my family/spouse
6. I wish that I was not so stupid to fall for the get rich quick online money scam
7. I wish I could undo my purchase of the useless things in my house
8. I wish I could undo time and not get involved in my current friends and make better friends.
9. I hope that I can undo the wrongs I did to a friend and be a better person
10. I wish that I was never born

Some of the crazier responses we have gotten in a survey were that they wish they were never born, but we can see all of the undo got to do with time and money.

What is your undo button if you have one, Leave a comment below.