Updates of Google Newest Algorithm for SEO

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If you are a business owner or operate a website that depends on the traffic of the visitors and rely on SEO for business this is an important update and summary of what is needed to make your website rank higher.

We all knew the 2 newest updates google has introduced in March and May this year but the effect of this has only begun at beginning of July for Singapore. Many of the websites which were previously on page 1 might not still be on page 1, and good job for those of you who are still there.

The updates are with the use of snippets and page engagements. Snippets are short efforts that can be easily done by your SEO agency in Singapore But the new changes are the following which is essential for all business websites.

SSL certificate, the type of SSL certificate used for the site, to get a better quality and ranking of the site, it is better to have the website secured with an SSL certificate making the website with an HTTPS, Your website will rank higher with an SSL certificate. But this is not just any other ordinary SSL certificate, there are free SSL certificates which you can get but not so advisable as the impact it will create for your website performance is very low, it is advisable to purchase a reliable certificate from a provider or your development marketing agency.

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Mobile Friendliness, is a key element for websites, and to be listed on Google page 1, your website will need to be mobile-friendly. I am not just referring to your website having a responsive website version but actually on the overall appearance of the site and adaptability of the website on mobile devices. The main factor for mobile-friendliness and key factor which we discovered is the font size, choice of color of the font. Many of us want fanciful colors on the website with specific types of fonts and specific colors, with the new algorithms, it is recommended to use the open font or those under google font rather than customized font type which is not widely available or uploaded by your self to have a specific font different from everyone else. The font size should also be large enough and be seen easily by everyone. Not everyone has the perfect eyesight to see a font size 7 or 8.

Page speed, the loading speed of the pages is another important factor in the current SEO algorithms. Loading speed is important and this is because of several factors like your web hosting choice, the number of images in your website if you have them compressed, and the amount of content on the site. Be sure to have all the images optimized and compressed, there are several free plugins available for this action or you can ask your web developer to have them done for you, they only take a few days to do it if they are familiar with how it works.

Page engagement with social signals and social media marketing. be sure to have the site with original and engaging content. This is because no one is interested to read copied content or content available elsewhere. Google puts a very high weightage on content and that is why you always hear the phrase Content is King. This is a fact since day 1. Make use of videos marketing and have videos on your site, they rank higher now, It is also true that people have a better memory of videos than just reading content, include 1 or 2 videos in your targeted page to get user engagement. Social signals and social media marketing are important to SEO, normally not part of the package but something which you have to engage someone or do yourself, having more traffic from referral sites will mean a lot to the site and you will be ranked higher.

In the additional note for content, the website should not even have 1& of copied content as this will damage the reputation and authority of the website, there are free tools which you can check for copied content if someone has copied your content. You can get it from Copyscape.

If you feel that you have some changes or notice that your website ranking is not as high as previous you might want to engage a new website designer or an SEO agency to do a full audit for you to have it fixed.

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