Kidaone Elderberry Colostrum the Immune System Booster for Children

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Do you have a child who is constantly sick? Don’t worry, this blog post will help.  KidAone Elderberry Colostrum is the perfect supplement to add to your child’s daily routine in order to double up their immunity and reduce the chance of them getting sick!  Read on for more details about all the benefits that come with using this product.

Colostrum is the first form of milk that a mother produces after giving birth. It contains high amounts of antibodies and growth hormones for infants, which help boost immunity and growth. KIDAONE also contains an extract of Colostrum and elderberry fruit, which has been shown to be effective for kids’ immunity. KidAone comes in a convenient tablet that allows for easy administration. KidAone Elderberry does not contain any harmful excipients or other ingredients that might adversely affect your child’s health or well-being. KidAone has been tested by our in-house laboratory and meets all safety standards. KidAone is a registered FDA product.

3 Major Advantages of Colostrum Fights infant anemia

  • Lactoferrin is a protein that aids in the synthesis of hemoglobin, thereby protecting infants from anemia.
  • Immunity in premature babies is increased.
  • Colostrum contains immune cells that help premature babies’ immune systems.
  • Improves gut health
  • Lysozyme is an enzyme that protects against bacterial and viral infections, normalizes intestinal flora, and promotes bifidobacterial proliferation in children’s guts.


The natural superfood for humans that fights virus and bacteria-induced respiratory tract infections.

Eldercraft, a high-quality anthocyanin-standardised elderberry extract derived from Australian black elderberries (Sambucus nigra, L.) via a proprietary membrane filtration technology, is included in KidAone.

Elderberry has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

  • It relieves upper respiratory symptoms.
  • Aids the immune system

Kids these days need all the protection and immunity they can get. With a new strain of co-virus making rounds, it’s never been more important to keep your child healthy and protected at all times. That’s why we recommend KidAone Elderberry Colostrum for immune system building from the inside out. It acts as an antiviral agent that helps protect against illness while also boosting their overall health status by supporting immune function with its powerful antioxidant properties. So go ahead and give them this extra boost – they deserve it!