Review of Shopify, The best E-commerce Shopping Platform in 2022

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With the e-commerce boom, there are more e-commerce platforms than ever. A lot of e-commerce stores use some e-commerce shopping platform as an online store.

Shopify is one of the e-commerce platforms that provide many e-commerce features and services to help run their e-stores.

This article will review Shopify and how Shopify can benefit your e-store if you want to start it in 2022.

Shopify is better than another E-Commerce Shopping Platform: Volusion

In this section, we will discuss why Shopify is better than other e-commence shopping platforms such as Volusion or Big Commerce.

The first reason for Shopify being a better e-commerce shopping platform is its e-commerce app market.

Volusion and Bigcommerce, do not have e-commerce apps on their e-commerce platforms. A lot of e-commerce business needs an eCommerce feature to be integrated into their stores. That’s why Shopify provides eCommerce Apps for third-party developers to integrate technology into the Shopify platform.

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For example, if you want to integrate an Instagram feed for your products page in Volusion or Big-commerce, you will face a hard time doing this.

If you are running Shopify, instead of integrating features by yourself, you can just download the Instagram app from the Shopify app market which is available so many eCommerce apps e.g. eCommerce apps for eBay, eCommerce apps for amazon, and e-commerce apps for marketplaces like Etsy and eBay.

Shopify has a lot of eCommerce features that are easy to use

Shopify provides so many features you will find something that is essential if you want to run your e-store well.

If you are running your e-store at Shopify, you will have access to coupon codes, order management, customer support chat, help center, warehouse management, etc.. which Volusion or Bigcommerce be don’t have.

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