Jasper Artificial Intelligence Software: The Fast, Easy Way to Get Professional, Accurate Website Content

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If you’re like most website owners, you don’t have time to write quality content yourself. You’re busy running your business, and you simply don’t have the hours it takes to research and write a great blog post or article. That’s where Jasper comes in. Jasper is artificial intelligence software that helps automate content writing for website owners. With Jasper, you can get professional, accurate website content in minutes – not hours!

What is Jasper AI (Formerly Jarvis)?

Jasper is an AI writing tool that allows you to produce high-quality material such as blog entries, social media posts, marketing emails, and more quickly.

It’s based on GPT-3 technology, which is by far the best when it comes to producing content with a language structure.

Its Boss Mode, which allows you to write long-form content like blog entries, stories, and books 5X faster, is what sets it apart.

The simplicity of use and effectiveness of the platform, among other things, made Jasper AI the top choice of over 50,000 content marketers.

If you’re looking to quicken and expand SEO content development, try Jasper right now.

Sign up for a Jasper Account with free 20,000 words from Us here

Jasper AI Most Impressive Features

Here are the most important characteristics of Jasper that have made it a marketing, writer, and start-up company favorite.

  • Offers over 50+ templates ready for anything 
  • Create blog posts, stories, and even books
  • Write short social posts and photo post captions
  • Jasper generates 100% plagiarism-free content
  • Write marketing copy, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.
  • Built-in copywriting frameworks such as AIDA, Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS), etc.
  • Create high-quality long-form content
  • Content Improver to rewrite and expand the existing piece of content  
  • Write cold emails and compelling email subject lines
  • Generates video topic ideas, script outlines, titles, hook, and introduction
  • Write intelligent Quora answers for tough questions, and much more

Here’s a screenshot of their templates available in Jasper:


And So much more, You can see more under the Templates Section to test drive each of Jasper Feature

Who is Jasper AI for?

  • All the content producers who want to generate fresh material on a regular basis are counting on Jasper.
  • Create high-quality, unique content that Google ENHANCEMENT loves.
  • YouTubers who wish to make films that are engaging and rank highly on YouTube.
  • Who want to create amazing product reviews in no time
  • Those who seek to launch social media postings quickly and easily should consider using Hootsuite.
  • Small company owners that want to scale their biz without hiring additional copywriters can use automated copywriting to increase productivity.
  • Content writing services are offered by agencies that work with their clients to generate content. Finally, the pricing of Jasper is most crucial.

Jasper has two primary pricing models: Starter Mode and Boss Mode. The distinction between the various modes is illustrated in the chart. See full Pricing Report and Comparison here.


Their pricing model is by the features you are looking for. It is definitely way cheaper to go for the annual plan but if you would like to try it out first, the monthly plan is the most affordable way to get about. They also offer a full money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with their software.


In the beginning, when Jasper.AI was known as Jarvis.AI there was no word limit to the account. But new signups will be restricted with a word limit. You can use our sign-up link above to get an additional word limit of 20,000 on us just for trying it out for free.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jasper.AI

What happens if I hit my plan’s word limit?

The Starter Plan comes with 20,000 words and Boss Mode comes with 50,000 words written by Jasper. Sign up with our link to get an additional 20,000 words free. If you meet your plan’s limit in 30 days, you have two options:

Option 1: Upgrade to a higher monthly limit

Scale up your plan as your content needs grow. The price per word decreases as you scale up. Unused words do not roll over to the next month.

Option 2: Buy a one-time bonus pack

Just need to finish a project? Purchase a pack of bonus words that never expire. The higher your monthly plan, the cheaper the price per word. On average, bonus packs cost $30 for 30,000 words. Bonus pack words roll over every month.

What’s the fastest way to learn how to use Jasper?

While writing with artificial intelligence may sound scary futuristic, the team behind Jasper has made it very simple to use. The fastest way to learn Jasper is to watch the FREE 45-minute Bootcamp.

This BootCamp is entirely free and you will get all the tips and tricks to get started on Jasper.

Check your inbox after you sign up and the tutorials will be emailed to you in the welcome email.

As we are currently using it every day for all our content writing, basically it’s easy like commanding a staff what to do and they will get your content out in just seconds. (Boss Mode)

We do not want to have a spoiler alert on Jasper and want you to take charge of it and use it yourself to feel the impact of it. We recommend Boss Mode for optimal results and performance. Risk-Free, Sign up for your free account,