Famous Filipino Dishes: The Ultimate Food Explorer Guide

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If your favorite food is on this list, you are a Filipino.

One of the things that every Filipino is proud of is having delicious foods. Famous Filipino foods can be served and eat on usual days and simple occasions. These are affordable regardless of it belong to the top Filipino foods. Including foreigners, trying popular Filipino foods is on their bucket list too.

  1. Sinigang

It is a popular dish in the Philippines that every Filipino is a fan of this food. Sinigang has a sour flavor because of the tamarind that is used. This dish has pork, vegetables such as water spinach, string beans, gabi (taro), and radish. Besides meat, you can use kinds of seafood like milkfish or shrimp as well. However, make use of pork instead of seafood is the ultimate favorite of Filipinos. This Filipino dish is absolutely perfect for people who are having flu. The hot and sour broth of Sinigang will help them feel much better.

  1. Adobo

Another popular Filipino meal is adobo. Some people use pork, while others use chicken, or you can combine the two if you have both. Potatoes and eggs can also be added to the mix. Rice is necessary for eating adobo because of its delicious salty, sweet, and sour flavor. You should try this dish because it is incredibly simple and straightforward. Only vinegar, soy sauce, and a bay leaf are needed to make adobo.

  1. Kare- Kare

This is a dish that every grandmother’s specialty. Others prefer to use pure peanuts or sweet peanut sauce. This dish is frequently served on special occasions. Oxtail is used in the traditional recipe. The tripe and tail of an ox are used in a variety of ways. String beans, eggplant, bok choy, and banana blossoms are among the vegetables used in this dish.

  1. Sisig

It is commonly served as a side dish with alcoholic drinks in the Philippines. It was originated from the Luzon province of Pampanga. This meal is made with pig’s face and belly, as well as chicken liver. I know the combination doesn’t sound appealing, but after you try it, you’ll want to try it again. It’s also seasoned with calamansi, onions, and chili peppers, but these days it’s also topped with mayo and egg.

  1. Lumpiang Shanghai

When you were a kid, I’m sure this was the main dish at your birthday party. If you look through your birthday photo album right now, you’ll see that this food is in the first row. Because this ground pork fried roll is a popular birthday food, there is a funny saying: “If the birthday does not include Lumpiang Shanghai, I will not attend.” It simply means that every Filipino enjoyed this dish.

  1. Halo-Halo

You must try the most popular Filipino dessert. Let your friends try it as well. It is one of the best comfort foods in the Philippines, especially during the summer months. Halo-Halo is composed of a variety of ingredients topped with crushed ice and milk. Beans, pearls, sweet potatoes, and other vegetables are included. Aside from the ice-shaved dessert with condensed milk and monggo beans, sago, nata de coco, pinipig, sweetened banana, macapuno (coconut sport), and leche flan (caramel custard) are used in this dessert. You can see why Halo-Halo is the most well-known Filipino dessert in the Philippines by looking at the ingredients. It is also affordable, despite having lots of ingredients.

If you’re up for an adventure, a food explorer at heart, and haven’t tried Filipino food yet – then this is your sign to try. And when you do, be sure to look out for some of the dishes we mentioned. I guarantee you that everything will be worth the try. Good luck with your food hunting until next time!