Google Pixel Fold: A Strong Competitor to the Galaxy Z Fold with Some Drawbacks

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The Google Pixel Fold is a foldable phone-tablet hybrid that offers a unique combination of features and capabilities. Here’s a review of the device based on the available information:


  1. Phone and tablet in one: The Pixel Fold provides the convenience of having both a phone and a tablet in a single device, making it a versatile option for users.
  2. Water resistance: The device is water-resistant, adding an extra layer of protection for users.
  3. Great outside screen: The Pixel Fold has a great screen when used as a phone.
  4. Great tablet screen: The device also offers a great tablet screen when unfolded.
  5. Good performance: The device performs well, thanks to its Tensor G2 chip.
  6. Class-leading cameras: The Pixel Fold features class-leading cameras, with a 5x optical zoom similar to a regular Pixel 8Pro.
  7. Gap-free when closed: The device has a gapless fold and flatter bezels around the tablet display, making it more attractive.
  8. Attractive design: The Pixel Fold has a sleek and modern design that sets it apart from other foldable devices.


  1. Price: The device is quite expensive, with a price of S$2,999 which is more than twice the price of Google’s top regular phone, the Pixel 8 Pro.
  2. Crease: The Pixel Fold has a noticeable crease in the screen, which can be a downside compared to regular phones.
  3. Screen fragility: The foldable screen may be more prone to damage than a regular phone screen.
  4. Heavy weight: The device is heavier than regular phones, which can be a drawback for some users.
  5. Large bezels: The Pixel Fold has large bezels around the tablet screen, which can be a disadvantage.
  6. First-gen issues: The device is Google’s first foldable phone, and it may have some first-generation issues, such as software not taking full advantage of the big screens.

The Google Pixel Fold is a unique and versatile device that offers a combination of phone and tablet capabilities. However, its high price, noticeable crease, screen fragility, and heavy weight may be drawbacks for some users. The device’s class-leading cameras and attractive design are among its strengths, but it may not be the best choice for everyone due to its premium price and first-generation issues.

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