Li Chun 2024 Deposit Money: Master Your Li Chun Deposit Money Timing

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The following content will cover different backgrounds and factors that should be considered, rituals and superstitions that people may follow, and modern strategies and methods. As we go deeper, you will realize that making a Li Chun money deposit is not just an annual routine, but a time for introspection and decision-making in our lives. Let’s start by looking into the background of Li Chun and understanding its importance in Chinese society.

However, a successful money deposit that can truly unlock prosperity during Li Chun is not just about waking up early and joining the queue. There are actually many things to consider, and every single decision and action that you make can have an impact on how prosperous you can be in the year. This guide is therefore created to provide valuable information and insights on how to master your Li Chun money deposit timing. It is not just about the times and hours. We will learn various time-tested techniques and new methodologies to help you analyze the best times and the best strategies for maximizing prosperity, but more importantly, how you can effectively make good choices and decisions.

One of the most well-known practices during Li Chun is the “Li Chun money deposit,” in which people deposit a small amount of money into their bank account. It is believed that by doing so, one can attract and accumulate wealth and prosperity for the entire year. This practice has become increasingly popular among the modern generation, and many bank branches in Hong Kong and China open early on Li Chun to accommodate the large crowds of money depositors.

Li Chun is the first solar term, starting from around 3 to 5 February, and marks the end of the coldest days of the year, signifying the arrival of spring. As the new year begins, Li Chun carries special significance in Chinese traditions. Historically, it is a time for new beginnings and clean slates, when ancient Chinese farmers started their new year’s farming. People nowadays also observe Li Chun for better health, wealth, and prosperity.

Li Chun, or the “Beginning of Spring” in Chinese, is a solar term used in the Chinese lunisolar calendar. The lunisolar calendar, which calculates years, months, and days, is widely used in many Asian and East Asian countries, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Unlike the standard solar calendar used in the Western world, the Chinese lunisolar calendar is based on the location of the sun on the celestial sphere, dividing the year into 24 solar terms.

What is Li Chun?

According to the Chinese almanac, Li Chun represents the beginning of spring in the lunar calendar. It is a 15-day period usually between 4th and 19th February when the cosmic energy of the year first arrives. This period is highly regarded by the Chinese as it marks the ideal time for new beginning and is associated with abundance and prosperity. For centuries, it has been a common custom for working adults to deposit money into their bank accounts during Li Chun. This practice is believed to bring continuous growth of wealth and abundance in the coming year, as the money will absorb the ‘growing’ energy of spring. It is thought that by embracing this practice and harnessing the cosmic energy of Li Chun, individuals will be able to align their personal fortune with the positive vibrations of the universe and make even more things possible in their lives. Through harnessing the cosmic energy of Li Chun, individuals will be able to align their personal fortune with the positive vibrations of the universe and make even more things possible in their lives. Nowadays, most people will choose to perform an online money transfer instead of making cash deposit due to the rapid development of digital banking. However, it is worthy to note that cash deposit during Li Chun is not just a traditional superstition; it actually leads to a real increase in bank deposits during this period. Every year in Singapore, the total amount of cash deposits made by individuals in most major banks have been significantly increased in the week of Li Chun compared to the previous and following weeks. As the number of people depositing cash onto their bank account each day around the week of Li Chun is a random variable, it is fascinating to observe from a statistical perspective how the central limit theorem is manifested over a large period of multiple years; in that the daily number of people who make a deposit will eventually form a normal distribution.

Importance of Li Chun 2024 Deposit Money Timing

This further explains why it is generally believed and advised by many that the money deposit should take place very early in the morning, when the “qi” is at its purest form right after the inception of a particular day. If we can perform the money deposit at the branch in a timely manner on the first day of the period, then the deposit could not be any better because not only the “qi” in the surrounding environment, which is believed to shift from minute to minute, signals the start of this energetic period, but also other environmental factors could be playing an additional role to boost the effect of the deposit. For example, fresh air in an early morning, the breeze, and the rate of flow of “qi” called the “Shun Qi,” a principle in which the cosmic energy is moving to a new location to maintain the continuous spreading of energy flow throughout the world (critical during the entire deposit process to maintain the flow of “qi” from the surrounding environment to the deposit location), will all provide their unique assistance to further strengthen the deposit.

If we compare the range of a Li Chun 2024 period to the duration of one single year, we will soon find that the best days of the first 15 days of the period occur in the years of the second half of our current period. This is why, for example, the Li Chun period this year is from 4th February to 3rd May. The “qi” of the best day, that is to say, the first day of the period, should occur in the years in the second half of the overall period, such as in 2000 to 2019. Since the year 2024 exactly lies between 2000 and 2019, according to what we have discussed before, the 4th February of 2024, which is the very first day of the Li Chun period, should be a good day because 2024 is a year that its yearly “qi” matches the property of the energy that the period brings.

Ancient Chinese Ba Zi theory, also known as the “Four Pillars of Destiny” or “Eight Characters,” is a kind of Chinese fortune telling of a person’s destiny from the cradle to the grave, which provides us with the knowledge of favorable and unfavorable years or days based on a person’s zodiac sign. More than one Chinese zodiac sign can share a favorable day during the entire Li Chun period from 4th February of one year to the 3rd May of the same year.

While the Li Chun 2024 deposit money is supposed to bring prosperity and abundance for the whole year, it is important to realize that the exact timing of the deposit itself is not random and plays a very crucial role in enhancing the effectiveness of the deposit. One reason for this relates to the yearly distribution of the Earth’s energy, which is believed by classical Chinese thinkers to impact the wealth and health of every individual. Different days or periods of a year are under the influence of different “qi,” which refers to the cosmic energy of the Earth.

Factors to Consider for Li Chun Deposit Money

Feng Shui elements and colors. The practice of using five feng shui elements and different colors that represent these elements to adjust and compensate for the lack or imbalance of factors in a person’s life is very common among people who appreciate the Chinese metaphysical science around the world. This practice has also been extended into the decision of Li Chun money deposit timing, which most people would look for auspicious sectors with the presence of certain elements that can enhance the positive energy flow. For instance, locating sectors that contain a huge amount of fire element and its representative colors, red and orange, might be the best choice to deposit money in order to maximize the element of passion and luck in the coming year, as the fire element is believed to bring fame, enthusiasm, and joy into life based on the productive cycle of the five feng shui elements. In addition, the fire element would fuel the creation of earth that symbolizes stability and protection, according to the website of “Find Your Fate” in the category of Chinese feng shui. Also, it recommends that favorable and yang colors such as red, purple, yellow, pink, and orange can be used in different sectors in varying degrees with the science of feng shui. For people who work on improving interpersonal relationships and communications, white and silver that represent the metal element could also serve as a good alternative of choices. Again, proper consultation and engagement with a professional Feng Shui Master before applying feng shui solutions based on the metaphysical principles is recommended.

Zodiac sign and auspicious directions. When depositing money during Li Chun, it is believed that individuals’ zodiac sign and their respective auspicious directions play a significant role in aligning with the positive energy flow. Various zodiac signs are grouped into four different groups, also known as the four trines, and each trine is associated with a specific set of auspicious compass directions. For example, those who belong to the trine of wood, such as the zodiac sign born in the year of the tiger and rabbit, should deposit money on the days aligned with the east compass direction to enhance the prosperous energy based on the tradition of the Chinese compass school feng shui, also known as “Luo Pan” in Chinese. It is important to note that compass direction measurement should be based on the traditional way of using the Chinese Luo Pan compass and English compass direction measurement may not be accurate according to Feng Shui Master Kelvin, who has been in practice for ten years and counting. Also, finding an authentic Feng Shui Master in the professional Feng Shui services might be useful as well.

Zodiac Sign and Auspicious Directions

Last but not least, knowing the auspicious direction from your zodiac sign can serve as a useful guide to help you align the practice of Li Chun money deposit with the general aspects of feng shui that attract wealth energy, known as Sheng Chi. Literally, Sheng Chi refers to the positive and prosperous energy in the environment. Every year, the Sheng Chi energy will circulate around in different locations, covering the 12 segments of a compass. By depositing your money into your bank account in the corresponding location of your zodiac sign, it is believed that the Sheng Chi energy of that particular direction will be further enhanced and hence bring ultimate wealth and prosperity to your life.

Moreover, when you are finding the right auspicious direction for your Li Chun money deposit, it is important to ensure that your identified location is within the vicinity of your current living area. Due to the rapid urbanization and building construction in cities and towns, environmental factors and landscape might have changed. Always make sure that your selected location is accessible and available for your money deposit, be it at a bank’s branch or ATM.

In addition, you should take note not to mix up the directions for the ‘big’ and ‘small’ zodiac signs. It is a common mistake for people to locate their zodiac sign according to the birth year, which indicates the ‘small’ zodiac, instead of the ‘big’ zodiac which is based on the Chinese Solar Calendar (Li Chun, the start of spring) and locate their auspicious direction wrongly.

If you were born in a year of the rat, making your Li Chun money deposit in a northeast location will be the most ideal. On the other hand, for a person who belongs to the pig sign, the west location should be your first choice. In view of that, you can refer to a Chinese Zodiac plate which illustrates the directional guide of 12 zodiac signs to identify your most auspicious location for money deposit. The Chinese Zodiac plate is widely available in various bookstores and gift shops as well as online websites that sell feng shui decorations and items.

Based on the Chinese Zodiac system, each person belongs to a specific zodiac sign and possesses the characteristics of that particular sign. There are 12 zodiac signs in total, namely rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig, and each of them has a unique directional location. For example, the rat’s 12 o’clock direction is deemed to be the most auspicious while it is for the pig at 9 o’clock.

Feng Shui Elements and Colors

Another vital component when considering the best timing for Li Chun 2024 money deposit using feng shui is the specific feng shui element of the year. One of the five elements, which are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, takes turn to rule the energy of a specific year according to the Chinese Solar Calendar. For example, 2024 is the year of the wood element. Hence, the favorable colors that represent the wood element such as green and brown will bring prosperity to us in the Wood Horse Year. So if you are tapping on the feng shui energy of the year, deposit your money with a check that carries the year’s favorable colors that represent the ruling element of the year for better wealth luck. As the Chinese Solar New Year falls on 4th February and Li Chun is on the 4th of February, it is good to start depositing your money with a good check on the very first day of the Chinese Solar New Year to bring auspicious aura in. By identifying the auspicious timing throughout the day on 4th of February that connect to the money star. This 1-day good timing can be further divided into 12 timing of 2-hour periods. Each 2-hour period is governed by one of the 12 zodiac animal signs and for each of these 12 timings, we will have 2 hours of good timing which represents one’s own zodiac animal sign and another 2 hours of great timing which represents the zodiac animal sign that is 180 degrees in opposition to your zodiac sign. By capitalizing on the time when the money star’s energy is at its peak at one’s own zodiac animal sign period and the energy is at the next peak at the opposition zodiac sign period, it creates a greater success potential in tapping on the money star with feng shui.

Personal Financial Goals

For the right timing for money deposits is the presence of personal financial goals. In general, it is best to deposit money on Li Chun with the intention of saving and growing wealth in the long term. If people are able to dedicate current assets to plan for the future, it is believed that this will attract auspicious financial opportunities and facilitate the growth of existing wealth over time. In this case, the most suitable timing for money deposit would be during the morning time, as this would align well with the surrounding energy of growth and prosperity. This is exactly why people who are more inclined towards long term growth in their finances are recommended to deposit their money early on in the day. On the other hand, those who are focused on career developments, or are in need of additional income to supplement the present would be more inclined to deposit their money in the afternoon or night time. This is because such timings will directly benefit the money accumulator through the course of the day – where the deposit will help to realize aspects of increased opportunity and beneficial monetary developments in a short period of time. It is important to customize and prioritize one’s pressing needs and financial goals instead of blindly choosing a timing slot throughout the day. Every individual has a different story and life to live, it should be recognized that the concept of time value of money stands and it shouldn’t be shifted from its true context even when it comes to Li Chun money deposit. By incorporating time value of money and the right personal financial goals into the practice of Li Chun money deposit, one can ensure that wealth is developed and utilized efficiently, working favorably to the engagement of healthy financial habits along the way.

Strategies for Maximizing Li Chun Prosperity

Early deposits are typically recommended by Feng Shui masters based on the concept that this timing is when the wealth-attracting energy is the strongest. When more people deposit money during Li Chun, banks can be very crowded and waiting times can be long. By choosing to deposit money early in the morning, it helps to avoid a crowded and stressful environment which might disturb your focus and mood. Furthermore, it is believed that queuing up for money deposit is not symbolic of good Feng Shui, as the act of waiting is seen as a manifestation of slower growth in wealth. From a practical perspective, by depositing your money in the early morning, you could potentially be one of the first few customers to make the deposit, which means a shorter waiting time and more time for you to enjoy the rest of your day. However, given that many people have to work and might face time constraints, not everyone can make their Li Chun deposit money in the early morning. If this is the case for you, it is alright to deposit money at another time; just consider choosing a good timing over rushing. There have been a selection of auspicious timings that the public can consider for making Li Chun money deposits. These timings are given by different Feng Shui masters each year. For those who are unable to make the deposit on Li Chun day itself, do not fret as some masters will deem the day before Li Chun as “Chu Yi” and the day after Li Chun as “Chu San”. Both of these days also have specific timing for making money deposits, which might prove to be a good alternative. However, it is best to consult one of these Feng Shui masters in advance. Even though different masters might give different timing advices, the variant is usually marginal. By keeping in mind the 4 keys for a successful Li Chun money deposit and considering the methods to maximizing the yearly wealth-attracting energy, you are already a step ahead in ensuring a good year ahead! It is also fairly important to understand that Li and other Feng Shui guidelines are based on general beliefs and not personal and targeted Feng Shui, which normally requires the reading of Zi Wei Dou Shu and Ba Zi for an individual. By knowing the underlying reasons and the purpose of each step in this Li Chun deposit guide, you can then apply it in good faith to achieve the best possible result.

Early Morning Deposits

The “Hour of the Rat” is the first “shi chen” of the day, corresponding to 11pm to 1am. Feng Shui Master Tang explained that “the positive energy from the universe is strongest” at this timing. Therefore, any money deposit made during the “Hour of the Rat” will be “respectful of the positive force” and “welcome the better fortune”. Master Tang added that the heightened cosmic energy is also manifested in the biological activities of living organisms. For instance, “people and plants are waking up from the good force of the nature and so it’s a good manifestation of positive energy”. With such strong life forces in the early morning, the commencement of a new day is considered the “beginning of everything positive”, said Master Tang. According to the renowned Feng Shui expert, people who seek to “increase their assets”, may “permit the good force” by doing simple things such as “opening the windows to allow the natural energy to come in your body” or “go to the gym for morning exercise”. He added that by keeping a good and healthy body, the positive energy gets “encouraged” and people will have “more will and perseverance to increase their assets”. Master Tang’s explanations revealed the powerful force and the benefits of making Li Chun money deposits early in the morning. He is sending the message that people should connect themselves to the natural environment to allow absorption of natural energies for better and positive growth.

Choosing the Right Bank and Branch

When selecting a bank and branch for Li Chun money deposits, there are several considerations to take into account, such as the auspicious directions for the specific Zodiac sign and the Feng Shui elements of the bank. Most Singaporeans belong to one of the 12 Zodiac signs, so it is recommended to choose a bank branch relative to one’s Chinese Zodiac sign. For example, a person with the Chinese Zodiac Rat is advised to make deposits in the North direction since it is the most favorable direction for the Rat sign. On the other hand, if an individual’s Chinese Zodiac sign is Rabbit, Rooster, Horse, or Dog, they should look for the Southeast or East direction as these are the auspicious directions for these signs. Another important consideration is the Feng Shui elements and colors that bring prosperity to a specific Zodiac sign. Each Zodiac sign is associated with a particular element, so it may be helpful to find out the main element of the year and pick a bank whose logo color matches the auspicious color of the Zodiac sign. Note that there is a variety of marketing Feng Shui among different banks. For instance, a bank with a logo in red color is believed to be more suitable for making Li Chun deposits for the Zodiac signs Rat and Monkey, while a bank with a logo in dark blue or black color is more favorable for the Zodiac signs Ox and Snake. Also, banks with a branding image of water and metal elements are suitable for the Chinese Zodiac Pig, Dog, and Rooster, while banks with a branding image of wood and fire elements are more suitable for the Zodiac Horse, Tiger, and Rabbit. However, if one has created a portfolio of money deposits over the years, do consider any existing and accumulated energy in the current bank and branch before deciding to switch and make sure to activate the annual energy for each deposit. And if a person has not been consistent in Li Chun money deposits over the years, they can consider activating the current year’s energy in the chosen bank and branch by performing rituals such as the Three Killings and the Grand Duke’s. By taking into consideration all of these relevant factors, it is believed that the chosen bank and branch will provide a more conducive ground for wealth attraction during the auspicious timing of Li Chun deposits.

Utilizing Digital Banking Services

Last but not least, digital banking services provide accessibility to everyone wherever you are. It is very simple and convenient where one can easily perform the Li Chun money deposit at the comfort of their own home without stepping out, as long as you have an internet connection and a compatible device. Whether it is a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet, you can always do it anytime you like. This flexibility is very useful especially for those people who have non-stop and tight working schedules, and they may not have the free time to visit the bank during operating hours. Well, it is totally free of charge to register for digital banking services and no additional cost will be incurred if you choose to perform the money deposit through digital banking. The only concern will be the transaction security issue. Nowadays, most of the banks ensure that customer sensitive information and transaction details are being protected and encrypted by using advanced online security technology, such as Secure Socket Layer and encryption algorithms. Therefore, it is safe to perform money deposits through digital banking.

Every year on Li Chun, it is a common scene where people have to line up at the bank, waiting for their turn to deposit the money. As you know, time is of the essence on Li Chun day. In order to attract new wealth effectively, we have to ensure the timing of making money deposits is correct. By using digital banking services, you can avoid the frustration and time wasting by waiting in line. Instead, you can spend the precious time with the family and start the day happily.

On the other hand, if one makes the money deposit through the ATM machine or digital banking services, the money will be deposited into your account immediately. In fact, most of the banks nowadays provide digital banking or online banking services that allow customers to perform money deposits and transactions through the internet. By using digital banking services, you can easily schedule the deposit date and time through the mobile apps and the deposit transaction will take place automatically without your presence. This is a very handy and useful feature during Li Chun day, where you need to deposit the money at the right beginning of the day.

First and foremost, utilizing digital banking services can provide a real-time transaction when you make a money deposit. This could help one to vaguely attract prosperity through the newly deposited money as soon as possible. When one has performed the deposit transaction over the counter, it would usually take hours or a few days for the money to be reflected and deposited into your account. This is because the bank branch staff will need to process the transaction and there are a few levels of bank officer approval needed to be obtained. During festive periods like Li Chun day, the transaction process will be further delayed as the bank is receiving a high volume of deposit transactions.

Utilizing digital banking services on Li Chun day is one of the most convenient methods for making money deposits. There are various benefits in using digital banking services, such as real-time transactions, scheduling your deposit, and accessibility. It can also help to reduce the waiting time in the bank during Li Chun day.

Setting Realistic Financial Targets

It’s important to have a clear idea of what you aim to achieve from any form of a savings or investment plan. Setting realistic financial targets is essentially a forecast that reflects what you want to achieve. It also requires some forward planning and a degree of lifestyle change. Once you have an idea, calculate how much you need to save or invest and how often in order to reach your target. Try to make sure your target is SMART. This is a well-established acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. It makes sense to analyse and re-evaluate your financial targets every 6-12 months as your financial and personal circumstances could change that may potentially affect your goals and focus. Also, if you do identify that you are off course in reaching a target, it will allow you to take an appropriate action sooner i.e. to increase the regular payments or make a lump sum investment. It’s generally a fact that the longer the term of a savings or investment plan, the greater the risk you may be able to take. As a long-term investment should have the potential time to ride out any ups and downs in the markets. Also, there are other factors that can affect what you should realistically plan. For example, if a deposit will attract higher interest or you are due a work bonus. Setting financial targets in an organized, efficient and proactive way will help people turn their dreams into a reality – for example, buying a property or taking a once in a lifetime trip. In this accelerating society, everyone should start planning for their financial future as soon as possible. By setting financial targets that allow us realistically meet our goals and regularly reviewing these plans, it accelerates the journey to a memorable retirement. Every stage of our life is a preparation for the next, by creating a flexible and demonstrated financial plan, it will be a solid foundation for a secure future for individuals and their families. Setting financial targets results in predictive and objective decision-making process. By assessing personal finances and evaluating aspirations, it is possible to make informed decisions that will secure the financial future and ensure peace of mind.

Li Chun Money Deposit Rituals and Superstitions

Rituals and superstitions related to Li Chun money deposits can be grouped as those that bring good luck and those which one should avoid. Many people believe that, on Li Chun, depositing money alone is not enough to bring in wealth and that there are certain rituals and superstitions that can be observed to give the traditional practice a boost. One common practice is to bring along lucky items when going to deposit money on Li Chun. It is believed that these lucky items will bring good fortune throughout the year. Some common examples of lucky items include hair from a monk, a red packet given by a senior person, and a five cent coin picked up at the crossroad. There are also certain rituals that can be performed to enhance wealth attraction on Li Chun. One such auspicious ritual is to wear red underwear on Li Chun as red is considered a very auspicious color that signifies prosperity and wealth. It is believed that wearing red underwear on Li Chun will lead to greater wealth magnetism. Feng Shui principles emphasize the importance of colors in attracting positive energy. Therefore, on Li Chun, many people, especially those who deposit money, dress in red, which is considered the luckiest color for enhancing the flow of positive energy. Some might even consider personalizing the Feng Shui appeal by identifying the color that corresponds to their respective Chinese zodiac sign and then make sure that they wear that color on Li Chun. Women rarely considered for but lacy bras and red panties are commonly stocked in shops during the festive seasons! Last but not least, red has been traditionally recognized in China as the color of warding off evil spirit and bringing in good fortune. On the contrary, certain actions or behaviors are discouraged during Li Chun as they are believed to sabotage the attraction of wealth on this auspicious day. For example, it is advisable not to lend or donate money to others as the main purpose is to ‘store’ money in one’s account on Li Chun. Similarly, one is advised not to withdraw money on this day. It is believed that any reduction in the amount of money in the account would not augur well for the desired wealth accumulation effects. Also, one should refrain from depositing a large amount of money, if possible, as it is believed that smaller and more regular deposits throughout the year would ensure a more sustainable pacing in the rate of wealth accumulation. By following such rituals and avoiding the popular ones, it is believed that the practice of Li Chun money deposit will be even more fruitful and effective in attracting wealth and prosperity in the year of the Dog. Such rituals and superstitions are well-preserved and passed down through the generations, and they continue to guide and color the practice of Li Chun money deposits till this day.

Lucky Items to Bring Along

According to popular Feng Shui and Chinese beliefs, the following items are widely considered to be auspicious and capable of helping to attract and maintain wealth on the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, thus many use these items for their Li Chun money deposit ritual. It is good to start your day right on Li Chun with an auspicious practice of placing and seeking the blessings of the 3 celestials and 5 emperors. These group of eight in each set of Celestial Run that yields 24 numbers collectively named as San Yuan period 8 Flying Star Feng Shui and you would start to see them mentioned more and more by Feng Shui masters who are marketing and using this updated system. So begin with the Emperor Yu Coin or in Mandarin language, its called Yu Huang Bao Dui. This is the coin belongs to one of the Five Emperors who had done a lot of good virtuous acts and saved many and he is also known as the Jade Emperor in Heaven. Then the second, would be the Golden Toad that represents the famous legendary Chung Kwei who was best remembered for catching the heart of an evil spirit, hideous fish. And lastly, would be the Pi Xiu. In the ancient time, Pi Xiu was significantly respected by the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qian Long who is the well known emperor who had an extremely long reign period. Or known as Pi Yao, it is a very powerful protection for practitioners of Feng Shui and Buddhism. This symbolizes and attracts wealth and protects person and premises to the home from evil harm, hence widely used in shops and houses alike. It brings in abundance and prosperity into the life of universe. This holy water urn is widely used by Taoist and Buddism monks and devotees for sharing and dispense the spirituality water to the followers. In Layman term, its commonly known as sap and people would drink after the blessing ceremony in the temple. It is also used commonly by people to cure minor sickness for example tummy ache, vomit and etc. By consuming the spirituality water, it is believed to wash off bad lucks and equip good health. This is especially suitable for those who are having weak immunity and often to get sick and also suffering from stress. The 3 legs of Maneki Neko is represents for the calling of money, wealth and individual good health. In some other records, the raised left hands is to attract customers and the cats used in shops are believed to have more focus on business appeal, whereas the raised right hand is to maintain the good asset of the owner and used at home. According to famous Feng Shui grand master Lillian Too, she had advised that it is good to wear a pendant and let the moving brought the protection and benefits. The Ruyi Sceptre in Chinese is known as Ren Xing Sceptre which also symbolizes power, authority, good fortune, luck and wealth. It is widely carried by notable monks and powerful nobles as it can help to change the negative energy to positive energy. And it is as well make the bad spirit lost and gone simply by swinging the Ruyi Sceptre in front of the main door and this worried the bad spirit cannot enter the house anymore. Placing the 3 legged toad inwards toward the house can help to draw the luck and money into your house and this gives the toad a strong retaining chi manifesting out coins in its mouth and carrying little with the left leg resting on strings of coins.

Auspicious Rituals for Wealth Attraction

The above ritual means “twisting of the fortune” and it’s done during the night after 12am to usher prosperity fortune. The practice of Wu Lou Gua is simply done using the dark tortoise shell. Turn the upper and lower portion of the Wu Lou and use a long string to pierce both parts. Then, put in any items, such as coins, bits of stones and some organic material into the Wu Lou and finally, close it with a tight knot. After that, lay the Wu Lou Gua at the left side of the bed in the bedroom and leave it there for nine days. Wu Lou Gua can bring in the smoothness energy and lucky windfall for wealth and it is better to perform it any day of the whole year. However, polite language must be used during the practice and it should be done quietly without any disturbances from others.

Practice of Dao Huan “Practice makes perfect” is a universally acknowledged proverb, and this is the reason why the Dao Huan ritual is the most practiced one among all the rituals. The practice of Dao Huan starts from the morning till noon. Practitioners need to take a shower and put on the new clothes and the suitable day for Dao Huan is when the wealth star is at its peak. To locate where the wealth star is, the Lop Pan and the Ming Gua are used to find out the Northeast sector of the house. On the suitable day for Dao Huan, take a zip-lock bag and a piece of red packet paper and put any gold ornaments that we have at home into the zip-lock bag. After that, close the zip-lock bag and write the auspicious word “Chai” inside the zip-lock bag, such as prosperity, luck or wealth. Then, put in a piece of the gold bar or gold coins the suddenly, apply the red marker onto the zip-lock bag. After the Dao Huan ritual, place the zip-lock bag that contains the gold ornaments at the Northeast sector of the living room and leave it by nine days. In addition, before taking your shower after the Dao Huan ritual, take a piece of the red packet paper and write down all the wishes that we hope to achieve in the coming year, such as promotion, better luck or better health. Then, tape the piece of the red packet paper at the top of the toilet entrance and in this way, the Qi that we have accumulated during the ritual will not be flushed away. This is known as the Fu Ti Shui. These are the main procedures and some taboos that we need to be aware of while performing the Dao Huan ritual: Shui Zha is a taboo that we cannot curse or swear in the toilet for nine days after the Dao Huan ritual because the Qi that we have accumulated will be contaminated. We need to focus on good things for nine days and avoid any dispute with others. The Dao Huan ritual must be started from the morning till noon in order to ensure success because these

Common Superstitions to Avoid

While the specific superstitions and taboos in different families and in accordance to varying cultural influence would mean that there may be differing sets of rules to abide by, there are still a number of common superstitions that could be limiting or affecting your observations and beliefs during Li Chun. Negating these superstitious beliefs could be essential for open mindedness and the successful implementation of these rituals without psychological or superstitious obstacles hampering our mentality and good practice. One particular generalization is that by following these superstitions, it could create a self-fulfilling prophecy which may lead to the opposite effects or lesser efficiency of wealth management, or the influential power of our personal financial strategies during Li Chun.