How to know whether your Boss is having Menopause?

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Are you in an environment where you feel that your boss is having menopause and just getting to your neck all the time? You Are Not Alone many Singaporeans have also faced the same thing in the current Workspace.
Below are the common signs of menopause that you will take note of and how to avoid:

1. She’s always angry
2. She fights with you for no good reason
3. She pretends to be nice to you sometimes but get angry thereafter
4. She picks a fuss over a very small little thing
5. She seems unhappy with everyone except one or two of them where she is very close to
6.She rushes during the day, while I send you emails late at night.

What should you do if your boss is having three of the above symptoms?
Answer;       Quit your job!

Pretend to be pleasant and be a yes man/woman, and choose between a life of freedom in the company or a life of pain in the company.

Let us know if your boss is experiencing any of the signs and what you plan to do about it in the comments section below.